Georgina Beyer: Tranny sex worker MP

In the United States politics, escorting and prostitution rarely go hand in hand. Usually they’re only put in the same sentence when one of our elected officials gets busted with writing a check to a brothel or cheating on his wife with an extremely attractive professional escort. Our politics are not generous to women in general compared with other countries Continue reading

Transgender escorts for Eddie Murphy

Chances are when you think of Eddie Murphy nowadays it’s primarily for his family-friendly films like the Shrek series, Dr. Doolittle and The Nutty Professor. Oh, and a fabulous turn to the dramatic in Dreamgirls. But those films, and many others, may have been part of a calculated move to steer Murphy’s public profile back into one that would help solidify his wanting to be seen as a loyal husband and devoted father, a reputation that was questioned in 1997 after an instance involving an SUV, Santa Monica Boulevard and a transvestite escort with a long rap sheet. Continue reading