Should a virgin enter the escorting scene?

Most of the women (and men) who enter the escort industry have some, if not extensive, experience with sexual acts and intercourse. They are quite familiar with their bodies and have explored others’. Often, clients look for escorts who can provide guidance in the bedroom to compensate for their lack of knowledge or expertise. However, it is possible to enter the escort industry as a virgin or near virgin. Continue reading

Top 7 reasons escorts shouldn’t book dates with virgins

It’s an age-old practice: adolescents or young men hiring ladies of negotiable affection to help them lose their virginities and “become men”. Since the times that prostitutes first appeared in documents produced by the Sumerians, young men have been contracting with escorts to help them pop their cherries, so to speak. Today, though, many escorts choose to avoid these encounters and unload them to someone else. Continue reading