What is escort style?

I can make a pretty good argument that style is a hundred, maybe a thousand, things and every girl evolves her own. But the one thing which you can change is actually being conscious of your style and the style to which you would like to be accustomed. For an escort style is not an optional extra. In fact and escort’s style often determines how often she is booked and what her rates can be.

Having a personal, signature, style lets you make a lot of choices easily. Knowing how you are going to present yourself makes dressing for an escort date simple, quick and painless. It also makes it easy to shop for pieces which will work with the other pieces you have which define your style.

But what is an escort style?

Obviously there is a huge variety when it comes to escort style and we’re not going to cover all of them in a short article; but there are a few themes which have run through conversations we have had with escorts.


“I always dress like a lady.” said “Jasmine” who has been escorting for three years in New Orleans. “Down in the South that still means a skirt or dress, stockings after Labor Day. But of course, when you are escorting you want to add a little spice. But not too much because I often see gentlemen in hotels and, even though this is the Big Easy if you look too hot you are going to get hassles at the front desk.”

“I do a couple of things just a little differently. For example, while I hate stripper heels and won’t wear them, there is nothing wrong with an elegant pair of heels. Steve Madden makes some gorgeous, wearable sandals and pumps with a surprisingly comfortable four inch heel. I wait for the sales at Amazon and buy a couple of pairs. They look wonderful with a pencil skirt or a dress. They are just a little higher than I would wear in my regular life but that inch makes a huge difference.”

“The other thing I do is try to dress in layers. A little jacket over a low cut sleeveless dress converts provocative into promising. Ideal for hotel lounges when you are meeting a client.”

“Most of all, I try to make sure everything I wear on an escort date, from panties on out, is very, very feminine. These days men work with women who have adopted a sort of androgynous, anti-sexy look. I understand that but the reason my escorting clients come to see me is to get away from that world. At work or at the mall or at their kids’ activities they almost never see a woman in a skirt much less a dress. For the time they are with me they are going to be able to enjoy the little bits of lace and clever tailoring they can’t get at home.”

“I don’t know if all my clients really notice the effort I make to be feminine; but I do know that I have a couple of dozen regulars and they all compliment me on what I am wearing. Plus, and this is actually more important than I thought it would be, rolling on stockings, pulling a slip over my head, picking out a dress, shoes and a bag, takes me out of my day to day life and puts me into the mood for escorting. Sure, I could do the job in a track suit but I don’t think I would do it for long.”

Cali Girl

A completely different tack is taken by “Bree” a twenty something escort who works in a small city on the California coast.

“I do have a style. Of course I do. But it is pretty much my personal style as well. I don’t have that big a gap between real life and escorting. I mean I got into escorting when a guy at the bar I waitress at made me an offer. He didn’t want me all dressed up, he liked what I was wearing to serve drinks.”

“So my “style” for escorting and for the rest of my life is really not all that much about clothes. It’s all about the body, the hair, the make-up, the skin: start here. I am a gym rat. I work out pretty hard three days a week – cardio and light weights. I have a trainer who checks me once a week. At the rec center I work out at there is a pool and I swim three miles a week. Just lengths, not super-fast. I don’t own a car but I have a bike and the city I live in is super bike friendly so I ride pretty much everywhere.”

“When I was 18 I had my boobs done. Not huge or anything but a nice full D cup. I have a narrow back and a tiny waist so I cause a bit of a stir when I wear anything which is even a little tight or revealing. and, obviously, I am toned so I can get away with a lot of pretty revealing clothes if I want to. But, being toned is not nearly enough if you want to make really good money escorting. You have to work on your skin a lot.”

“The guys I see watch a lot of porn and they have really high standards for the girls they are willing to pay. They don’t want little bone rack models and they don’t want girls who, when they take their clothes off, are all pasty. I’m pretty lucky because my apartment has a really private balcony where I can tan naked. Not too much, just enough to soften the bikini tan lines. And I know this sounds weird, but even when I am tanning I actually wear sunscreen. I want my skin sun kissed not tanned.”

