20 tips for giving divine oral sex

All adult entertainment providers who specialize in intimacy with clients should have some pretty good oral skills under their belts. After all, a good blow job is one of the most highly requested services among male clients, because it’s one of the sexual acts they don’t often receive at home. But to make sure that your effort and enthusiasm are applied efficiently, you may need to review your skills and technique. Continue reading

Deathmatch: An escort vs. a one-night stand

A lot of people scoff at the idea of calling an escort to fulfill any of their communicative, sexual or romantic needs. They argue that they don’t have a problem finding a suitable partner to engage in intimacy with. But, in reality, a warm body to just have sex with is much different than hiring the services of an escort. Prospective clients claim that it’s cheaper to go out and look for a one-night stand, forgetting that you get what you pay for. Continue reading

12 things young clients want from MILF escorts

Made popular by Stifler’s mom in the 1999 film “American Pie”, a MILF (Mom I’d Like to F#$%) is the desire of many young clients of escorts. The fantasy of Mrs. Robinson from “The Graduate” has been popular through the ages, often being referred to as wanting a “yummy mummy” or looking for a “cougar”. Escorts who are interested in filling this niche should consider a series of prerequisites and conditions they must meet in order to be able to realistically live up to these labels. Continue reading

How escorts can help expand your personal boundaries

It’s very common for people to seek the companionship of escorts, because they experience difficulties when it comes to opening themselves up to physical pleasure and intimacy. Obstacles (both mental and physical) can hinder one’s abilities to accept affectionate attention from others, causing awkward interactions that others fail to understand or have the patience to deal with. Continue reading