12 reasons why escorts deserve more trust than many other professionals

In a recent survey by Australia’s Reader’s Digest, it was reported that sex workers are considered more trustworthy than – surprise, surprise! – politicians or salesmen. In today’s age of corruption, it’s really no wonder that many professions are perceived as untruthful and unreliable. What is somewhat surprising though is that no matter how bad a stigma the opinion managers try to associate with escorts, they fail miserably on the issue of trust. Continue reading

12 steps to earning the trust of your escort

Escorts see all types of clients. And, until they get to know their clients, trust is always an issue. Most escorts develop a sixth sense, so to speak, that enables them to judge their clients and read through their efforts of deception. However, escorts may still be weary of clients who have yet to prove themselves, despite their best efforts to read someone. Continue reading