13 things providers should never consent to even in dire need of money

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for an escort to become desperate for money. Whether it’s because you’re new to the industry and are struggling to develop a full schedule of bookings or you’ve encountered a dry spell of clients (or many other circumstances could be causing you financial difficulties), it’s a terrible state to be in. Continue reading

12 signs that your escort is trouble

There are many reasons for escorts to screen their clients and take more security measures. However, clients, too, may be putting themselves into precarious position by seeing escorts. While in a perfect world all escorts are upright, honest individuals who mean no harm, in the world where we live it’s not always the case. Clients are equally responsible for their own safety and should pay attention to the signals that escorts put off. Continue reading

How the subtle differences between explicit and implicit marketing may keep escorts out of trouble

When you visit any typical escort mall (or directory), it’s common to see escorts’ ads promising everything from companionship and “full service” to great conversation and “unbelievable sex”. Many of these escorts who are blatantly advertising they are willing to have sex or engage in other sexual acts with their clients are breaking prostitution laws and could be arrested based on their advertising efforts. Continue reading

The fine legal line between escort and prostitute: some strategies for an escort to stay out of trouble

There are many benefits to taking employment as an escort: the pay is often lucrative and can be handled in cash, the hours are flexible, and the social nature of the job trends towards potentially interesting and exciting work. But the profession also carries a degree of danger, as the legal line between “escort” and “prostitute” can be easily and accidentally crossed. Continue reading