11 signs you should find a new escort

You may have been happy with your favorite escort for the past couple of years, and you decided long ago that she was your “go-to” girl when it came time for some recreational lovin’. But, lately you’ve been feeling like maybe it’s time to move on to a new escort. It’s a very common feeling to be curious about what other opportunities may be available to you in the escort industry. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

There comes a point in nearly all client-escort relationships that it’s time to move on. For many clients, certain actions or behaviors cause them to go looking online for a new weekly partner.

Check out these 11 signs to see if it’s time for YOU to find a new escort:

  1. Your escort has become unreliable. Regardless of what her circumstances are, an escort who begins making a habit of showing up late for encounters is going to have to change her ways or hit the road. You don’t have time to wait around for your escort to finally show up for your appointment. Additionally, if your escort arrives to encounters completely unprepared, it’s a pretty sure sign that you’re not ranking very highly on her priority list, even though you deserve to be. She may have forgotten condoms, failed to bring the vibrator you discussed or came straight from the gym needing a shower. She’s not showing up ready for action. And, finally, an escort you can’t rely upon to remember things from your last date with her may not be paying you full attention. (Unless your last date with her was several months or years ago.)
  2. Your fantasies freak her out. If you want your toes sucked or to try out blindfolded, your escort should be willing to oblige. But, if yours refuses to fulfill reasonable requests that don’t cost anything or do not cross any personal boundaries, it may be time to seek out a new escort. Escorts should be trying to make you happy by meeting your (reasonable) requests and anticipating your wants and desires before you have them. If she’s leaving you feeling as unsatisfied as your ex did, she’s not providing quality service to you. You can find an escort who will cater to your whims.
  3. Her habit is getting out of control. Telltale signs like needle marks, jitter, red nostrils, weight loss and paranoia may tell you that your escort is using heavily. Alcoholism is harder to spot, but an escort who is drinking so heavily that it’s affecting her work may be showing up to appointments late, looking disheveled, arriving drunk and requiring a drink or more during encounters. If your escort is abusing drugs or alcohol, it’s likely going to get worse. If you and she are close, offer to assist her in getting some help. Otherwise, it’s time to look for someone new to spend your time and money with.
  4. She cares less than you about personal hygiene. You enjoy an escort who takes care of herself, and that includes keeping herself clean and tidy. If you notice that your escort is letting herself go by failing to clean herself properly, that’s a problem. Consider mentioning it to her, expressing that you’d rather see her before other clients during the day or evening. However, if the problem persists, it’s going to cause you to look elsewhere. Additionally, any escort who suddenly stops shaving her legs or underarms, fails to shower, arrives with dirty hair or other unsanitary problems may be experiencing other issues. Offer to help if you care, but start looking for the exit.
  5. Bad company. If yours has friends or family members who are sketchy or dangerous, you may want to locate an escort with a less threatening background. Escorts who run around with violent boyfriends may cause you nothing but trouble, especially when the angry boyfriend comes looking for her when they’ve had a fight. If she’s with you at the time, it will be problems for you, too. Additionally, some escorts become violent or threatening after hanging out with their bad crowd. She may threaten to have you roughed up if you don’t do what she asks. Don’t put yourself into a position where this happens. Carefully find a new escort who doesn’t associate with a rough crowd.
  6. It’s getting personal. Maybe you’ve started to fall for your client and think she’s “the one”. You must remind yourself that your relationship with your escort is simply a business arrangement, and that she is involved with you because you pay her to be. Reminding yourself about this may sound easier than it really is, though. To save yourself some heartache, find a new escort who won’t pull at your heartstrings. Conversely, if she’s the one who has crossed boundaries or pushed for a relationship beyond your escort-client one, it’s definitely time to move on. Staying with an escort who thinks she’s falling for you can be troublesome; she becomes clingy and jealous. Look for a new escort at the first sign of her acting like you’re something more than a client.
  7. Money. Unfortunately, the best escorts often lose clients because their business improves. Perhaps, you’ve been happy with your escort for a couple of years. But, even if you’re happy with her, your budget may not allow several hundred more dollars per month to be devoted to her. When she raises her rates, let her know you can no longer afford her. Explain that your budget is limited, and while you think she’s worth it, you’re going to have to step aside for wealthier clients. Most escorts will understand. Some will even “grandfather” you in at the old rate. Others will wish you luck and, even, refer you to one of her friends.
  8. Boredom. Just like in all relationships, familiarity breeds complacency. Even though she’s doing what you ask, performing the services you want and accommodating your schedule, your stand-by escort may be boring you silly. Every encounter, it’s the same chit chat, the same positions and the same sequence of events. It’s the same, because it’s comfortable, pleasurable and easy. But, it’s not particularly exciting. If you’re looking for excitement, you should probably seek out a new escort. However, sometimes it’s the escort who gets bored. She may become tired of your same old glory days stories or the way you breathe when you orgasm. If you sense that your escort is bored by you and your company, look for a new person to meet up with. She’s supposed to be making you feel like the most important and amazing person in the world. If you don’t feel that way, look for an escort who does.
  9. Even though you may have been pleased with how your escort looked the first couple of times you saw her, you may not be as satisfied by now. She may have changed: time isn’t always kind to a woman and she may look older. A woman’s metabolism slows down and she may have gained some weight. Or, you just may not be as awestruck with her appearance as you were the first night you saw her. The new may have worn off. If so, don’t punish her for not being as beautiful to you as she once was; look for a new escort whose appearance automatically impresses you and gives you excitement.
  10. Communication breakdown. As your escort has gotten more successful, it’s easy for her to become obsessed with new clients and take regular ones for granted. She may be so overly focused on creating new business for herself, that she fails to take good care of you. Other escorts who have reached success may have too many clients on their lists to be able to give the kind of care that you expect. For instance, instead of providing the same level of personal service over the phone to you that she always has, she may, instead, opt for brief text messages quickly and banally confirming encounter times and dates. If she’s so busy she doesn’t have time to communicate, find another who makes time for you.
  11. She said so herself. Whether she’s blocked you or informed you that she will no longer be able to see you, don’t try to talk her out of her decision. She may give you firm reasons for how she came to her conclusion that she won’t see you anymore; or, she may tell you nothing. Either way, it’s best to just walk away.

All in all, there may be any number of reasons that you may think it’s time to look for a new escort. Regardless of the reason, if it makes sense to you, do it.

But, don’t burn your bridges with your current escort until you’re positive that you want to cut things off with her. Some escorts become upset when they discover that a client has stepped out on them, finding new escorts for their dalliances. Others will cut you off, at the first suspicion that you’re looking for someone new, leaving you without someone you can depend on in the meanwhile.