A primer for escorts on injectable cosmetic procedures

The sun, age, hydration levels and genetics all play major factors in how your skin shows the effects of time on your face. Some women are naturally blessed with skin that seems resistant to pre-mature wrinkling, while others begin showing the lasting impressions of a youth full of smiles or frowns. No woman likes to see those first few crow’s feet creases or laugh lines, but escorts who use their facial beauty to attract clients despise it even more. Continue reading

Does an escort have to look like Barbie to be successful?

Growing up, too many children have their imagination and the notion of what’s normal brutally violated by the Barbie doll — the epitome of pseudo-reality imagineered by Hasbro, Disney, Coca-Cola other major advertisers of pseudo-reality. Blonde hair, glass-smooth skin, perky boobs, small waist and endless legs. While some women do kind of fit this mold, the vast majority of healthy, normal human beings do not even begin to come close to resembling this image of fantasized perfection. Continue reading

Cosmetic surgery for escorts: from botox to boob jobs

Nobody is perfect, even though airbrushing and Photoshop can make an escort look like she is. But, it’s easy to feel inferior to your photos, especially when you meet a client for the first time. It’s a stressful moment: Will your client think you’re beautiful? Will he notice differences between your touched-up photo and your actual appearance? Will he notice the little tummy pooch you can’t get rid of? Or the fine lines you’ve started to see when you smile? Continue reading