14 keys to success as a love slave/master team

Many adult service providers find themselves being asked if they will conduct love slave services, serving as a master for a client. But, before jumping into a situation where a client is relying on you to give him both orders and punishment, it’s essential that you understand the ins and outs of slave encounters, how to conduct them and why a client might desire one. There are several things to consider, such as whether it’s an experience you want to include in your list of services. Take the following things under review before accepting your first love slave client: Continue reading

10 important differences between the escort industry and human trafficking

The media and general public often tell stories about women involved in the escort industry being exploited and victimized. However, while this may be true in rare occurrences, the escort industry is populated with women who make their own choices and pursue their profession as a career choice, much like they would to be an accountant or marketing specialist. However, the human sex trafficking industry is exploitative, violent and torturous for its victims. Continue reading