12 simple hints to help you impress your escort

Clients normally want to make a good first impression with an escort, but, often, they fail to put their best feet forward when showing up for that initial encounter. Escorts see a little bit of everything, so it’s difficult to completely offend them. However, some clients succeed in really putting them off and making them dread time scheduled for encounters with difficult or unpleasant clients. With just a little self-reflection and efforts to be on best behavior, nearly any client can accomplish pulling off a good first impression.

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It may be harder for some than others, but establishing a good first impression doesn’t have to entail having a charming or irresistible personality. Good looks, wealth or being highly cultured doesn’t guarantee a positive first meeting. However, following these simple guidelines can ensure you’re on the right path to presenting yourself in a way that will make an escort think highly of you:

  1. Well spoken clients get brownie points from the very beginning. When an escort begins communicating with a client over the telephone or through email messages, she starts to form an image of him in her head. While she may have seen pictures he has sent, the image is most influenced by the way he communicates and relays his thoughts to her. Even though escorts don’t usually encourage or have time for lengthy email or phone exchanges prior to a first encounter (or afterward, for that matter), they appreciate a client who can casually visit and segue way into talking about business matters. Being able to ask direct, clear questions, while still being pleasant and personable demonstrates skill on the part of the client, which an escort definitely appreciates. Do your best to speak and write well. Being nervous or unsure of yourself can certainly influence your eloquence, but realize that as you communicate better to your escort, she will respond even more positively.
  2. Dress appropriately for your first (and all subsequent) meetings with an escort. Unless you’ve cleared it past your escort first, it’s never acceptable to show up at her door in your workout gear, sweaty from your recent jog. Respect your escort by arriving looking nicely groomed and dressed. Jeans are acceptable, but don’t show up in your ball cap, grungy t-shirt from college and ripped-up cargo pants. If you expect her to look her best for you, the least you can do is to show up looking nice. Escorts will quickly size a client up according to his attire. She notices brands, fashion sense and personal pride by the way a man dresses. If you come to her incall dressed like a street bum, her attitude about you will be that you don’t respect yourself, so you probably won’t respect her, either. If you want to make a great first impression, pay attention to what you wear and attempt to look decent.
  3. Demonstrate your intelligence for an overall good first impression. Escorts respect smart clients. They appreciate knowing that a client has some brains and might be up for an intellectual conversation or some fun banter. However, going overboard with the brainiac tricks can backfire. Going too far by displaying your smarts may cause your escort to consider you a nerd, or she might just think you are pompous and need to get over yourself. It’s one thing to demonstrate your intelligence through common sense or stories about how you’ve talked your way out of problems, but it’s a completely different story if you share anecdotes that put others down for their lack of IQ points. Comparing yourself to others who aren’t as gifted or speaking condescendingly of others won’t earn you any appreciation. But, if your smarts come out through discussing your background or career choice, your escort will not only respect you for your brains, but she will also admire your humility.
  4. Maintain comfortable eye contact with your escort. Even if your escort has a beautiful set of “double D’s” and it’s all you notice when you first meet her, keep your eyes pointed upward toward hers. Eye contact demonstrates that you care about making contact with and communicating with her. If you allow your eyes to wander to her chest or other nether regions, it indicates that you are not really interested in her, but in her body, only. And, while escorts realize that men are visual creatures and that clients hire them because of their physical attributes, it’s nice to think that maybe a client isn’t just into their looks. Giving eye contact is a way to focus on your escort and show that you care about what she’s saying, not just what she’s doing. However, be careful to maintain eye contact at a comfortable level. If you have to struggle to look her in the eye or if begins to seem excessive, it probably is inappropriate. Too much eye contact can be creepy, so try to keep it at normal levels.
  5. Smile when you meet your escort. Regardless if whether she’s what you expected or not, smile at her. Your escort has taken time out of her day to meet up with you and spend some time making you feel terrific. The least that you can do is to smile. Additionally, a smile indicates that you are happy to be there, comfortable and are ready to enjoy the experience. Also, a smile is contagious. With your one smile, she will smile in return, creating a mutually friendly beginning to your relationship with her. Genuine smiles spread to the eyes and demonstrate that you are actually a really good guy…which helps an escort feel comfortable with the upcoming encounter. (Believe it or not, escorts can feel a little nervous about meeting clients, too.)