“Part of my style, I guess, is that I wear really lacy, really white lingerie. White thong panties and matching, really dazzlingly white bras. I pay a lot for my lingerie. Or I used to, I now have a guy who loves taking me to a couple of the better lingerie boutiques in town and buying me the really nice French and Italian brands I would never be able to afford myself. It is a perk of the escorting business to always be wearing La Perla or Aubade or Cosabella lingerie. And, of course, the reason I always wear white is for the contrast with my lightly tanned skin. In the right light it is pretty dazzling.”

“The one other thing I do for body care is a full mud bath, exfoliation, facial and deep massage every week. It costs a bomb but it’s totally worth it. I have a regular session on Thursday mornings. Plus manicure and pedicure and any waxing, ouch, which is needed.”

“I have naturally blonde hair which, I admit, I use a bit of lemon juice on to streak. I keep it in a long bob but I am obsessive about having the ends trimmed twice a month. I like to look like a very up market beach girl.”

“On dates I do wear heels. At least the first time. I have a nice pair of vintage platform mules with a five inch heel. Why, yes, they do make my legs look longer. I am already five foot six so these make me five eleven. Clothes are pretty simple. I like little cotton skater skirts or body-con dresses. Sure, they are short but all the girls on the beach wear short skirts.”

“I keep my make-up minimal. A slick of baby pink lipstick and a little mascara and I am good to go. On a big date I might wear a bit of eye shadow but only if I want to. The thing is that for me make up makes me look older and older is not what my clients want.”

“My clients are buying the fantasy that they somehow can pick up a girl like me. Escorting is all about the fantasy and in my heels, a pretty white skater skirt and a white tank top with the lacy straps of my bra as part of the outfit I am, honestly, quite a package. Most of my clients are pretty relaxed. They’ve made their money and they don’t actually care if they are seen in public with a hot girl who looks like she could be their daughter. I mean what’s the point of having a $200,000 convertible if you don’t have the big boobed blonde to go in the passenger seat. I mean I like have entire dates where the big deal is driving. I suppose you could call them “car dates” and I have been known to reach across the transmission.”

“So, my escorting style is all about fresh, young. Sort of a cross between Katie Perry and Taylor Swift. Middle aged men love Taylor Swift. I think I’ll be able to pull it off for a few more years if I take really good care of my body. And that’s all I want anyway. You can’t live on the beach all your life.”

Working Girl

“I’ve been escorting on and off since I was twenty.” said Candace who is now in her early thirties. “When I was younger it really didn’t matter what I wore or how I made myself up or whether my hair was done. Guys love young escorts period. But now I am older and a lot smarter. A lot smarter. I want to work half as hard and earn twice as much.”

“I live in a North Eastern city. I won’t say which one but I will say that it isn’t New York. I wish it was because I love New York. I try to get to New York once every couple of months and I have a few escorting clients there who make it worthwhile.”

“I am pretty tall, five ten and I try to stay fit. When I was in my twenties I started highlighting my hair. The blonder I went the more I seemed to make as an escort, so now I am essentially a dirty blonde. I keep my hair fairly long and ten minutes with curlers and a blow dryer and I get a nice wave.”

“I have a particular look which I developed watching women who seemed to have the life I want. These are not girls, they are in their late twenties and early thirties. I don’t know that they do during the day but, after five you see them in the nicer lounges, restaurants, at concerts and at gallery openings. They have this really clever style which somehow suggests they have arrived. That they don’t need to “try” any more. That the look is just effortless.”

“I can tell you it isn’t effortless. First off, one of the reasons these women look so good is that they buy designer inspired clothes. I say “inspired” because, if you look closely, they are often not actually wearing a designer dress or they are but it is four or five seasons old.”

“For me, escorting is a means to an end. Always. When I was a kid escorting was a way of having a bit of extra money while I went to college. Now it gives me the free time I crave. I really should have been born with a trust fund but, well, I wasn’t. I like to go deep on my own projects. I have a couple of businesses, one online, one in the real world and they take up most of my days. Being in business, even though both businesses are essentially creative, also influences my style.”

