Retro glamour for the modern escort

Reading the escort review sites it seems pretty clear that the escort experience is seen by the hobbyist is pretty one dimensional. And there is nothing wrong with that. But for the ambitious escort and escorts who want to work less for more, taking the experience to the next level, adding some seduction and some fun can create an escort experience which completely redefines the client’s expectations. Continue reading

Escorts gone retro: Taking a step back in time

Today, smart phones, tablets, laptops, the Internet and digital cameras are escorts’ standard tools for marketing, communicating, screening — and everything else. However, as the world gets faster and faster paced, more people dream of an opportunity to step backward, enjoy a few moments of downtime, where electronic devices don’t tell us where to go or who to see. They want a simpler time, where they can pretend to be living in a different, less complicated era. And in wishing so, they create opportunities for old-fashioned escorts. Continue reading