Tips for escorts on how to handle surprise clients

Having a permanent incall can be pretty convenient. Keeping all of your escorting-related supplies and clothing in one place can help prevent others from finding out about your secret career, and you can stash personal items there that help you pass the time between scheduled encounters. However, when you invite clients to one location, repeatedly, they learn where to find you, even when you don’t answer their calls. Continue reading

13 lessons that escorts learn from clients

While it’s a pretty sure bet that escorts learn a significant amount as they progress in their careers, it isn’t often noted that their lessons come directly from their clients. Of course, there are clients who act as business mentors and provide useful hints and tips along the way, adding to marketing techniques or customer service details. But, many escorts actually gain true life lessons after visiting with clients. Not all lessons are good; some are bad and result in negative experiences. But even these less preferable times provide opportunities for learning and progress: Continue reading

Productive off-time for the ambitious escort

Ah, what in the world to do? An escort, even a busy one, will find herself with time on her hands. You can structure your business to be busier and thus more lucrative, but lets face it, it just isn’t a twelve hour day any way you cut it. What you do in your spare time is a choice of course. But you can either waste it or work it to your advantage Continue reading

How can escorts deal with no-show clients?

Even the best, most experienced escort gets stood up by a client once in awhile. However, the methods you use in dealing with the issue can help alleviate the problem in the future or allow it to worsen. Escorts who fail to take action against no-show clients tend to get taken advantage of regularly, especially if they don’t learn from their mistakes. Continue reading

30 minutes or less to the next booking in your incall? Use this checklist.

Seeing clients at your incall is one of the most convenient aspects of your profession, however it’s common to find yourself overly rushed to get ready. Due to scheduling issues or poor planning, sometimes it’s necessary to book clients with as few as just 30 minutes between each other. That short half-hour time span may leave you wondering if you can actually prepare for the next session in time. Continue reading

10 time-tracking techniques for escorts

Successful escorts are diligent about many details of their careers, including the amount of time they spend with clients. Just like other professionals who are paid for their time (like attorneys, masseurs and consultants), escorts must keep careful track of the time they spend during an encounter to ensure they make their targeted wage. Being careful to limit client encounters to the booked time not only keeps an escort on track for future appointments, but it also guarantees that she isn’t giving away her time for a discounted or free rate. Continue reading

10 steps to managing an escort schedule

Just like professionals in other freelance careers, escorts have quite a bit of freedom as they establish their work schedules. They know they need to work a certain amount of time in order to earn enough income to cover their expenses and bills. However, it’s not as simple as just knowing approximately how much time you need to work. It’s a complex balancing act to create an efficient schedule that will consistently earn an escort enough income, but will also allow her the time off she desires on the days she’s selected. Continue reading