13 reasons to market entertainment to female audience

In years past, men were usually observed as the majority consumers of adult entertainment, from porn to escorts. However, the world has changed and women are raising their voices, too. They are more powerful in their careers, seeking equality in relationships and standing firmly independent in a world formerly ruled by their male counterparts. As a result, their prevalence in the adult entertainment industry as customers is starting to be seen. And, you don’t want to miss out on this important demographic. Consider why you should market your services to women, too: Continue reading

Pros and cons of offering threesomes with another escort

While each escort has to feel out on her own whether working with another escort is for her, there are various considerations that make it potentially both a good or bad idea. Some escorts simply loathe the idea of providing threesome-type services, so the option is not even one up for debate. However, if you’re wondering about this type of option, review the following benefits and disadvantages. Of course, each escort will have her own experiences that may or may not coincide with these examples, but they provide a fairly broad view of the opportunity. Continue reading

11 solid reasons escorts should not provide the GFE

Becoming increasingly popular over the past several years, the GFE is the most frequently requested escort service. According to Kristen Davis, the Manhattan Madam who worked with high-profile clients including Eliot Spitzer and other politician types, the GFE “usually means that [the clients] want kissing and unprotected oral.” Davis went on to tell British GQ in 2009 that, “It’s code for paying for things a girlfriend would do with her boyfriend, such as foreplay, non-rushed sex and cuddling.” Continue reading