What is escort style?

I can make a pretty good argument that style is a hundred, maybe a thousand, things and every girl evolves her own. But the one thing which you can change is actually being conscious of your style and the style to which you would like to be accustomed. For an escort style is not an optional extra. In fact and escort’s style often determines how often she is booked and what her rates can be. Continue reading

The icon: The model cum escort

Continuing our series on “not your typical escort” we ran across a girl, a remarkably beautiful girl, who works with the name “Constance”. We wanted to speak to her because her ad, her pictures and her rates were eye popping.

Before we were able to contact her we realized, as we scoured the internet, that Constance had a huge internet presence. A website, a Twitter account, an innocent but nicely naughty Facebook page. Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ all featured her pictures.

That internet presence barely hinted that Constance was an escort. It was much more about photography and modelling. But, as we dug deeper it was apparent Constance also had a presence on a number of escort advertising websites. Continue reading

Artful escorting

Do you have an image of an escort? Twenty something, tawny hair, sleek but with mildly oversized breasts and slightly too loud make up? Or brunette and sultry with pouty lips and an attitude? Or a Vegas showgirl with impossibly long legs gone bad. Or Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour looking all blonde and French and bewildered?

All these images are right and all are equally wrong. There is no “typical” escort. In fact there is not even a typical escorting business. Some girls are purely service providers catering to hobbyists and hoping for great reviews, others are courtesans with a wealthy clientele who barely advertise much less solicit reviews. It is all about style and presentation and where a girl feels most comfortable. At the same time, an escort is in business and wherever she places herself on the escorting continuum has to create income. Continue reading

13 things escorts do that annoy customers

We already looked at the things clients do that annoy escorts. Now let’s be fair and
look out of the mirror.

Escorts may have extremely long lists of things that typically annoy them about their clients, including deal-breaker behaviors that will cause them to block a particular one. However, clients also have pet peeves when it comes to escorts. Being able to understand behaviors that turn off clients is essential to being able to maintain a good relationship with them and retain a strong client list. You might be surprised which traits you are guilty of and get some ideas about things you need to work on. Beware of the following things escorts do to annoy their clients: Continue reading

Get glossy: Level up your escort look

There are literally hundreds of make-up styles, haircuts, manicures and grooming tips a girl can use to change her look (see Youtube for everything and more). But if you look closely at gorgeous women – and your clients want you as gorgeous as you can get – they have a sort of shimmer which comes through no matter how they are dressed or where they are. Continue reading

Escorts, how awful are your phone manners?

Recently I had occasion to phone escorts, literally hundreds of escorts. OMG. In a few hundred phone calls only one in ten calls – at best – were even slightly pleasant. I thought perhaps it was the sound of a woman’s voice which was putting the escorts off, so I had my husband make calls. Lots of calls. My darling loves women, has a nice voice and has made calls for a living: he would come away from the phone a bit dazed. And utterly amazed at the lack of finesse these business women possessed. Continue reading

13 trifles with enough power to blow escort’s image

Escorts have to be aware that they are creating the ultimate fantasy for their clients. Choosing from a large selection of escorts, clients pick out an escort who meets their preferences in many ways, including appearance, niche and the types of encounters they provide. It’s essential to make your best attempt at fulfilling that role your client expects you to perform perfectly. Through your photos, profile verbiage and communication style during the booking process, a client gets a perception of your image. Continue reading