10 ways escorts ruin dating the average woman

You feel as though you are the only important man in the world. She makes you feel like an expert on all subjects you discuss. She never tells you that you’re wrong or makes you feel as though you should’ve acted differently. What you have to say is always important, and she loves the way you dress and smell. That’s when “she” is an escort.

Your escort is a paid fantasy girl. Her goal is your ultimate pleasure each and every time you’re together. What happens when you become accustomed to the treatment you get from your escort? Does it influence how you feel about dating the average woman? You bet.

  1. The average woman does have bad hair days

    And bad make-up days. And bad days, in general. While she may be a very attractive woman, the average woman doesn’t look good ALL the time. Her hair and nails aren’t always perfect. Her clothes aren’t always designer and fit to a T. She’s not always dressed to the nines. She wears sneakers and sweat pants. While she may take pride in her appearance, she’s not dressed and primped every time she leaves the house or every time you see her, like your escort is. No civilian woman is perfect each time you see her.

  2. Her job is not your ultimate pleasure

    An escort’s job is making sure you receive pleasure. When you date a woman, she is not performing a job. Your ultimate pleasure is not her goal. However, when dating, each person should try to make sure the other is having a good time. Escorts may ruin simple relationships, because they can make you selfish and forget that conventional dating is a two-way street.

  3. She’s not a sure thing

    Even though you and your date may be getting along swimmingly, she is not a sure thing. When you schedule a date with an escort, you know how the evening is going to end up. However, when you date a regular woman, you don’t know whether you will be invited in at the end of the night or get an innocent kiss on the cheek at her door. Never assume that anything physical is on the table with a woman you are dating for “free”.

  4. Your date will talk about herself

    Unlike your escort friend, your date will tell you about her family, friends, job and other things she finds interesting about her life. She will share her frustrations about her day with you, along with wanting to celebrate her daily accomplishments with you, too. She will demand your genuine attention to every little thing she says. You will have to remember every little thing she says. If you find yourself mentally checking out during conversations with her, free dating is too costly for you.

  5. The average woman may not be as educated, cultured or worldly as your escorts

    Many escorts have extensive educations, circulate in prestigious societal cliques, travel extensively and possess knowledge about art, literature or music. Many average Janes have knowledge similar to the escorts who have vast life experiences, however many women simply haven’t had the opportunities to travel and become well-versed in high-society. Even the most successful women may not be able to compare with an escort, whose job is to make you think that she is the fantasy girl her profile indicates she is.

  6. The average woman has friends
    Your escort doesn’t expect you to tag along when she and her girlfriends have a night out. But your girlfriend may invite you along on her outings with her gal pals. If you go along, she expects you to enjoy yourself, “have fun” and like her friends. But not too much. Worse, if you like your girlfriend, you had better try to make a good impression on her girlfriends. If her friends don’t like you, they will influence your relationship. All in all, more political games to play if you want a free date. Bonus: she will bring her friends home and spend hours chatting with them over the phone and on Facebook.
  7. She has family

    If you date her long enough, her family will become a factor in your relationship. Her overprotective father and brother, drama-queen sister and neurotic mother may become regular attendees at your Sunday brunch date or simply be common discussion topics between you and your woman. Dealing with her family can be stressful, especially if you’re used to dealing only with an escort who never discusses anything you don’t want to.

  8. She will ask for help

    Whether she needs you to come over and move her couch, fix her car or stop a leaky faucet, she will call you. This will happen at the most inopportune time — when you’re working, or right in the middle of the ballgame, on a boys’ night out or when you’re sleeping in on the weekend. You never have to worry about your favorite escort calling for help.

  9. She thinks you are her property
    You may not understand why she gets upset that you go out with the guys EVERY Friday night and then have dinner with your mom and dad every Sunday. She wants to come along… or, even worse, she wants you to cancel your plans for hers. Your woman is only feeling like your relationship is getting more serious, but it makes you feel as though she is getting clingy and possessive. Escorts never behave this way.
  10. She wants to “improve” you

    Your escort thinks you are perfect. She thinks you dress impeccably. Your manners are top-notch, and your love-making skills are the best of anyone she’s ever had! However, you’re paying her to let you think all of those things. A civilian woman may try to change you: she may buy you new clothes to wear, she may suggest new ways of doing things and she may recommend that you cut your hair. And, even though she may not really be trying to change you (she’s just trying to make you a better man!), the message she sends is that you are not good enough the way you are.