12 reasons why escorts deserve more trust than many other professionals

In a recent survey by Australia’s Reader’s Digest, it was reported that sex workers are considered more trustworthy than – surprise, surprise! – politicians or salesmen. In today’s age of corruption, it’s really no wonder that many professions are perceived as untruthful and unreliable. What is somewhat surprising though is that no matter how bad a stigma the opinion managers try to associate with escorts, they fail miserably on the issue of trust.

Naked Truth carrying a torchHere are the reasons why people trust escorts:

  1. Escorts charge openly. Money saves us all from guessing the real motives behind a person’s actions. Unlike politicians who claim to represent you purely because they empathize with your aspirations, escorts never pretend to be in it for anything other than the money. They let you know the exact amount on the first contact. You don’t like the price – keep your money and keep looking. Try that with a politician.
  2. An escort has no reason to lie. She is a business woman working to make a successful career. Not only is she an entrepreneur, but she is also smart and talented. She doesn’t have to tell lies in order to attract you as a client. She is very straight-forward about the type of encounter you can expect from her, possibly providing details in a profile on a directory site or through information given on her own website. Escorts charge a standard rate for their time. What you see is what you get with an escort. She wants to conduct a business transaction that is mutually beneficial; what advantage will she get from lying to you?
  3. Being truthful lays a foundation for successful negotiations that lead to a booked encounter. While some sales professionals may jerk their clients around in order to make a sale, escorts simply want to streamline the process. When communications are smooth and simple, business is much easier to conduct. When an escort may communicate with several prospective clients in order to book a single encounter, she doesn’t want to create many different lies as ways to entice her clients. (Remembering these lies would be impossible!) She simply wants to lay the information out there for a client and encourage him to book an encounter. The process should be as uncomplicated as possible; telling the truth is the most direct way to ensure lack of confusion on all parts.
  4. Escorts are interested in client retention. Clients are very unlikely to return to an escort who has lied to them. Escorts are aware of this. Because it’s much easier to retain clients than it is to attract new ones, your escort does not want to run you off due to an untruth she’s allowed you to believe. Consistency and continuity are elements that escorts attempt to incorporate into all dealings with clients. They want their clients to know what to expect and trust that the escort has their best interests in mind. This can only be accomplished through being truthful and trustworthy.
  5. Your escort has much to lose by being untruthful as you do. Mutual discretion is key to a successful escort/client relationship. You both rely on each other to keep your rendezvous secret, never talk about the existence of your relationship or share details about what happens during a typical encounter. She never wants to make a client feel as though he’s been lied to, fearing his anger might cause him to retaliate against her by outing her to friends and family or reporting her to police. She experiences many risks in her career, and facing retribution from a deceived client is not something she wants to add to that long list.
  6. Escorts hate liars. Working in an industry where clients habitually lie about who they are, their professions, relationship status, sexual health and anything else they seem to want to be deceitful about taints escorts against untruthful people. They are extra sensitive to persons who intentionally lie to them. As a result, escorts are often extra cautious to ensure that clients never feel they’ve been deceived or mislead. Honesty is something that escorts value. And, because they are often judged unfairly and harshly by society and the media, escorts are constantly fighting a battle for respect. They don’t want to do anything to jeopardize their good reputations or bring themselves down to the levels of people they have no use for.
  7. Escorts are excellent at discretion. After working in the industry, they have learned the precautions that must be taken in order to stay safe, out of jail and healthy. They also know what actions to take (and which ones not to take) to keep secrets confidential. If an escort gives you specific instructions about your encounter with her, you should follow them without question. If she tells you to park around the block when going to her incall, you should do so. Other than protecting her own image in the neighborhood, she might be protecting your car from getting towed or stuck after the snow plow goes by. She knows the ins and outs of what works to make your encounter with her successful; pay attention to her and trust that she knows best. Her directions will likely keep you out of trouble with both the law and your family.
  8. Escorts don’t want you to get caught. Clients who get caught by law enforcement for illegal activities are serious liabilities to an escort. When a client is arrested, he is pressured to give up information about any escorts he sees and how to contact them. Before long, Johnny Law is knocking on her door with questions. Additionally, clients who are found out by their family members, spouses or friends face repercussions that are uncomfortable for them, but are sometimes difficult for an escort, too. Angry, hurt spouses often call an escort with outrageous accusations, criticism and ridicule. The media sometimes gets involved, which erupts in everybody’s identities being shared, upending all efforts at discretion. And, escorts don’t want you to get caught, simply, because they want to keep you as a client. By trusting your escort, you decrease the chances of getting caught.
  9. High-end escorts are rarely scam artists. If you’re seeing an “escort” (i.e. prostitute) who charges $25 for a quickie in the alley behind the pub you’re playing pool at, she might be a scam artist, pick pocket or criminal of any sorts. (She might not be, though.) But when you book encounters with escorts who charge mighty dollars for an hour at their incalls, meet up with you wearing upscale designer clothing and accessories and can spout romantic poetry from Keats, they are likely not going to try to scam you. These ladies are professionals with the highest standards, who wish to conduct business honestly and straightforwardly with the clients of the same standards.
  10. Escorts have the same values as you do. Believe it or not, they are people, too, just like your colleagues or wife. In fact, because she’s not emotionally involved with you or engaged in any other relationship with you, she may be one of the most honest people in your life. She will tell the truth and do her best to avoid omissions that could be considered deceitful. She will be up front with you about her expectations from the encounter and your relationship with her, in addition to avoiding misleading you in any way.
  11. Your escort trusts you. This, alone, is the best reason to trust your escort. Each and every time you communicate with or visit her during an encounter, your escort puts her faith in you that you will not hurt, deceive or take advantage of her in any way. She puts herself into a very vulnerable position with you as soon as you and she are alone, behind closed doors. An escort uses her instincts to gauge whether a client is a worthy risk. She assumes that, unless she discovers something that tells her otherwise, her clients are generally good people who just want some attention. As her client, you shouldn’t read anything into her questions about your identity or anything else she asks. Don’t assume that she’s lying to you about why she needs to know specific information or asks you to do something in a particular way. Know that mutual trust and respect are required for a quality escort/client relationship that withstands more than one encounter.
  12. Know that white lies and innocent exaggeration are good for your encounter. When you visit with your escort, you aren’t looking for criticism or suggestions about your love-making technique, cologne or anything else. Seeing an escort is often a self-esteem boosting experience for clients, partially because escorts praise their passion and compliment their good looks. If you catch your escort telling you what could be classified as a white lie in order to make you feel good, be flattered. Know that she likes you enough to try to make you feel better about yourself. Take her compliment and store it up for a time when you need some support later. Don’t automatically judge an escort for overdoing the compliment thing, either. Even though some skeptics might be suspicious of an escort who is overly nice to him and suspect that she wants something, you shouldn’t be this way. Find a way to appreciate the moment and bask in her attention and affection. After all, your encounter will be over soon and reality will set back in all too quickly.