  6. Show that you have a sense of humor. It’s long been said that laughter is the best medicine, and it’s also the best icebreaker known to mankind. It’s true that the initial meeting between an escort and her client can be awkward and uncomfortable. However, all of that nervousness and anxiety can be immediately alleviated by sharing a good laugh together. Crack a joke, laugh at yourself or poke fun (innocently) at something that occurred on your way to the encounter. Your sense of humor is a sure-fire way to relax the situation and encourages your escort to let her guard down a little. Escorts believe that clients who have senses of humor are easier going and more pleasant to spend time with. She will be relieved that you’re not a stuffed shirt and may look forward to many more encounters with you. But, use caution about how you use your sense of humor. Do not ever maliciously make fun or others or think it’s funny to look down on people who don’t meet up to your social stature. Additionally, avoid racist or political jokes, too. Some things are just not funny, especially since you don’t know your escort’s taste in humor.
  7. Demonstrate that you are considerate. While it’s certainly not necessary to bring an escort flowers or other gifts when you first meet her, it can be a sign that you appreciate her being willing to meet with you. Just like many men will bring a small bouquet on a first date, it’s a nice gesture and shows that you are considerate. Additionally, other ways to let your escort know you are a considerate human being is to work with her schedule as you attempt to book an encounter. Sometimes, it’s difficult to coincide availabilities, so it really means something when you are able to juggle your schedule to make things easier for her. Other ways to be considerate is to make sure the temperature at your place is comfortable for her when she comes over, offer her a beverage or other refreshment and ensure that she is up for the encounter as she arrives. Escorts like to know that their clients care about their general welfare.
  8. Do your research prior to the encounter. Even though you may have only skimmed an escort’s profile when you booked the encounter with her, go back and read it closely before meeting her. Be able to pull out one or two important elements in it and incorporate them into small talk or other aspects of the encounter. Comment on her favorite team, alma mater or hobby. Bring up something she mentions in her profile as a topic of conversation. Let her know subtly that you’ve read her information and retained some parts of it. This allows your escort to think that you made an effort to get to know her, which carries over that she is willing to try to get to know you, too. (And, she may be open to going above and beyond for your interests, eventually.) But, don’t be creepy about reciting her profile information word for word. Knowing too much information about her seems stalkerish. If you’ve discovered other information about her on the web (such as her real name or other details), don’t bring it up. This will put you into the scary category, which you don’t want to be in. After you get to know her, it might be a helpful thing to mention that you were able to easily discover other details about her so that she can clean up her loose ends online.
  9. Avoid being judgmental. Even if you think a “nice girl” shouldn’t be in this kind of business, don’t tell her that. Your escort is very proud and is working at a legitimate career that earns her a better income than she could rake in at other more traditional jobs. Unless you suspect that she is working unwillingly as an escort, avoid the “you’re better than this” lecture. Don’t automatically stereotype her or assume she’s got an abusive or traumatic past. Your escort isn’t going to openly judge you and carry on about your lifestyle. Don’t judge hers. Be open minded about her abilities, talents and background. Ask pertinent questions, but don’t question her in a compromising or offensive fashion.
  10. Respect your escort’s personal space. It is probably true that later in the encounter the idea of personal space is a silly one. But, as you and your escort first meet, you are complete strangers. You have not earned the right to immediately grope or embrace your escort just because you left a wad of cash on the table by the door. Pay attention to her body language and allow her to initiate physical contact and personal touching. If she doesn’t act like she’s going to come to you, ask if you can touch her. But, realize that everyone has a personal space bubble that should not be disregarded. Let your escort know you can’t wait to touch her because you want to feel how soft her skin is or how you feel like you already know her. By telling her you’d like to advance to a physical contact stage, you inform her you’re ready and allow her to step up to this level gradually.
  11. Act with chivalry in mind. Depending on where you are, chivalry may be difficult to demonstrate. However, it should be part of any relationship involving a man and woman. If you expect your escort to come to you for an encounter, offer to send a car or cab for her convenience. If you are walking with her somewhere, open doors and allow her to go in first. Before your escort leaves, always help her with her coat. And, consider helping her back into her clothing before she departs. A chivalrous man is courteous and does what he can to help a woman. Escorts rarely see chivalry, so a client who acts like this earns major brownie points quickly. She sees that not only do you respect her, but you’re also willing to physically demonstrate it.
  12. Notice little things about your escort that are not booty related. The color of her eyes, her high instep or her little earlobes. The less obvious traits you notice, the better. When a client observes hard-to-notice attributes about her, an escort realizes that a client is interested in more than just getting into her pants. It seems like the client has more than just a one-tracked mind, which is a nice change from her usual horny sex-focused ones.