10 randiest countries to date escorts in

Thanks to the detailed figures compiled from the survey conducted by the Durex condom brand in 2008, we now know that people around the world are having sex.

The same survey also makes it easy to see that people around the world are having sex at different frequencies.

Americans didn’t rank terribly high when compared to other countries, with only 53 percent of Americans reporting engaging in sexual activities at least once per week. The British and Canadians only reported slightly more active sex lives. However, many other nations around the world are readier to get down to business with their partners. If you’re considering traveling and want sex to be on the agenda, consider visiting one (or more) of the top 10 randiest countries in the world.

  1. GREECE — With 87% of its population reporting having sex at least once per week, Greece is the horniest country on the list. It’s certainly no wonder that the Greeks have sex on the brain; the ancient Greeks helped to set the stage by viewing sex as something beautiful and natural. They idolized the human body, introduced pederasty and Sapphic love and allowed their love of human contact to extend beyond marriage lines. These principles extend to Grecian values of today. Visitors hoping to hook up when they travel to Greece should try bars and hot spots in Athens, Corfu and Mykonos. While civilian Greeks are a sexual breed, especially when partying at the hot spots, there are also professional escorts with Greek for mother tongue.
  2. BRAZIL — 82% of the Brazilian population report that they are doing the horizontal salsa dance at least once per week. Brazilians are hot and sexy; the first ones to sport the thong bathing suit, it’s no surprise that they are the namesake of the Brazilian wax. Every year, Brazilians also let their hair down during the annual Carnaval celebration, where not only is there an epic party, but also unending opportunities for sex. Inhibitions, along with clothing, are often lost during Carnaval. Visitors to Brazil may want to hit Rio during their travels if they are hoping to find a hottie ready to hang out. Escorts frequently make Rio their home for business, as well.
  3. RUSSIA — While Russia may be perceived to be a bitter cold country with potent military force, its citizens report they are getting it on frequently. 80% of survey respondents in Russia reported they were having sex weekly. Whether or not it is the only way to get warm, Russians rank third in the world for hooking up. Very-very-high-end escorts are known to work in Moscow, so visitors there are sure to get it on during their travels.
  4. CHINA — The Great Wall of China is not the only thing great in China; the sex drive of the Chinese population is great, too. With 78% of its population having sex at least once per week, the Chinese people don’t need fortune cookies to tell them they’re going to get lucky. China has traditionally been very modest concerning sex, however it is becoming very revolutionized with its increased exposure to Western media and technology. In the past eight years, over 5,000 sex shops have opened in Beijing. Over 70 percent of the world’s sex toys are now manufactured in China, and the country hosts SEXPO, which provides residents with opportunities to learn about and see the latest sex paraphernalia available. Huge cities like Beijing or Shanghai, where immense amounts of money change hands every hour, inevitably spawn a sizzling escort scene, whether it is or isn’t acceptable in the eternal Chinese tradition.
  5. POLAND — 76% of Polish citizens report having sex at least once per week, which is hardly surprising for a country that consumes copious amounts of wodka (with a W) and hosts the annual Erotican festival. Erotican is a showcase that provides people the opportunities to learn about and see the latest and greatest sex toys and gadgets. Still very Catholic, Poles are not typically viewed as a sexual society, but they can throw back the liquor and know how to have a good time. Excellent escorts are easy to find in Warsaw and Krakow.
  6. ITALY — More than 32% of Italian residents over the age of 60 report getting it on regularly, making Italy the sixth randiest nation in the world. Even its senior citizens are horny! 76% of all citizens in Italy report having sex regularly, which explains why Italian is sometimes said to be the language of love. Whether it’s the hearty Italian food and spices or the spicy Italian nightlife that brings out the lover in Italians, it’s the place to be for sex! Florence, Milan and Rome all report active nightlife, along with the high availability of escorts.
  7. MALAYSIA — After recently recovering from a high-profile controversy about the administration of sex education in schools, Malaysians still report having sex frequently. Approximately 74% of them report making love at least once per week. While the sensual aspect of life is usually kept under wraps, it’s alive and well: even the country’s prime minister was publicly chastised and asked to step down for surfaced homemade sex tapes in January 2008. Anyone looking for a quick roll in the hay should visit Kuala Lumpur. Any bar in the area may provide a hook up for a visitor.
  8. SPAIN — It’s rumored that the Spaniards have abandoned the use of Spanish Fly and took up the use of Viagra. With 72% of Spain’s population getting it on regularly, Viagra or other meds may not be necessary to assist with the Latin libido. Spain’s architecture, food and music certainly are hot and spicy, but its people are even more so. Escorts in Spain are known for being hot to trot with clients who meet their guidelines.
  9. SWITZERLAND — Maybe because they are politically neutral, the Swiss seem to like everyone. And, sometimes they even like others well enough to get it on. 72% of the Swiss population report making love at least once per week. Sex in Switzerland is a fairly liberal subject. Prostitution is legal, and over 350,000 people pay for pleasure annually. The bars in Zurich are a great place for visitors to pick up an escort.
  10. MEXICO — With a recent focus on sexual education in Mexico City, the country is embracing its sexual revolution. Of those surveyed in Mexico, 71% responded that they are regularly engaging in sexual activities at least once per week. And, while prostitution is illegal in most parts of Mexico, Tijuana regulates sex worker zones where residents and visitors, alike, may visit for a quick score. Higher-end escorts are often available in resort areas including Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun.