12 reasons why escorts use the YMMV policy

The escort industry is a service-oriented profession where providers give clients their time and companionship. How that time and companionship is applied during each and every encounter varies greatly from client to client depending on many factors. As a result, clients who hire escorts should realize that they are getting services from a YMMV industry.

YMMV stands for “Your Mileage May Vary” and means that the activities and pleasures derived from an encounter may differ from those obtained by another client, although the same outcome is desired: client satisfaction

However, some clients object to the fact that others may get more affection or special privileges than they do. They contend that if they go to a restaurant, each customer should receive the same level of attention and service. But, what clients who feel this way don’t realize is that some customers want more/less attention, others require more assistance and some get preferential treatment because they have achieved VIP status.

In order to understand the YMMV policy, clients should consider several factors that determine how escorts deliver their time and services to them:

  1. The YMMV policy gets applied the majority of the time because each encounter takes on a life of its own. Every client is different, and an escort, herself, doesn’t always know exactly what to expect from each booking. Just like an attorney or doctor may visit with clients or patients, learning about their different needs, some appointments are easy ones that seem quite routine, while others require more preparation and dedication during the actual time. Escorts experience the same thing with their clients. And, while some clients may feel that an encounter is encounter, regardless who is it with, they are quite wrong. Escorts personalize their services for the client’s needs, requests, demeanor and other factors, such as location, length of time reserved, abilities, preferences and other guidelines that influence how time and activities will play out.
  2. Escorts apply the same general rules and boundaries for each client. Although they may employ the YMMV policy, clients are subjected to the same guidelines across the board. The same boundaries are applicable to every client who books an encounter. If anal sex is prohibited with one, it’s not allowed with anyone. Most escorts provide specific details about what they do not provide and include those as personal boundaries in their profile listings or information that you receive as you book time with them. If an escort requires that her clients pay her by using a manila envelope, for example, all must obey those rules. In other words, even though the escort industry is dominated by the YMMV principle, the guidelines and rules that escorts operate under are universal for every client an escort sees. She charges everyone the same rates, prohibits the same activities for all clients and requires other rules be followed. Often, these rules include methods of contacting her, minimum booking periods, minimum notice for encounters and screening guidelines.
  3. A client’s good manners and generally pleasant demeanor may earn him more “mileage” with his escort. Nobody wants to spend time with people who are rude, discourteous or negative. Clients who demonstrate that they can act courteously and apply their manners will gain far more positive attention during an encounter than one who chooses to act unpleasantly. Escorts are happy to indulge in encounters with clients who make time pass quickly, because it’s not a chore to be around them. Clients who act as though they enjoy time with the escort provide positive feedback that an escort can use to further make the encounter enjoyable. If you suspect that you act sourly or have a bad disposition during your encounters, attempting to correct it may benefit you greatly in terms of the enthusiasm and pleasure you receive from the booking. Escorts appreciate clients who are nice to them and treat them with respect. They reciprocate by attempting to go the extra mile for clients.
  4. In keeping with being polite, clients who make an effort to pleasure an escort, will generally find that their provider will reciprocate their efforts. If you’ve booked your female provider for a 1 hour or longer session, since women typically take longer to warm up than males, starting off by giving her a slow massage can help her get in the mood, and can pay off handsomely a little later in the session. You can find some tips on how to erotically massage a women here.
  5. Clients who are easy to get along with and can follow instructions find advantages with escorts. When an escort provides specific instructions about how she wants to be contacted, how to pay her or methods to use when you get to her incall location, she wants you to follow them. If you don’t follow them, it makes it harder for her to do her job, along with making it more difficult for to see you in a favorable light. Escorts are automatically happier with clients who abide by their directions and pay attention to what they say. And, even though clients sometimes have special circumstances that require allowances or extra planning, being easy to get along with is a feather in your cap as a client. Escorts like being able to explain their availability and have a client easily book an encounter from their open appointments. Clients who require extra attention to simply book time are extra work, and escorts often anticipate these kinds of clients to require more special attention than others. Being easy to work with and able/willing to follow her lead is a way to work your way onto an escort’s “favorites” list.
  6. Discretion is key to getting in an escort’s good graces. An escort doesn’t like a client who blabs to his brother-in-law, old college roommate or corporate colleague about the nympho escort he “banged” last night. Nor, does she like the client who fails to erase evidence of their communications from his cell phone, tablet or PC at work. And, she especially doesn’t enjoy the client who can’t understand her requests about being discreet when he comes to see her in order to avoid blowing her cover, too. Clients who fail to pass the discretion test will never be given any special privileges beyond the very most basic services that an escort allows. She will never go above and beyond to prepare for a special encounter or participate in any new or different activities with him as an experiment. She just won’t do it, because she can’t trust that he will remain discreet about her activities with him. In fact, a client who can’t maintain discretion may not remain a client very long with some escorts.
