Should you fess up to being an escort?

The choice to become an adult entertainer is usually a very private one made without a lot of input from friends and family members. For many, it’s something they attempt independently, as a trial to see how successful they can be at such an untraditional profession. But, once they are fully engulfed in the career, the dilemma remains about whether they should share their newfound direction in life with others, or to keep it a secret. There are definite pros and cons to each decision, but there may come a time when fessing up to the truth is necessary or called for. When does that occur? Consider the following as signs that it’s time to share the news with others you care for: Continue reading

The effects of confiding your escorting secret to others

It’s common for escorts to debate the pros and cons of divulging their secrets to friends and family members. But, most often, the pros and cons directly relate to how the sharing of the truth will affect you, the escort. Even though that may be a prevalent concern for you, obviously, there are many other factors to consider when you plan to confide in others. There’s a significant ripple effect that results in situations that you may not have even thought about and how they will impact not only you, but the important people in your life. Continue reading