12 things every successful escort knows about perfume

Scent is a natural part of sexual attraction, so it an expectation that escorts are concerned with the proper use of perfume and other fragrances as a useful tool for their professions. However, with awareness of scent sensitivities becoming more prevalent, it may leave escorts in a quandary about how to incorporate perfume into their beauty routines without offending clients. Continue reading

11 scents escorts can use to arouse clients

Your sense of smell plays an integral role in attraction and sexual arousal, which is a concept that has been endorsed for centuries. The Kama Sutra, written as a sex manual by the Hindus in the fifth century, said that the beauty of a woman was not determined by her physical appearance, but by her scent. The Indian word for “kiss” means to smell, and members of the Inuit culture rub their noses together instead of kissing on the lips (i.e. Eskimo kissing). Continue reading