12 steps to earning the trust of your escort

Escorts see all types of clients. And, until they get to know their clients, trust is always an issue. Most escorts develop a sixth sense, so to speak, that enables them to judge their clients and read through their efforts of deception. However, escorts may still be weary of clients who have yet to prove themselves, despite their best efforts to read someone.

As a client who has no ulterior motives, your best bet is to prove to your escort that you can be trusted. And, you should do this just as soon as possible. When an escort trusts you, your relationship with her can blossom and your encounters become better than ever. However, if your escort is constantly wondering what you’re up to, your encounters may become lackluster.

There are several ways you can work to earn the trust of your escort:

  1. Know what you want. Escorts despise a wishy-washy client who wastes their time. They get calls regularly from time wasters who hope to get off while talking to an escort. Some simply want to hear a woman’s voice. Some simply want to hear a human voice. Some believe that all escorts are shrinks. If this is you, don’t call or email her. However, if you know what you want (call it a date or an encounter or a session) and are confident enough to follow through with it, and contact them now! Additionally, have some ideas about how you’d like the encounter to occur. Make it as easy as possible for your escort. Convenience is at the utmost importance for escorts.
  2. Answer her questions. Some clients think it’s cute to beat around the bush or avoid answering an escort’s direct questions that will help her verify their identities. Don’t do that. Some escorts will simply cancel the booking and block you from their contact lists if you appear unwilling to answer questions. Give clear, direct answers to her questions. And, do your best to make sure your answers are what she’s looking for. If she asks for your residential address, give your current street address, not the neighborhood or suburb you live in. Give specific, detailed information that will provide her with the content she needs to know. She wouldn’t be asking questions if the answers weren’t important. Clients who fail to answer questions often appear as though they are hiding something. And, if you want her to trust you, avoiding her questions isn’t the way to do it.
  3. Follow directions. When an escort gives you instructions about how she wants you to meet her, contact her or pay her, do as she asks. She has reasons for giving you specific directions (even though she doesn’t explain her purposes to you). Clients who can’t follow directions (or choose not to) can be threats or cause vulnerabilities. In most instances, you may be in control and know best. However, this is her territory, and she knows how, when, where and why things should be done for a successful escort encounter. Trust her, follow her lead – and she will learn to trust you, too.
  4. Tell the truth. An escort needs to know that you won’t be lying to her about significant details. (Like if you’re a cop, a violent criminal or a thief.) Furthermore, she appreciates your honesty about little things, too. If you’re a little bit late to an encounter, don’t make up some unbelievable excuse. Come clean and simply say you lost track of time or traffic was terrible. Conversely, some clients feel the need to brag to their escorts, often making up fake career credentials, unreal salaries and fantasy luxury items that don’t exist. If you don’t really drive a Porsche, don’t brag to your escort that you do. Even though these details don’t really matter (especially to your escort), the fact that you’re untruthful does. When an escort catches you in any lie (regardless of its significance), the trust is gone. (Now, keep in mind that the escort/client relationship is somewhat built on some white lies: the girlfriend experience isn’t really about her being your girlfriend; her name really isn’t Claudia; you do actually have time to date, but don’t want to play stupid games.)
  5. Use tact. An escort likes to think that she’s meeting up with a savvy guy who knows how the escort encounter thing works. Because escorts do NOT sell sex or exchange any sexual services for money, they do not like to talk about what kind of sexual acts they are willing to perform on you over the phone or in an email prior to meeting up for an encounter. Don’t expect her to engage in dirty talk, phone sex or other sexually-charged conversation before you meet up in person. By avoiding such conversations, she is protecting both you and herself from any legal repercussions if her communications with you are being observed or recorded by law enforcement officials. Earn her trust by being discreet and tactful when scheduling encounters or communicating with her otherwise.
  6. Have your escort’s fee ready. Escorts like for a client to have her money ready for her in a convenient way. Put the money on the side table by the door or on the dresser, where its easily accessible. Don’t make her ask for it; don’t pull it out of your wallet and count it out to her, as you painfully part with it. Count out the money ahead of time and prepare it for her as she may have directed you to do. If you attempt to withhold her fee, even jokingly, her internal alarm may go off and her trust for you may disintegrate quickly. Hold up your part of the bargain by having her fee waiting for her.
  7. Always be polite and considerate. Even though many clients are rude and belittling, her trust for you will be built much more quickly if you are courteous and kind, not only to her, but also to hotel staff, restaurant or bar servers and others the two of you incur throughout your encounter. However, don’t force the nice guy act, if your personality is really much to the contrary. (She will read through your facade quickly if you’re being too sappy sweet.) The main thing to consider is to treat her and others with respect and common courtesy. Avoid making snide, derogatory comments about people in her presence.
  8. Don’t act weird. What you consider weird and what she does may differ greatly, but make great efforts to act normally. It’s expected to be a bit nervous when you’re meeting an escort for the first time (especially if this is your first experience with any escort), but don’t let that make you into some lurking pervert that makes your escort feel uncomfortable as soon as she sets eyes on you. Explain to your escort that you’re a bit nervous, but tell her she looks nice, too. Offer her a drink or snack, while you ask her what you should do next. By confessing that you’re a little nervous, you’re helping to build your escort’s trust. She may see you as a bit vulnerable or completely human, which goes far in establishing your credit with her. Being real counts for a lot. Don’t try to cover up how you’re really feeling – you often come off as acting in such a way that may emit warning signals to an escort.
  9. Communicate with your escort. Escorts hate it when a client will barely speak to them. It makes it difficult to determine what clients want from an encounter, and it causes the entire encounter to be awkward and stilted. Even if you just talk about the weather, small talk is important to the “getting to know you” phase of an encounter, before things start to get steamy. Furthermore, when your escort asks you what you like in the bedroom, feel free to tell her. And, always ask before you do anything that you haven’t specifically talked about prior to becoming intimate. (Don’t begin to engage in anal sex or other varieties without first getting her permission.) Communicating with your escort helps to build up her trust in you, because she feels that she can learn to expect what you’re going to do or say.
  10. Allow your escort time to check in with her security. Most escorts check in with their agencies or security guards when they first meet up with a client, to let them know things are going well. (If they don’t check in, it’s often a sign of trouble.) Escorts sometimes ask to use the restroom to freshen up prior to the beginning of the encounter, and they usually use this time to check in with an all-clear. Make sure you give your escort ample opportunities to do this; but, don’t push her too hard to call in with a security guard. She may feel your pressure to do so as a warning sign that you’re planning something later in the encounter.
  11. Be sober. Arriving to an encounter with a drunk or high client is not what an escort had in mind for her encounter with you. Build up her trust by being what you’ve appeared to be throughout your communications with her. She should be able to trust you to be sober and coherent when she arrives. Escorts often leave when they find a client who has been abusing drugs or alcohol. Clients who are under the influence may become violent or unruly quickly and without warning. Even if you are a fun drunk or a sappy pot smoker, don’t expect your escort to put up with your antics. Earn her trust by being sober when she arrives.
  12. Don’t push it. Clients who are excited for too much too fast often make an escort feel rushed and pressured. When she feels this way, her trust levels for you go down quickly, making her much less sure of you. Earn her trust by taking things at her pace (after all, she’s the professional) and letting her guide the encounter. After a few encounters, you may be able to take over the reins and set the pace, but until then, give your escort the control. She will trust you much more if she feels she can safely set the speed and direction of things.