13 signs it’s time to find a better strip club to work for

Despite your impressions when you first started working there, your experiences may be telling you that the club where you currently perform your exotic dance shows is not up to par. Several factors come into play when deciding whether a club is for you or not. Sometimes a club may appear to be perfectly fine to outsiders, but have several things about it that encourages you to move on down the road. Continue reading

12 signs that your escort is trouble

There are many reasons for escorts to screen their clients and take more security measures. However, clients, too, may be putting themselves into precarious position by seeing escorts. While in a perfect world all escorts are upright, honest individuals who mean no harm, in the world where we live it’s not always the case. Clients are equally responsible for their own safety and should pay attention to the signals that escorts put off. Continue reading

11 ways you spook escorts without meaning to

Despite your best efforts, your inexperience may lead you to cause escorts to distrust you from the very start. Clients often fail to realize that their hesitation or quirky behavior throw red flags up to escorts who are always on the look-out for telltale behavior that a client could be a bad risk. When their safety is at stake, who can blame them for paying close attention to client actions that tip them off to potential hazards down the road? Continue reading

11 sure signs you are an escort

Just like in any profession, there are some definitive signs that, without a doubt, identify you as a representative in your industry. For instance, a proofreader notices spelling and grammar errors in any flyer, invoice, newspaper article or other document they may see. Therapists may unconsciously analyze a friend or acquaintance. A mechanic notices squeaks or other oddities in a vehicle that the driver may never discern. Escorts have their own set of things Continue reading