12 life lessons that the world can learn from escorts

Successful escorts have to wear many hats: small business owners, seductresses, marketing experts, psychologists or counselors, bookkeepers, massage therapists, customer service specialists, sex kittens, web designers, logistics coordinators and office administrators. They learn a lot about human nature, sex, relationships, discretion, communication and business.

They face discrimination every day. And at the same time, are complimented and admired by each client they see. Many lead double lives and maintain traditional relationships and families that appear white-picket-fence normal.

Because escorts experience so many aspects of life, they learn a lot about it along the way. Society often discounts this group and fails to recognize their abilities and expertise among many topics, in addition to sex. People judge harshly and refuse to recognize that escorts are skilled in many ways, which gives them more wisdom than they are ever given credit for.

Why settle on an unsexy teacher, if you can have a sexy one?If the public would listen, escorts have many lessons they could teach the rest of the world about life. Here are the top 12 things escorts can share about life:

  1. Listen to people to make them feel special. Often, people in relationships that go badly often say they didn’t have a clue that their partners were unhappy. However, odds are that they never listened and really heard what their partners were saying. When you’re involved with someone, it’s easy to let life get in the way and distract you from each other. Maybe you’re not interested in the mundane details of his or her day or the funny joke told at lunch, but the effort that you’re taking to listen to your partner doesn’t go unnoticed. Not being listened to or truly heard is one of the top complaints made by people in broken relationships. Clients often share tales of woe about never being listened to by their wives. Escorts are privy not only to mundane details of a client’s day, but also to his thoughts, fears and fantasies that he doesn’t feel anyone else has time or desire to listen to. Escorts who listen to and respond to their clients get repeat business time and time, again, simply because clients crave the attention and sense of being important to someone. Listening doesn’t cost anything, and its benefits are priceless.
  2. A little affection goes a long way to making a connection. The human touch is necessary for healthy survival, as evidenced many times through scientific research. Through gentle touch, we exhibit affection and caring for others. In relationships, a gentle touch on the hAnd face or shoulder often demonstrates that we are concerned for someone else. Escorts hear stories from clients all the time about how their partners never touch them or exhibit any affection. Relationships need this to survive; a quick good-morning kiss, a hello hug or a light brush of the hand can demonstrate to someone who feels taken for granted that you appreciate him or her in your life. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it cements bonds that may weaken otherwise. Don’t be afraid to touch other people. It’s part of what makes us human, and an innocent, well-intentioned touch may help make the difference between feeling unloved and knowing that you’re appreciated.
  3. Pay attention to your gut. While most people don’t have a “sixth sense”, they do sometimes have a premonition of good or bad situations. Escorts rely on their instincts each time they see a client. They make judgment calls all the time about whether a client is a safe or dangerous risk. They venture to questionable neighborhoods, residences and hotel rooms. They have to trust their instincts for some insight as they venture out on jobs. After awhile, they develop the ability to gauge their own safety. Other situations in life can be assisted by using your natural instincts, too. People should pay attention to foreboding feelings they get or good anticipatory butterflies they feel prior to events or activities. And while you shouldn’t only pay attention to your gut (because anxiety could be simply stage fright or fear of the unknown), it does pay off sometimes to use it as an awareness factor. If things just don’t feel right about a situation, it may alert you to pay attention to your surroundings or what you’re doing. At work, it could help you catch a mistake that your subconscious noticed. Paying attention to your instincts could alert you to the fact that you dropped your phone or that someone is following you, depending on what you’re doing and where you’re going. Don’t shrug off feelings if they are strong. Your subconscious often notices things that your conscious mind doesn’t alert you to. Allow yourself time to notice what your instincts are trying to tell you.
  4. Don’t compromise your personal boundaries or beliefs. Many clients attempt to push an escort’s boundaries by asking for services that she does not provide during encounters. Whether it’s a request for unprotected intimacies or engaging in a specifically refused intimate act, escorts are regularly pushed to back down from the limitations they set for encounters. Clients sometimes think they can talk an escort into doing something beyond her comfort level by simply offering more money or making threats. Escorts stick to their guns and refuse to back down. More people should be like that in their traditional lives. Too many people are influenced by others to engage in activities or behavior that doesn’t align with their personal standards. Through promises of money, peer-pressure or other efforts, people are talked into compromising their personal beliefs all the time. Stand up for what you believe in and refuse to be influenced otherwise.
  5. Know that you are valuable. Despite society’s constant attempts to convince them otherwise, escorts have high levels of self-esteem and self-worth. They know they are intelligent, beautiful and worthy of good treatment, not only from their clients, but from others in their lives, too. They are proud of how hard they work, what they accomplish and the skills they possess. In other words, they are extremely happy with who they are. Everyone should be more like this. Everyone has flaws, but even so, everybody is worth love, affection, appreciation and respect. Regardless of your social stature, income, race, religion, appearance, intelligence or anything else, you deserve and should expect good treatment from others. Building self-worth and confidence is necessary to being a happy individual, and everyone deserves to feel good about himself. You should never let anyone bring you down; value yourself so that others will, too.
  6. There are basic signs that anyone can recognize that his or her partner is cheating. Escorts advise clients regularly on discretion, including tips about clearing browsing and phone call histories, making up simple excuses for time away and always being vague about commitments. After seeing client after client who fails to stay true to their partners, escorts can easily tell when someone is cheating. Advice that the rest of the world should heed to catch a cheater includes:
