Snow bunny: Skiing and escorting

We had talked to “Summer” in the early fall but we had seen her ads last winter. “Apres ski with Me!” is a headline which you just don’t miss.

“OK, I love to ski.” said Summer on Skype. “But a season’s skiing is expensive and you really can’t make much money as a liftie or waitressing in one of the ski-resorts. Plus, during the season, finding a place to rent is crazy expensive.”

“I’d done a little escorting in college. You know, just end of the month and the rent is due sort of thing. Nothing fancy. But I liked what I saw of escorting, even with an agency, and I thought I might keep doing it a bit when I graduated.” Continue reading

Summer for escorts

Ah, the days are getting longer; the sun has real warmth; and the long cold winter is fading to memory. Spring and Summer give a girl the opportunity to put on pretty dresses, enjoy a tiny bit of sun – get your ten minutes of vitamin D, but then always apply a minimum of SPF 30 sun block – and actually get the exercise you’ve been meaning to since the snow made the sidewalks impassable. Continue reading

How can escorts handle seasonal increase of business?

As the temperatures rise and spring comes along, the libido of clients often increases, too. The feeling of the weight of winter being lifted away and the promise of more fun with the sight of more skin as people venture out and about will cause your clients to call and book more encounters. You may hear from clients who you thought had fallen off your list, in addition to acquiring new clients who are excited about their first experiences with you. Continue reading

10 great escort date ideas for the summer

Summer lovin’ is the best kind! Summer lends itself to many romantic activities that are just right for couples… even if you aren’t “really” a couple. Most escorts offer the GFE and are happy to oblige by going on “dates” with their clients, all while the client knows that at the end of the night he’s definitely going to get his goodnight kiss. Continue reading