10 ways to avoid getting caught with an escort

Of course, when you’re seeing an escort, the name of the game is discretion, especially if you’ve got a significant other. Even when unattached, nobody really wants to disclose that he or she is regularly getting an itch scratched by an escort. Luckily, there are ways to avoid getting caught.

Ceci n'est pas une escorte

The main thing to remember is to destroy all evidence of any communications you’ve had with your escort. Once that is done, however, there are a other things to take care of:

  1. Avoid varying your schedule. Set a regular time that you see your escort and stick to it. Maybe a Tuesday evening tryst works for you; and you’ve already established that you “work late” each and every Tuesday. In doing so, you arouse no suspicions by arriving home late after a long day at the “office”. If your cover story involves other elements, such as going golfing every Friday afternoon (but, instead, you meet your escort), don’t forget the accessories involved in your cover activity. Establish a schedule that allows you enough time for your encounters. However, when you get an urge to call your escort for an unscheduled meeting, be aware that your changed schedule may create some curiosity with your spouse, and it can make her wonder what you’re up to with a different routine. Men rarely vary from their normal routines, unless something is awry.
  2. Don’t act suspiciously. Some men have such issues with their consciences, that they can’t help but act a little off when they begin seeing an escort. Do your best to avoid acting differently with your wife. Resist the urge to become extra romantic, when you previously were oblivious to such notions, in an effort to make her think she’s extra special to you. This will create questions immediately. And, if you act especially paranoid about her questions or her curiosity about your day, it will create warning flags for her, too. Act normally, just as you always have. Don’t be paranoid, extra lovey-dovey or inattentive in ways that you’ve always been conscious of. Don’t give your wife any reason to think that something is wrong.
  3. Refer to your encounters as business appointments. When you tell your friends or family members that you’re headed to a meeting or other business-related activity, it usually seems boring and evokes few questions beyond, “How was your meeting?” If business meetings don’t seem like they would be good covers for your appointments, make up spa sessions, doctor’s appointments or other consultations that don’t seem too interesting. The less importance or curiosity you draw to your activities, the better. If you don’t have to refer to your encounters at all, don’t do it, especially if they fit into your normal routine. However, leaving your house without a reason or purpose may seem suspicious.
  4. Resist the temptation to discuss the details of your upcoming encounter until you meet with your escort in person. You never know who could be listening in on your phone call or intercepting your email. Someone could accidentally overhear your conversation; and, when you talk about specific services you hope will be provided, it’s pretty obvious you’re not just going to the dentist. Additionally, it may not just be your wife or co-worker who overhears your phone call or reads your email. Law enforcement officers are always looking to bust prostitution rings, and they may be trying to get some information on your escort. By discussing these types of details over the phone, the encounter could be completely misunderstood by the authorities. You could provide them with information to think the escort is providing sex for money, instead of time for pay.
  5. Allow your escort to reveal the meeting location at the last minute. When your meeting location is specified in advance, someone can beat you there. For instance, if your wife hears you making the date with your escort, she may arrive at the location before you. Or, any police officers who are tracking you and your escort could set up a sting to catch you in the act. It’s best to avoid letting anyone know about the location until the last minute. That way nobody besides you and your escort will know your meeting place until it’s time for the encounter.
  6. Avoid places and areas you never visit. If you never make it downtown, don’t go there. Insist that you and your escort meet somewhere that is typical for you to be seen. Going somewhere that you rarely go only causes questions when someone you know sees you there. Even if they just saw you driving, it may create questions. Avoid situations that will cause you lots of questions and the need to create lies on the spot.
  7. Drive safely and abide the law. Getting a parking ticket in front of your escort’s incall could definitely create a paper trail. If you’re traveling to see your escort in Midtown, but your story is really that you’re at work, getting a speeding ticket during that time period will reveal that you’re not where you’re supposed to be. Driving recklessly could result in a car accident. And, if you’re in a car accident somewhere other than you’re supposed to be, you’re going to get caught. You must be careful and drive safely, in order to keep your cover intact.
  8. Keep your encounters indoors. Public dalliances could put your rendezvous in the spotlight. Regardless of whether you’re going to dinner in an out-of-the-way restaurant or enjoying a ballgame at the stadium, you could run into family, friends or co-workers who will want to know what you’re doing with “that blonde.” Even if you don’t run into someone you know at a ballgame, you could end up on television, if the game is being broadcast. Don’t go with your escort from the car to the hotel room; you could see someone you know in the hotel lobby or elevator. Keep away from your escort except for behind closed doors. It’s a private relationship; keep it that way in order to stay discreet.
  9. Always use cash when conducting any transactions related to your escort. If you are getting gas on your way to see your escort, use cash. Buying dinner? Use cash. Using the parking garage? Use cash. Even though plastic is the way that most Americans live, it’s unwise to use your credit or debit cards when seeing your escort. It’s easy to track your movements when someone sees your card statements. Fueling your vehicle up near your escort’s incall or buying a bouquet of flowers with your credit card could cause lots of questions when your spouse reviews bank accounts. Use cash.
  10. Don’t brag to your buddies. Even if you feel like the hottest stud in the world due to your escort’s compliments about your sexual stamina and skills, resist the temptation to brag to your friends. Most men have an urge to boast about the beautiful women in their lives or crazy sexual antics they’ve been involved in. While it may have been great to tell wild stories of frat parties and one-night stands in the past, now is not the time to start sharing the personal details of your secret sex life. Don’t refer your escort to your friends, either. When they find out that you’re seeing an escort, they are tempted to share the rumor with others, too. Don’t put yourself into a position where anyone else knows about your adventures.

In other words, don’t be stupid or careless. Most men are caught with escorts, because they don’t cover their tracks and they let their egos control their good judgment. Getting over-confident and thinking that you’re so good nobody will ever find out is a myth. If you’re not careful, someone will discover your secret. It’s essential that you always look over your shoulder, keep your story straight and don’t leave a trail.