  7. A client’s endurance or performance levels may provide opportunities for different services than other clients get during an encounter. An escort may pleasure a client several times during a typical booking, if a client’s libido is extremely strong. However, another client who books time with her might only get one climax during the same amount of time, especially if he had difficulty reaching orgasm once. It all depends on the client and his endurance and sex drive. Some clients can get going immediately after reaching orgasm, while others are done for a few hours. These clients usually receive other forms of affection that are less sexual. Clients with strong endurance and sex drives may request a porn star experience (PSE) from some providers, which is a different type of encounter than others may desire due to the inability to take advantage of it. Clients shouldn’t be worried about what type of services they are missing out on, as long as they leave satisfied and happy after each encounter with their escort.
  8. Client preferences often drive the type of encounter an escort provides. Some clients want to engage in role-play games as a way to lead into the encounter. Others want to get a sensual massage. Some clients want to snuggle and cuddle with an escort, as a way to bond and get some affection. No client will receive the exact same encounter as another, due to the fact that they each have individual preferences. Escorts are dutiful to being sensitive to what their clients want. As a result, escorts attempt to create the type of encounter that will please a client. Comparing the type of encounter you receive from an escort to another’s experience is completely unfair and unreasonable. Because you don’t know exactly the differences between what you requested and what the other client asked for, a fair comparison can’t be made. Because clients are individuals, their encounters will vary.
  9. Time constraints often influence the type of encounter a client receives. When a client books a longer appointment with an escort, his options are more open about the types of services he may expect during his encounter. With more time to spare, an escort can do more things with a client. However, clients who only book an hour are going to be much more limited about what can occur during their time. Due to having to undress, shower and dress, again, after the intimacy occurs during a meeting, a client may only have 40 minutes of “real” time with his escort. That seriously limits the activities that can occur. It’s difficult to sneak in role-play, fetish experimentation, sensual massage, sexual intercourse and any other fun stuff all into a time period that equals less than an hour. It’s just not possible. Clients need to expect that their encounter will be controlled by the time period they book. If they want more freedom to explore an escort’s companionship, they should book longer sessions with her.
  10. Booking an incall or an outcall may limit the encounter to specific activities. If you expect an escort to provide extensive role-play outfits, a large supply of sex toys or other accessories that make the encounter more exciting, it might be best to schedule an incall with her. By requiring that she come to your place, you could be inadvertently putting the kabosh on your fun. Most escorts don’t like to travel across town or to other locations while dragging around a heavy bag of sex-related items. Not only is it inconvenient, but it also attracts attention, depending on where your outcall location is. Lugging around these types of items is also cumbersome, preventing her from looking her best as she arrives at your place. If you only want a costume or two, an escort will probably provide this. But, if you want an extensive choice of options, you should consider going to her place. Additionally, some activities may not be suitable for your location. If you want a bondage session, she may already have the perfect location set up in her incall. It’s best to take her advice about how to achieve your most preferred encounter.
  11. Sometimes, all it takes is asking in order to get more from your encounter. Often, miscommunication occurs between a client and an escort about what is really desired from a booking, especially when a client is a regular. Unless otherwise specified, an escort may just assume that her client wants the same type of encounter as previously experienced. However, a client may want to change it up, but is afraid to mention it. Escorts, unfortunately, aren’t mind readers. They need you to tell them what you want. And, if you suspect that your request might be off limits, ask anyways. You don’t know until you ask about something. (However, if your request is specifically mentioned as a personal boundary, do not waste your time trying to talk your escort into it.) Feel free to provide details to your escort about what you’d like to engage in, but keep in mind that she is an escort who provides her companionship. Whatever she decides to do with you beyond just spending time is a matter between consenting adults. You are not paying for intercourse, bondage or other specific acts.
  12. Don’t ask an escort about what you’re not getting. Being jealous about what you think others are getting from her isn’t becoming, nor will it earn you any brownie points with your escort. Inquiring about what she did with a richer, better looking client is just going to make you look petty. Trying to find out details about the activities she engaged in with someone else is none of your business. If you suspect that you’re not getting everything you’re paying for, express your dissatisfaction. If you think of other activities you’d like to try, ask for them. If you feel that you are not receiving the level of service that you expect, explain your concerns and attempt to negotiate a resolution. But, under any circumstances, do not compare your encounters with others. They are simply not comparable.
  13. Clients get what they give. Escorts often mirror the level of enthusiasm, courtesy and passion that their clients give them. Provide positive feedback, pleasant experiences and good times to your escort, and she will appreciate you back with mind-blowing encounters.