17 common-sense dos and don’ts for exotic dancers at private parties

Adult service providers who work as exotic dancers may find opportunities to entertain clients at private parties. Birthdays, bachelor/stag events, going away celebrations and other activities may warrant some scantily clad eye candy for the party goers’ appreciation. But, working a private party is a lot different from doing a night at the club. Before you show up for a private gig, pay attention to these important tips so that you and your clients’ experiences are as great as possible. Continue reading

Dressing up to up your game

Building a distinctive profile as an escort means standing out from the crowd. You don’t have to be the most beautiful girl in the ads, nor have the biggest breasts, nor offer the kinkiest encounters; but you need to be memorable, you need a distinctive style. How do you do that? Continue reading

12 ways escorts can identify and manage controlling clients

Despite your best efforts to avoid them, it’s fairly routine to run across clients with controlling personalities when you’re an escort. Their controlling natures could be one of the character traits that continues to send these clients to you, because they are constantly looking for a woman they can influence and motivate to view the world their way. Continue reading

12 things an escort should never allow their clients to do

Escorts put up with a lot from clients. Sarcasm, insults, indirectly rude comments, ignorant stereotyping and generally unpleasant attitudes top the list, among other actions that leave escorts feeling negatively toward the men they provide services for. However, seasoned escorts know that while they have to put up with some things from their clients (such as occasional bad attitudes and routine insensitivity), they don’t have to tolerate other behaviors that are truly inexcusable. Continue reading

Identify time wasting clients

For an escort it is common to get a lot of attention from admirers and potential clients. However, not all of that attention results in booked appointments. On many occasions, individuals will call or email an escort to inquire about his or her services, only to ask several questions, to chat with no honest intention of making a date. Continue reading

Escorts: what not to do

There is more on a list of ‘do not’s then there are a list of ‘do’s when it comes to how to behave when seeing an escort. You’re less likely to see these rules framed and hanging to the side of your escort’s boudoir as you should simply be aware of them when entering a home or the hotel room where your encounter is taking place. Continue reading