12 things to understand before submitting your offbeat request to an escort

Fantasies run rampant as clients and customers attempt to schedule time with adult services providers. They take advantage of the opportunity to delve deep into their inner desires and dig up the one thing they are pretty sure they won’t be able to get a partner to do… ever.

Their requests run the gamut from acceptable to moderately weird to “not in a THOUSAND YEARS!” But, before these fantasies are asked for, customers and clients should recognize what goes into making them realities. There are several considerations to be made when a special request is submitted:

  1. The requests must be precisely formulated, and this takes extra effort. Even though a client may not think that his request is overly complicated, any desire that is beyond the standard services provided does take some extra time to make it work. For instance, if a client requests food play during an escort encounter, grocery shopping is involved to ensure that the “appropriate” food is available for some fun. If a party gig wants a couple of exotic dancers to wrestle in Jell-O, there’s a lot of prep work and time involved to pull that off. Anything beyond the usual session is something that will cause extra effort by the adult entertainment provider. Some requests are much easier than others, but all of them demand attention and some work to accomplish for clients. When clients ask for something special, they should realize that the provider has to take into account the time required to make their request happen, before accepting or declining the opportunity.
  2. A simple request may not be simple. When clients ask for something “different,” but don’t include any particulars, it’s especially challenging to come up with the activity that is just right. But, it’s fairly common that customers expect their provider to use their imagination to come up with something exciting, new and exhilarating. Even if you propose a great, new adventure, an adult services provider may have to do some brainstorming to figure out the best way to fulfill your request. For example, delivering a role-play experience that might include hard-to-find costumes requires either finding something suitable online or creating her own. If you explain that you’d like to engage in baby oil wrestling, perhaps, she has to figure out the best way to set up for this, to make the least mess possible (for both of you!). Any time that you make a special request, she has to use her ingenuity to create an experience that is functional and enjoyable. It’s not always easy.
  3. There may be physical considerations or consequences. It’s pretty rare that an offbeat request doesn’t have some sort of after effects that need to be calculated into the picture of whether it will work or not. Some fetish activities leave physical marks that are very telling of what you’ve been up to. Hickey giving, spanking or nipple clamps, for example, leave physical mars on the body. If a client is the subject of these things, he needs to know that his partner may notice these effects on his body. If the customer wants to impose these things on his provider, she has to be able to disguise the marks from other customers. Additionally, some substances used intimately may cause irritation in sensitive areas. And, body paint, which is sometimes in high demand, may leave a rash on the body, if an allergy to it exists. These kinds of effects from these requests need to be factored in as they are considered by both the provider and the customers.
  4. Think about the cleanup. Some requests are just messy! If your request involves baby oil, paint, food, water/hard sports or anything else that isn’t especially “neat,” your provider is stuck with clean up. Despite her best efforts to keep everything confined to one easy-to-clean location/area, messes invariably spread to unprepared areas. Even if she lays down a tarp or attempts to limit your fun to the kitchen/bathroom/etc., it may get beyond her control, leaving her more of a disaster area than planned. If you’re visiting an escort for an encounter at her incall, she has to be sure to clean everything up before she can see her next client. This has a huge impact on her schedule. If you’re engaging in some fun at a hotel, you may be charged for damages if you leave the room/suite in too much of a mess. And, you have to clean up, too. If you’ve got whipped cream all over you, a shower will be in order before you can get dressed to go home. This time for a bath has to be factored into the time she’s booked to spend with you. Cleaning up may have a big effect on your request.
  5. Prepare to cough up. Many requests are not without certain props that make them more fun. If you’re booking time with an escort and want certain toys, costumes or other items, those things aren’t free, unless she already has them. Food play requires the purchase of groceries. Experimenting with body paint, requires painting supplies. Regardless of your request, there are probably expenses associated with it. Your adult services provider will incur these costs, unless she requires you to buy the “extras” required for the fun you’ve asked for. Don’t be surprised if she relies on you to bring the props and extras that you want incorporated into your time with her. Many providers feel that if it’s important enough for you to ask for it, it’s a priority for you to provide the items. If you’re not willing to participate in supplying the props, don’t ask for the special activity.
