11 ways to beat an escort’s memory blur

Every client, even if not a regular, wants to be fondly remembered by his favorite escort. But clients have to realize that escorts not only see, but communicate with hundreds of potential clients per month, of whom only a small percentage actually book an encounter and show up. It can be unbelievably difficult to keep all of them straight… especially when some clients aren’t fully forthcoming with their details.

However, it’s common to assume that an escort would remember you, as a client she met with face-to-face. After all, you spent precious time together, maybe got intimate, poured on the compliments and helped her have fun, too. While many escorts do remember the majority of their clients, there are instances where clients begin to run together, due to tight scheduling, similarities or a whole range of other reasons unrelated to clients (stress at home, financial pressures or feeling under the weather).

Additionally, escorts see their relationships with clients much akin to how doctors identify their connections to their patients. It’s a working relationship where tasks are completed: once a patient is treated, doctors move on to the next one. Same here.

Clients should never feel slighted or insulted because an escort can’t remember them. After seeing many clients per week, it’s challenging to recall a specific one from six months ago, for example. Don’t pressure an escort to recognize you, either; it will just embarrass both of you if she can’t recall your most recent encounter with her. But, in the meanwhile, if you really want your escort to remember you the next time you set up a booking, consider the following tips:

  1. Being weird is not the way to be remembered. It’s completely natural for escorts to remember clients who seem eccentric or off-the-wall. While your personality may be unique, now is not the time to let it all hang out. Allowing the oddest parts of your personality to take over may get you remembered by your escort, but it won’t be for positive reasons. Attempt to disclose any off-putting habits or traits you have for after you’ve already made a good first (or second, third or fourth) impression on her. (This doesn’t mean to avoid being yourself…it just means try to be a better or more socially-acceptable version of yourself.) Escorts want to engage with clients they remember for good things, while they are often apprehensive or hesitant about re-booking a client who seemed weird.
  2. Discuss something personal from her profile. Almost every escort includes some personal facts about themselves within their profiles, which they consider more important than just their measurements. However, the majority of clients fail to fully read an escort’s profile either before or after booking an encounter with her. So, when the client and escort meet up in person, he usually has no clue what she’s talking about if she refers to something in her profile. It doesn’t surprise her when she gets this reaction from a client. However, you can be different. You can be the ONE that read her profile and remembers details from it. To an escort, this means a lot. It tells her that you are interested in more than just her body. It allows her to believe that you are looking for a connection with her that extends slightly beyond the sheets. If nothing from her profile comes up in discussion naturally, feel free to mention something that caught your attention. Attempt to engage her in conversation about the piece of personal trivia and allow her to expand on her original thoughts or to fully explain what she meant. If you have anything in common with her concerning the subject, chime in so the conversation is two-sided and she can see that you have similar interests. Escorts are much more likely to remember a client who seemed relatable and like someone she would be friends with if they had met under different circumstances.
  3. See her, not her appearance. Of course, escorts are always pleased when it becomes apparent through obvious admiration and compliments that a client likes their appearance. However, they hear from clients all of the time that they are beautiful, captivating, hot or any other description that equates with sexy. While it’s nice to compliment your escort’s looks, it’s not going to help you etch yourself into her memory. But, noticing other aspects of her personality or non-sexual elements of her appearance may gain you some brownie points. She may have amazing arms, cute toes or a really flirty giggle. Comment on one of these things instead of telling her you love her breasts. Giving her compliments about parts of her that aren’t overtly sexual may help her remember you for the simple fact that you noticed her, not the services she was going to provide to you during your time with her. Escorts like to know that clients enjoy their company for something other than eye candy or physical pleasure; sensing that you see her as something more than just a sex object personifies you more in her eyes, too. This helps her remember you better.
  4. Tip a lot. While tipping an escort is certainly not a requirement when you book an encounter, it will help your escort recollect her time with you better. Much like waitresses don’t remember the stream of customers who come into a restaurant, escorts find it challenging to recall all of her clients. However, waitresses always remember the big tippers; so do escorts. But, consider what a good tip would be. Leaving a small tip and acting like it’s a big deal may insult an escort more than it compliments her. A tip should be at least 30 percent or more to constitute a memory. And, if you want the tip to be received appreciatively, do not make a big “to-do” about it. It’s the clients who quietly, but deliberately tip well who are remembered best. They are gracious and humble about the tip and expect no exaggerated display of gratitude. This means a lot to an escort, and it will create a positive memory in her mind about you, helping her recall you in the future.
