What is an escort to do if a client carries a concealed weapon?

Citizens in all 50 states in the U.S. have rights to carry concealed weapons, even though laws vary by state. As a result, it’s very likely that an escort will encounter a client who will be sporting a hidden firearm. Because it is not illegal (most probably) for him to carry a weapon, you will have to find methods of dealing with a client who engages in this practice. Continue reading

10 steps to redefining one’s career in escorting

If you’ve been an escort for awhile, it’s common to consider redefining your career through rebranding or overhauling your marketing methods. Successful escorts know that they must continually adjust their efforts in attempts to stay current, modern and interesting in the eyes of clients. Not only does this include their marketing and advertising ways, but it also involves their appearance, personality and services. Continue reading

10 items an escort should stock in the incall bathroom

When a client comes to you for a date, he wants the opportunity to freshen up in your bathroom both before and after any services are provided. A good escort makes it their mission to anticipate the needs of her clients and provide a comfortable bathroom experience. And, because all clients are different, many different items may be required. Here are the top 10 items an escort should stock in their incall bathroom: Continue reading

Who is on the Top 10 list of escorts’ favorite clients?

During the course of their career, escorts see many clients, and some of them are more favored than others. From cocaine-fuelled Wall St. CEOs to retired construction foremen to programmer geeks, escorts see all types. There are patterns in some of them that may make them escorts’ favorites — here a list of the top 10 client types that escorts prefer to date: Continue reading