“I have developed a look which lets me transition from a set of business meetings in the morning to a naughty escort lunch in the afternoon to a cocktail date after work. Of course I “don’t look like an escort” whatever that means. Seriously, no girl I know who is working above street level does the boots and booty shorts thing. The clients hate that look.”

“Creating that style was all about dual function. First off, my business outfits are all a bit edgier than what most women wear to the office. Never pants. Always skirts. Usually suits and often vintage suits. The great thing about a suit is that you wear a sweater – which if you tuck it in can show off your assets – or a shirt which can stay buttoned up in the office but is easy to adjust for an escort date. I also make sure that I have my nails nicely trimmed and painted and my make-up just so.”

“When I am escorting I like to have a more dramatic make-up but I start the day with a really simple primer, foundation and simple eye shadow, mascara, a pale lip and that’s it. Now, five minutes in front of a mirror and with some contour and a bit of eye liner I have a much bolder look. Swap out the pale lipstick for something really red and I look very grown up indeed.”

“My look, my style is entirely geared towards the older, more sophisticated clients I cater to. They want to spend their time with a pretty girl who, almost by the way, happens to be an escort. That’s what my style delivers.

The Girl Next Door

“I don’t know if I really have a “style.” said Rosy who is a twenty three year old escort working outside Chicago. “I mean I do have outfits I wear on escort dates but they are pretty much what I wear everyday as well. All my advertising is about “The Girl Next Door” so that is what I try to look like. Which really isn’t a stretch.”

“I don’t really do glamour. I have a couple of nice dresses but I feel sort of awkward wearing them on escort dates. They really are not me if you know what I mean. In fact I almost never wear dresses of any sort, nice or not. Girls my age really don’t.”

“I mean I am twenty one. I do a few courses at the community college near where I live. I do the escorting pretty much to have a little money for extras. I have a job too.”

“The thing is I just sort of fell into escorting a couple of years ago when I really needed to make some money and a guy offered me some money to go with him. I went, he paid and here I am. My escort dates are almost all in calls at my apartment. So it is a lot easier for me to be sort of natural. You know, wear what I am wearing anyway.”

The only thing I have really changed is that I wear front closing bras. The reason I got into this business is that guys are always staring at my chest. I’m pretty big and my boobs are the only part of me that is. The rest of me is what they call a spinner’s body. Because I work out and do yoga.”

“So really, my normal escorting outfit is a pair of high heels, a little skirt with a shirt or sweater – always with buttons because guys love the reveal – and that’s it.”

“I keep my make-up really light. If I put on foundation I look about thirty and that is not a look which brings in the clients. So just a little blush, mascara, a tiny bit of eye shadow and a bit of eye liner and I am done. I wear a pale pink lip gloss because it doesn’t show on client’s clothes. Which is important because like practically all my clients are married or with someone.”

“The one thing which is, I guess, part of my style is how I have my apartment. It is really girly. My bedroom is pink and I have this really cute canopied bed. I have a pretty little white vanity. In my living room I have some chairs which I slip covered and put some ribbon on the back. And this great white shag carpet and sheet, billowy drapes.”

“A lot of my clients are regulars and they bring me little gifts which go with my décor. I somehow have started collecting little china dogs and I have one regular who brings me a couple on every visit.”

“There is a lot of fear some guys bring with them when they see an escort. They’ve heard stories of girls trying to rob them or being on drugs. As soon as I open my apartment door they know they are going to be safe. A lot of that is about having a nice light apartment which I keep really tidy. I know that really isn’t a style thing but it is something a lot of my clients comment on.”

“Most of my escorting clients are a bit younger. Guys in their thirties, usually married, child seats in the back of the mini-van. They want fun and no drama and seeing a cute girl in a short skirt with an extra button undone come to the door re-assures them. If I have any style at all it is all about not being intimidating. My outfit, my make-up, my hair and my apartment all say “Welcome, relax, let’s have some fun.” And we do.”

“Being the “Girl Next Door” takes my clients back to when they were in high school. The difference is that now they know, because I’m an escort, they can be pretty sure the “Girl Next Door” is going to go all the way. They like that.”