Become a good client of your escort in 8 steps and a memorable one — in 7

Successful escorts see many clients each year, and it’s often difficult to remember all of them. Clients who are simply “nice” and don’t do anything to stand out beyond the norm may be remembered for being good clients, but they are not usually unforgettable. Some clients are impossible to forget due to negative experiences associated with them, and no client should ever model his behavior after this in an attempt to be remembered by an escort. Continue reading

12 reasons why escorts deserve more trust than many other professionals

In a recent survey by Australia’s Reader’s Digest, it was reported that sex workers are considered more trustworthy than – surprise, surprise! – politicians or salesmen. In today’s age of corruption, it’s really no wonder that many professions are perceived as untruthful and unreliable. What is somewhat surprising though is that no matter how bad a stigma the opinion managers try to associate with escorts, they fail miserably on the issue of trust. Continue reading

How escorts can blacklist a client

Most escorts have wonderful clients. However, from time to time, there will be one who is disrespectful, rude, greedy, stupid, oblivious to hygiene or possesses some other trait that makes it impossible for him to remain on an escort’s regular client list. And just as there are many types of clients, there are many ways that an escort may go about blacklisting them: Continue reading