★ How to identify fake escort ads and avoid scams

We’re all humans, we all appreciate a little R&R in our lives, so wouldn’t it be nice if we could just get our rocks off without having to deal with the various lowlifes of the world?

Updated Dec 19 2019

Because of the nature of the escort and provider business, scammers and bad citizens are attracted to it to take advantage of potential clients, who may be unwilling to go to law enforcement if they’re scammed and/or robbed

Please take the time to read our guide on how to spot fake ads and avoid being scammed.

Here at Skipthegames we’ve seen five main types of problems that people have to deal with:

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How escorts can avoid being scammed by agencies

Escorts are just as likely to have scams run on them as any human being. Many scams target the smaller markets, such as male escorts and social escorts. However, many scams advertise for their victims by stating that escorts of any age, gender or attractiveness are in high demand. The truth is that clients rarely outnumber escorts. Here are some things to look for to avoid getting scammed as you enter the escort industry: Continue reading