11 scenarios providers are officially tired of

There are some themes in the adult entertainment industry that are consistent requests for providers. Customers ask for these scenarios repeatedly. The first few times a provider performs them, it’s ok. But, when the request is so common that it becomes the “standard” for client interactions, it gets old really fast. As a customer, it’s important for you to ask for what you want when hiring a provider. But, it also pays to use some creativity and think beyond the most recent porn movie you saw or clichéd dance performance you witnessed at the club down the street.
Reconsider your request if your “great idea for some fun” consists of one of these scenarios:

  1. The girlfriend experience (GFE): While the girlfriend experience may be a lot of escorts’ specialties, they may also be incredibly tired of it. It is the single most popular request for all kinds of adult entertainment provider. And, while it serves a definite purpose, customers don’t understand why providers might not want to offer it. Firstly, if you don’t know your provider fairly well, it gives a very distorted sense of reality. New clients may mistake a stellar GFE as actual emotions or intimacy. It’s easy for customers to misread the flirting and affection and read more into the experience than is really there. Secondly, some GFEs are more intimate than a provider would like them to be. Finally, it’s a lot of one-sided work in many cases. It would be much easier if a client would just openly tell a provider that he desires a lot of affection and desires to extend very little effort. The GFE is very taxing on a provider, and most clients don’t recognize that.
  2. The naughty schoolgirl: Seriously, who wants to dress up in a ridiculously short plaid skirt, knee socks and a too-tight white shirt? Most providers outgrow this scenario as quickly as they became a fan of it their first few excursions out in the adult entertainment world. While the gig, itself, really isn’t so bad, the concept behind it is. Most providers dislike the idea of an older man ogling and getting sweaty over a girl who is 15 or 16 years old. There’s a sense of right/wrong going on as they perform in this scenario, and it makes many providers a little ill at ease to think they are promoting this concept. Because many providers feel that the industry actually empowers them to achieve more in their lives than they could before, they have a distaste for any situation where women are mistreated or taken advantage of.
  3. The porn star experience (PSE): While a lot of customers think this scenario is a blast, escorts usually cringe at the concept, unless they are porn stars, of course. The porn industry, while it serves quite an entertainment purpose, often misguides viewers into thinking that real life could mirror what they witness in a porn flick. When a customer asks for a porn star experience, he is usually requesting an escort encounter where he gets to enjoy sex for the entire time. And, not just sex or other intimacies — extreme sexual situations. Unless an escort is a specialist at this service, she probably doesn’t like the idea of being pounded away at for a full hour, or more. Other providers may be asked to portray a porn star during a dance or a webcam performance, but really all a customer wants is for her to act out in extremely sexualized ways. For most providers, it’s not the way they carry themselves and they don’t like the scenario.
  4. Anything messy: Sploshing sounds fun, until you have to clean up the mess. (Sploshing is sexual satisfaction received from squishing soft foods on your body.) Hard sports may be an intriguing concept to a client, but he doesn’t realize how disgusting playing with his poop really is. Asking exotic dancers to perform in a Jell-O fight may be enjoyable for viewers, but it’s quite a problem to clean up afterward. There are many scenarios out there that clients request, not understanding how hard it is to straighten things up afterward. And, often, a provider has the entire setting to clean up, in addition to herself. Many providers accept an occasional request for messy situations, but they can’t handle many at a time, due to time and effort required for them. And, to be honest, they are tired of having to pick up afterward.
  5. Public meet and greets: It’s a great fantasy fulfillment to meet your provider in a bar, flirt with her and then take her home. But, there are so many things that can go wrong, on her end. She could start flirting with the wrong guy, only to find out that he wasn’t the customer. She could agree to get in the car with a client, only to discover that he isn’t taking her where she thought he was. It’s a safety risk. It’s a threat to her privacy. And, it also creates an opportunity for you both to be caught together, out in public, which can blow both of your covers. While some providers are willing to engage in these kind of scenarios, many are very tired of them. A lot of customers request something like this, then they deny the experience when they actually meet the provider. And, often, customers don’t want to pay extra for the time required for the “meet” portion of the experience. It’s just not a very good scenario for many providers.
  6. Any role play where women are disrespected: While it may seem fun to you, as a client, to engage in a scenario where your provider seems dumb and helpless, it’s not fun for her. Acting like she’s a ninny gets tiring and also causes her to lose a lot of respect for you. She will suspect that you are nothing besides a male chauvinist and categorize you in such a way that future visits with her will be harder to acquire. Providers don’t like being asked to act stupid. If your fantasy includes an escort who is unable to think for herself, keep it to yourself. Instead, perhaps, ask for an opportunity to be a hero — not encourage her to dumb herself down. Providers get degraded enough by society for their choices about their careers. They don’t like it when their customers buy into those theories and suggest that they act unintelligent or incapable. It’s insulting, to say the least.
  7. Rape or kidnapping scenarios: While there can be something sexy about the submission and seduction process, there is nothing alluring about being raped or kidnapped. Providers who get these requests, which are actually more common than you think, immediately put up a caution flag and wonder what they might be getting into. Customers who are obsessed with these scenarios are little scary. If a client asks for this kind of a scenario, could he be plotting such a situation in real life? Or, has he done it before? In addition to the suspicions that this kind of request creates, a provider really doesn’t like the idea of playing out a rape or kidnapping scene, where a woman’s freedom and personal rights are impaired. It goes against her very being, and the principle of the matter is that they don’t want involved in this at all. For many providers, this is a prohibited scenario.
  8. Niche related activities: Many escorts dabble in a little S&M or enjoy putting on a dark wig for a Goth effect occasionally, but they don’t really do full-on niche entertainment. They figure if a client wants niche services, he will seek out a niche escort. In many cases, a provider will have to exert too much time, money and effort trying to fulfill niche fantasies when they aren’t prepared for that genre in the first place. After trying something entirely new the first couple of times, they often decide that they will simply stick with what they know and are good at. For instance, calling up a girl-next-door exotic dancer to perform as a dominatrix probably won’t be well received. She knows she won’t give a top-notch performance, and she doesn’t have the costumes for it. As a result, she’s tired of being asked to be something she’s not. Customers should pay attention to the type of provider they are trying to schedule and not ask for things beyond their service levels.
  9. Leather, rubber or latex suits: If a client has ever worn a leather, rubber or latex suit, he will understand why providers may be tired of this concept. They are hot. They make you sweat. And, they are hard to remove. There is nothing sexy about peeling a rubber suit off, revealing your hot and sweaty (sometimes stinky) body. And, there is really no sexy way to take one off — they stick to you in all of the wrong places, leave unappealing lines/marks on your body where they cut in, and show bumps and rolls where you don’t want them seen. In addition to the discomfort, quality leather suits are pricey. Providers who do not specialize in rubber, leather or latex don’t have the money to drop on this kind of attire. Finding ones that fit, if you’re not proportioned “just right” is also incredibly difficult. In short, providers are “over” this kind of request. Unless you know your provider likes this kind of scenario, it might pay you well to avoid asking for it.
  10. Doctor/patient scenario: Ever since pre-school, your provider has been asked to play doctor and patient. Of course, your spin on it is a little different. But, it’s still old request that she’s asked to perform repeatedly. There are few fresh ways to make it more interesting. Unless you have a new method that creates more excitement around it, your provider will not be thrilled with the prospect. There are only so many ways to give a “check up.” And, the white jacket really isn’t all that sexy. Unless you’re a real-life doctor, avoid asking your provider for this. The same goes for the doctor/naughty nurse scenario. It’s a worn out scenario that providers are asked to perform consistently. Find something new for your fantasy fulfillment with your provider.
  11. Cheerleader/athlete role play: This is pretty similar to the doctor, patient scenario. Providers have been asked over and over, again, to dress up in a tight sweater, obscenely short skirt and don pom poms. As they jump and cheer, rowdy crowds cheer as their ample bosoms bounce and their skirts fly. And, while this may be fun for your bachelor party or private encounter, the “bubble head, naughty cheerleader” role play is kind of outdated in today’s world where women are strong athletes, powerful leaders and above this silliness. While some providers may still offer this is one of their performances, many of them are incredibly tired of it. (They offer it due to its popularity.) Do your provider a favor and ask for something that has a little more meaning and demonstrates you think more of her than just sex with pom poms.

