20 tips for giving divine oral sex

All adult entertainment providers who specialize in intimacy with clients should have some pretty good oral skills under their belts. After all, a good blow job is one of the most highly requested services among male clients, because it’s one of the sexual acts they don’t often receive at home. But to make sure that your effort and enthusiasm are applied efficiently, you may need to review your skills and technique. Continue reading

How to deliver your sexiest webcam performance

Looking like a web zombie is pretty easy to accomplish when you haven’t tweaked the details as you perform for audiences on webcam. Adult service providers who work as webcam models can prevent many common mishaps by utilizing a few simple tips and applying common sense. Audiences don’t just tune into your performance for the kinky things you may do on camera. They join your show because of the way you present yourself… and, that’s what keeps them coming back for more. Ensure loyal viewers and new fans by exceeding expectations and looking sexy during your performances. Utilize these tips for sure-fire success: Continue reading

10 simple steps out of a victim’s mindset for escorts and anyone else

Escorts are victimized in many ways through their careers. Violent and abusive clients hurt and murder escorts. Law enforcement officials arrest escorts for presumed illegal activities, while ignoring the actions of their clients. The media judges and stereotypes escorts and those involved in the sex work industry every day through sensationalized accounts and extreme examples. And society has created a stigma that has made it acceptable to degrade, vilify, pity and discriminate against escorts. People who work in the escort industry are subjected to these standards all of the time. The good news is that they don’t have to be. Continue reading

Escorts and relationships: 10 things to remember to keep your significant other

We all know that relationships can be difficult, sometimes plain impossible. But, add the intimacy you share with your clients into the mix, and you may have a recipe for disaster when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a meaningful relationship with your significant other. And yet, with respect, honesty and basic courtesy (along with following the recommended tips below), any escort can maintain a loving relationship with her significant other. Continue reading