  5. Gifts are encouragement to remember you next time. Again, like tips, gifts are never a necessary element for an encounter. And, you should never feel obligated to bring one with you to a booking. Escorts should give you the best encounter possible, without any other kind of rewards. But, with that being said, escorts do remember clients who bring good presents to them. Electronics, iTunes cards, flowers, specialty spa products they use, preferred perfumes and gift cards to their favorite spas, boutiques or entertainment niches are always received well. Escorts usually remember a client who indulged her with a favorite perfume or a gift card that allowed her to take her BFF to the newest chick flick they wanted to see. She will be happy to hear your voice the next times you call, both in appreciation and hopes that you will bring another gift. Keep in mind, if you try to bribe her memory with gifts, they may become an expected aspect of your encounters. If you don’t like this idea, avoid bestowing any gifts along the way, unless it’s for a special occasion.
  6. Book a unique date with her. Escorts quickly tire of the same, old booking: meet at her incall, chat briefly, get naked, get dressed, leave. While the encounter is easy and predictable, it’s boring, too, from her perspective. Even though escorts thrive on the predictability of their profession, they also yearn for some variation, too. Book a unique date with her that takes the encounter to a new level. Take her to a ballgame, shopping, lunch at an outdoor cafe or somewhere else you think she’d enjoy going. Engage her in a game of strip poker (or Monopoly or Go Fish). Bring sushi and eat it off of each others’ bodies. Do something different with her, whether that involves going out or staying in. Use your imagination to come up with something that will be fun and different, without entering fetish territory that requires special permission or preparation. Let her know what you want to do ahead of time, and she may look forward to the new experience. She will definitely remember you a the client who broke out of the rut.
  7. Show off your great sense of humor. (This only applies if you do, indeed, have a great sense of humor.) Tell her jokes, laugh at yourself and chuckle throughout the encounter. Sex can be extremely funny, so unleash your wit and go with it. Making fun or yourself is one of the easiest ways to break the ice with humor, without offending anyone else. Once you get your escort laughing, it’s a fairly sure bet that she will remember you in the future. A sense of humor is one of the most coveted traits in a potential mate by women, so showing your funny side allows her to feel a sexual attraction to you that she may not experience with other clients. However, if you feel along the way that your and her senses of humor don’t exactly mesh (yours is dry wit and she is more of a slapstick gal), your efforts may be in vain. While she may still find you funny, she probably won’t engage in belly laughs with you. Just the same, she will likely remember you for your sense of humor. (Note: avoid off-color, crude or racist/religious jokes or humor. They can be extremely offensive.)
  8. Confidence can create an image not easily forgotten. Men who are at ease and sure of themselves create an extremely positive first impression, due to their casual grace. Clients should aim for a presence that lets an escort know he feels good about himself, but he doesn’t believe he’s God’s gift to women. In essence, a client needs to avoid being cocky or arrogant, but appearing confident demonstrates that a client is someone worth getting to know. Clients who fail to seem confident often seem meek, mild and subordinate, making them easily forgotten. Confidence breeds masculinity, which is a huge turn-on for women, including escorts. Even if you’re not the best looking client, you can create sex appeal with your confidence, alone. And, that simple ability to be at ease with yourself helps an escort remember you.
  9. Surprising an escort will implant you in her memory banks. (This applies for all kinds of surprises, but you should only aim for positive, pleasant ones.) Escorts pride themselves in being able to predict the behaviors of their typical clients. If you suspect you fall into the “typical” category, try to fight your way out of that box and into the “memorable” one by surprising her in some way. Sending flowers may be clichéd, but it’s also very flattering to receive them when they are not expected. Either before or after an encounter, send your an escort a bouquet with a nice card. Sending a small, gift may have a similar effect, too. (If you have learned about a hobby or her favorite flower, planning the surprise in accordance is a nice touch, too.) However, taking the surprise avenue too far will hinder your good impression with her. Don’t show up at her incall unannounced, don’t make plans to take her somewhere without her permission and don’t pull out some weird sex trick without consulting with her first. A surprise should be sending over her favorite pizza when you know she’s too pooped after your encounter to cook or something just as nice and unexpected.
  10. Attempt to make her life with you as easy as possible. If you know that she will be taking a cab home from your place or hotel room, pay her cab fare back while you arrange for her ride to show up. (Booking a car for her in place of a cab is a nice touch, too.) If you know she has booked herself solid all evening and hasn’t had time for dinner, bring take-out along with you to your booking. Go out of your way to help her out in little ways that make her feel like you care and are thinking about her welfare. However, avoid over stepping boundaries that are there to keep your relationship with her professional. Don’t offer to help her rearrange her living room, drive her to see her sick sister 100 miles away or drop off her dry cleaning.
  11. Share a unique story or details about yourself to help her remember you. Tell her that you were once a professional hang glider, tried out for major league baseball or have a stamp worth $20,000. Find some unique fact about yourself that makes you interesting or different from others. Maybe you can chop carrots better than a professional chef or have mad bicycle skills. Whatever it is that you can do or know, explain it to her. Avoid telling her your unique fact in a boastful, arrogant way. Fess up to it like it’s a bit embarrassing or humbling, along with asking her if she has any unknown facts about herself that make her more unique. Even if she can’t remember your name, she will certainly recall your story, which means she knows who you are. Win!