General advice to avoid these worn-out or prohibited scenarios:

  • Go nuts with your imagination. Anything you can think about in the first minute of thinking they are already tired of. Think harder. The worst thing to happen she will say “No” – so waht? Don’t rely on old stereotypes or porn movie plot lines for your fantasies. Dig deep within yourself and dream up new ideas about what you think is sexy. When you present a creative idea about what turns you on, your provider will be excited about giving you what you want. And, it’s possible that you will enjoy the performance much more, too. These old scenarios represent somebody else’s fantasies, not yours. Think out of the box, don’t settle for the old ideas and offer up something unique to your provider. If it’s too far out there, she will let you know. But, if it’s truly something new and exciting, she may readily accept your request.
  • No gimmicks are required. Sex and enjoyment are pretty pure, simple things. When you talk to your provider about what you want, you may realize that no gimmicks are actually required. You want to have some intimate time with your provider — whether that means an escort encounter, a private dance or a webcam performance. But, there doesn’t have to be a lot of hoopla around the entire situation. You can just tell her that you want to enjoy yourself, give her a few ideas about what you like and she can go from there. It’s really a pretty simple equation. Arousal is really not that hard and doesn’t require significant props, music or imagination. Just enjoy her body, the time she spends with you and receiving her attention. It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t have to complicated. Keep it simple and easy for maximum pleasure.