    • Be suspicious if your spouse begins spending lots of time (more than usual) on his phone or computer.
    • Know something is up if your spouse hides or shuts down his computer when you come into the room.
    • Be aware that your spouse may be fooling you when he claims to be away on business, especially if his travel plans seem sudden or different than usual. Working late is also a traditional excuse that can be easily checked out.
    • Any changes in your partner could reveal their infidelity…such as appearance, moods, habits and affection. Sudden behavior modifications could indicate that something is going on…or is about to.
  7. Variety is the spice of life. One thing that escorts get in surplus is variety in their lives. From the diverse clients they see to the preferences demonstrated during encounters, escorts run the gamut in the activities they may engage in each day. And while predictability and consistency may be valuable in some degrees, spicing things up in your life creates passion. Escorts run into clients regularly who are wanting to add some variety in their lives. They are looking for something different from their norm, something that is new. It’s been said that variety is the spice of life, and it’s true for everyone. In relationships, stability and consistency are great. But the way in which you engage with one another can become stagnant unless you shake things up once in awhile. When clients see escorts, they may ask for something that is different than they get from their partners. (They are afraid to ask their partners for something different, for fear that they will be turned down.) Resist the urge to say no to a bit of experimentation or variety in your life. Consider wearing a new fragrance or taking a new way to work. A new sexual position with your spouse can be fun, without requiring too much variance from your comfort zone. Embrace the variety that your life can offer; it might just inject a bit of fun into your life.
  8. Adventure is sexy. Clients sometimes see escorts, because they get a thrill from the secrecy, forbiddenness and risks associated with an encounter. The adrenaline rush they get from the entire encounter is as good as the climax they may experience during intimacy. In life, adventure is good, too. Take some risks, step out of your comfort zone and tempt fate by participating in something exciting. Venture to a new city or out on a road trip with no definite destination with your partner. Consider sky diving or just driving your car a bit above the speed limit. Allowing life to take its own twists and turns can be enlightening, stress-reducing and fun. Let go of your everyday norms and enjoy what life has to offer. It can create strong bonds between you and your partner, in addition to bringing a smile to your lips. And often, it can put your partner into a new light that you find incredibly sexy.
  9. People always think the worst. Despite their self-confidence and high self-worth, escorts experience discrimination, judgment and negative stigma everywhere they go. Media, society, religion and the general public stereotype escorts as drug-addicted, diseased, mentally ill women who have been exploited into prostitution. They are either victims or completely void of morals, according to general beliefs. The industry’s attempts to humanize escorts still lacks power and strong enough voices to be heard. And they’ve learned the lesson over time, that people generally think the worst of others. Blame and judgment are heavily handed down to anyone who is different or resists cultural norms. This stigma may be placed upon those with tattoos, workers at fast food restaurants, the homeless and any others that society decides it doesn’t like. It doesn’t really matter who you are talking about, the general public likes a scandal much more than they appreciate good news. As a result, it’s best to know that people generally think the worst. If they don’t know your story or situation, they will automatically assume the worst scenario for you. Disappointment is natural, but realization is necessary to overcome the pressures of an overly judgmental public. Don’t always believe what everybody says or what you hear; get the real story for yourself.
  10. Appearance really does matter. For years, your mother or teachers may have told that you should dress nicely in order to be taken seriously. And even though you want to believe that you are just as smart and able regardless of your attire or hairstyle, others won’t believe in you if you don’t attempt to look accomplished and pulled together. First impressions are essential in life, and your appearance is the key to a good one. Escorts who enter high-end hotels while wearing designer clothing, expensive accessories, appropriate make up and modern hairstyles are usually accepted and welcomed. However, a streetwalker who intends to service a client and enters the same hotel wearing skimpy attire and trashy make-up will be judged harshly and asked to leave. Your appearance can open doors for you and gain you acceptance. Attempt to always look the part; convincing others you are capable of success is half the battle won.
  11. Ask for what you want. Too many couples dance around what they want and expect from each other. Escorts and clients have successful relationships, because clients indicate what they want, and escorts reply with what they will supply in return. If couples would simply talk to one another, they might find that they have more common ground than they think. Instead, they complain to their friends (and escorts) about how they don’t get what they want or need from their partners. Speak up and say what you want. Your partner isn’t a mind-reader, and he can’t be expected to anticipate what you want or need, despite how well he knows you. Make it easier on both of you and simply talk about your expectations and hopes. And if you have a fantasy you really want to explore, share it with your partner. Most times, if a partner is aware of your wishes, he or she will attempt to oblige.
  12. Make time for the good stuff in your life. Escorts see busy professionals making time for their own needs regularly through booking encounters with them. However, many people don’t make time for their families, friends and selves in life. Successful escorts try to block out time that is exclusively reserved for their personal lives. They spend time with their children, relatives and friends. Taking time for the good stuff in your life is imperative to enjoying yourself and maintaining mental health. Prioritize what’s important to you and schedule time for the significant people in your life. Time passes quickly, and if you don’t make attempts to spend time doing what you love, life will pass you by.