  6. Transporting crazy props and supplies is a drag. Adult services providers bring a lot of supplies with them to their gigs. Escorts usually have a bag with them that includes some toys, lube, wipes, condoms, etc. Dancers bring their costumes, music and any props that “make” their act. Erotic massage therapists usually bring their portable tables, oils and any other supplies they need. These items, alone, are challenging to lug around to their appointments with you. But, when you ask for them to provide other crazy activities, it requires even MORE items for them to pack up to bring. Many adult services providers are not big fans of lugging around extra stuff for a brief session with you. They have their basics they carry with them, which they are accustomed to, but they don’t really desire to have to remember to bring other things. Customers should simplify their requests, if possible, to reduce the number of extra supplies required. Additionally, when an escort or dancer has to carry in two or three bags of props and other items, it reduces her ability to discreetly enter a hotel or other establishment. It draws attention, which is definitely not your intention or wish.
  7. Weird requests may flag you as a timewaster. Escorts, exotic dancers and web cammers, in particular, find that the most off-the-wall requests result in timewasters. Would-be customers think it’s funny to ask for crazy services, expecting a provider to prepare the experience, only to be stood up. What these timewasters rarely realize is that the provider usually identifies them quickly as not following through on their request and won’t hold their time, little lone prep for the activity. If you’ve booked an encounter, private dance or other activity with a provider and have requested a really unique experience, you may need to verify your intentions through a follow-up call or something else requested by the provider. They don’t like to be taken advantage of, nor do they want to waste their time. Jump through any hoops asked of you to prove that you’re serious.
  8. Special requests are not the norm. Special requests are just that: special. Adult services providers intend to offer standard services to clients and customers. Of course, every experience is personalized for the favor of that customer, but activities offered are usually within a standard array of fun. However, some clients and customers seem to think if you’re willing to do it once, they can ask repeatedly. They eventually will expect something new, different and adventurous every time. This is incredibly taxing on any provider, not to mention expensive and time consuming. If a customer asks for special things every time he contacts a provider, he may expect to be blocked from future communications. Or, he may be referred to a new provider. While it’s certainly ok for a customer to ask for new things, the requests should be kept within reason and not require extensive variance from the usual policies and fun.
  9. There is a difference between asking and demanding. There’s an old saying, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” This is precisely true when thinking of making a request of a provider for something special and different. Customers should ask nicely and with appreciation and gratitude. Nobody should ask with an entitled attitude or tone. And, customers should never expect for a provider to offer unique services, just because extra money is involved. Providers offer extra activities to clients, because they want to. Not because they are told to. It’s their choice, and they should never be ordered to do anything. Customers who delegate to providers what they want will not be tolerated. However, those clients and customers who ask nicely may have their requests entertained.
  10. You can get “No” for an answer just as easily. Just like when asking a partner to engage in some different activities, a provider may decline the invitation to participate. Often, a provider may not have an open mind for the activity suggested. However, it doesn’t always mean that. Sometimes, a provider’s schedule just doesn’t fit with the requested fun for the time booked. Other times, an activity has effects that just don’t align with other things the provider has going. (For instance — she may not be able to provide a foot fetish complete with high heels if she has a sprained ankle.) Many times, new clients are turned down for unique services. If a customer has never worked with a dancer or escort before, she’s likely to say no to something that goes beyond her usual activities. Customers shouldn’t be hurt or insulted by a request being denied. Usually an explanation accompanies the declination, which may give hope to future requests.
  11. Clients should read the escort’s rules ahead of time. There are times that a client/customer asks for something that is strictly prohibited in a provider’s profile, rules, etc. When this happens, he could save himself the time and frustration by noticing ahead of time that he will be denied. There is usually a considerable amount of helpful information included in a provider’s details, which may include how open minded they are to requests. If a customer asks for something that is clearly stipulated as not part of the services provided, it won’t even be considered. Customers are certainly benefited by reading this verbiage to determine if they have a chance of getting their request accepted.
  12. Something special can be asked of you as well. Certain activities may require that the client do some homework. For instance, if a client desires to engage in anal play, he may have to do a thorough rectal clean-out before getting deeply involved in the activity. When a client really wants oral intercourse, it’s wise to trim up the nether regions. If a client wants to do a role play activity, he may required to find his own costume. If a customer is holding a stag party, he may have to screen invited guests or act as bouncer for an exotic dancer. Depending on the provider and the particular activity desired, customers may have to work for the special request. It’s not a given that a provider will just pony up for any activity. And, if a customer isn’t willing to step up to the plate and take some responsibility for the request, it may not be granted.