13 indispensable leadership skills for every adult service provider

Most of the time, escorts work independently and rarely collaborate with others. Because of this, teamwork and leadership skills used to influence and guide other co-workers aren’t common traits that would normally be considered essential for an escort. However, escorts have to act as leaders in their own enterprises. They must have the confidence and passion that will inspire others to utilize their services and seek out their companionship. Continue reading

Late bloomers: 12 keys to starting an escorting career after 40

Today it’s relatively common for people to switch careers midway through their professional lives. Even in days of strong economies, many executives and professionals discover they are unhappy with their careers and inspired by entirely new paths, providing room for creativity and flexibility. Regardless what your reasoning or motivation may be, contemplating a new professional career in the escort industry as a 40-something adult may be exciting and daunting, simultaneously. Continue reading

12 transferable skills of every great escort

Once an escort gets into the industry and enjoys success, it is often difficult to leave the career. However, some do find that the secrecy required for the job and the social stigmas they face are too much to endure for the long term. Some escorts have no worries about the challenges they face as on the job, but they find the industry to be less lucrative as they begin to mature. Regardless of your reasons, choosing to transition to a traditional career can be intimidating, especially with a resume lacking verifiable work history and qualifications. But don’t let that deter you: many of the success-oriented skills you acquired through escorting are transferable. Continue reading