10+ reasons why this escort accepted your gig

Contacting a new escort always presents a chance that your request for an appointment may get turned down. She could be too busy, not accepting new customers or not like something about you from the beginning. It may feel like providers are inconsistent with how they accept new clients, but many of them do adhere to some standard protocols. You’ve just got to understand them to have them make sense. Consider these reasons providers DO accept a client’s request for time: Continue reading

Which mindset works best for successful escorts?

So, you want to be an escort? That’s all fine and well, but you must prepare yourself for what the career really entails. It’s not all wine and roses, with great tips thrown in for your outstanding service. It’s hard work, socially unacceptable and can cause you immeasurable heartache, along with providing you personal empowerment and financial freedom, all at the same time. Continue reading

4 New Year resolutions that every escort should make

New Year’s resolutions are easily made and even more easily forgotten. Excitement surrounds them as the first days of the new year arrive, but after a week or so, the best intentions become lost in the fray of day-to-day life as business as usual takes over. When you’re an escort, you may make several resolutions about your life and career, but this year there are three that should take prominence and become a way of life. Continue reading

12 secrets to being the escort everyone wants to book

When you’re working in the industry, there always seems to be that one escort in your area that, literally, everyone wants to book for an encounter. It doesn’t seem to matter which demographics a client seems to fit into, he wants to see her. If you’re not currently the “it” escort, don’t dismay. It’s possible that you will have your turn soon, if you play your cards correctly. Continue reading

12 signs that you are sabotaging your own escort business

Starting and maintaining a successful escorting career is challenging, to say the least. But, it’s even more obstacle-filled if you are sabotaging your own success. In all industries, professionals are known for stirring up conflict and creating problems for themselves, often without even knowing it. Reasons stem from fear of success, lack of work ethic and simple oblivion. Continue reading

11 ways the escort industry supports feminism

You can be a woman, love sex and have it all. Lipstick feminists have contended this for years. Their opponents within the movement have spoken out critically time and time again about women “bowing down” to the needs of others. Meanwhile, escorts of both genders prove that it’s their autonomy, beauty, brains and abilities that truly empower them and make them unstoppable. Continue reading