For escorts, a change is as good as a break

No matter where a girl is on the great wheel of escorting – service provider to courtesan – at some point escorting is going to become a routine. A job. A chore. Now for some girls that is a positive relief. No more worrying about dates, no pressure because everything is predictable: for others it is a huge hint that they need to rethink the whole thing. Somewhere in between is a need to change things up even for a little while. Continue reading

Travelling companion: Escorting on the go

“I’m not really an elite girl.” Sam told us over Skype, “I’m not super model pretty or super busty or anything. Which I think my clients like. But I don’t think my clients are exactly looking for super models. I mean some of my clients could certainly afford super deluxe escorts and I know some have tried those sorts of girls; but they come back to me because I am offering a lot more than what’s between the sheets.”

“I’d been doing conventional escorting through an agency for a couple of months and, truth to tell, I wasn’t loving it. It all seemed so impersonal.”

We had found Sam through an ad on an escort site which was very different indeed. Continue reading

13 tips for an escort about to work abroad

Escorting isn’t always fun and games, but the thought of funding a vacation or exploring the world as an escort sounds exciting. Many escorts daydream about traveling abroad and supporting their temporary lifestyles with a few client encounters along the way.While this sounds perfectly logical and realistic, there are a few considerations you should make before heading off to the airport. Continue reading

Tips for escort companionship offers

It sounds wonderful: a first-class four-day cruise to the Caribbean. Fun in the sun, fine dining and great company, hopefully. As an escort, you may have an opportunity to accompany one of your clients on a vacation of a lifetime. But, remember, it’s their vacation: you are simply a paid companion. You are working during the trip, so you must stay true to your image and perform as your client expects. Continue reading