How to register an escort business in Washington

Washington. You produce more apples than the pie-slinging New England states. You’ve given us Jimi Hendrix, Bing Crosby and enough (amazing) coffee to caffeinate a jet plane into motion. You’re misty-eyed and retain the romance of a wild-westerner in city clothes. A rough stone, smoothed. Continue reading

Prostitution laws in Seattle

Seattle residents will say that Aurora Avenue, Denny Regrade, South Park and the Central District are prime locations where hookers hang out. However, with the pressures put forth by the Seattle Vice Squad over the past two years, streetwalkers aren’t as prevalent in these areas as before. Undoubtedly, prostitution still occurs in Seattle, but it occurs in different ways. Continue reading

Washington prostitution law

The state of Washington categorizes its prohibition of prostitution into two sections: prostitution/patronization and promotion/advancement. With less serious misdemeanor penalties, the state makes up for it with its class C and B felony convictions of more serious aspects of prostitution crime. Continue reading