Escort by design

When you read about escorting there are lots of stories of girls who have become escorts because they have “had to”. The “had to escort” reasons really all come down to one thing: money. Or, more exactly, the absence of money. This is often referred to as “survival sex work” and is a situation very much to be avoided.

The other side of that coin is what I call “escorting by design”. Here a woman makes a conscious and un-coerced choice to escort. Escorting by design lets a woman enter the escorting market in her own way and at her own pace. Continue reading

Beyond wine and roses: What gifts do clients offer their escorts?

While many clients abide by the one simple rule of paying an escort up front, others go above and beyond by bringing an extra treat for her. Most escorts are excited to get gifts from clients—as long as those are well thought out and suit their personalities and tastes. However, many clients arrive with presents that don’t quite hit the “mark”, leaving an escort wondering why she was blessed with such a random item. Continue reading