12 things that escorts may secretly think about clients

We all battle preconceived notions about who we are, based on labels that may or may not actually reveal significant details about who we are or what we stand for. Most of the time, these expectations are not based on first impressions or anything that we actually do to provide insight into our personalities or motivations.

Escorts constantly battle this with their clients, but they don’t often pause to consider how they do the same thing to their clients. It’s very common for a client to meet up with an escort who already has passed judgment against him. From bad opinions, expectations about his life and suppositions determining how she will act around him, escorts often have unfair expectations of their clients. When you book an escort who already thinks she knows all about you, you will need to tactfully correct her misconceptions. Consider these unfair expectations and implement methods to fight them:

  1. All clients have more money than they know what to do with, no matter what they say”. Many escorts, especially those who are just starting their careers, adopt the mindset that their clients are all rich. Because they may have had a few experiences with clients who have much more disposable income than they do, their attitudes may evolve out of jealousy, admiration or simply the feeling of being financially challenged. Clients who arrive wearing sharp business suits and wearing watches that cost more than an escort’s home are often perceived as living a life of luxury. So, when escorts think about clients, they typically lump them all into one category. Additionally, an escort who is struggling to meet her financial obligations may feel that any client who can dole out $200 for an hour of her time has a lot of extra income that he isn’t using for necessities. However, what she doesn’t know is that many of her clients fight to keep up appearances (fancy suits and expensive watches) while battling bankruptcies and other financial woes. And, many clients save up their money to see an escort once in awhile, instead of doing other things such as taking vacations, eating out or engaging in other pricey activities. If you want your escort to think you’re rich, flaunt your clothing, watch and other fancy belongings. But, if you don’t want her to focus on your income, don’t depend on your clothing, detailed stories about exotic locations or executive resume to impress her. Use your wit, charm and personality to lead her into believing you are more than your money.
  2. “All clients are perverts”. It’s a scientifically proven fact that men have sex on their minds more than women. That’s one strike against you, already. Add onto the fact that escorts are accustomed to being contacted by men who simply want one thing: lusty sex. Escorts are preconditioned to expect their clients to be sick-os in one way or another. They are propositioned by clients who want crazy, brazen sexual activities and receive constant calls from those who troll the escort directory listings all of the time. It’s an industry that prepares them to expect the very worst of their clients, especially in the sex department. If you want to convince your escort that you are not really some sex-hungry fiend, you have to demonstrate an interest in other activities than just sex. Your escort expects that every encounter she has with a client will have a level of intimacy associated with it. You don’t have to explicitly talk about the details in order for there to be a mutual understanding that you desire that. As a way to let her know you aren’t a pervert, talk about the non-intimate details of the encounter. Emphasize how important it is for you to establish a genuine connection with her and what it means to you to receive some innocent affection. The lead up to your booking doesn’t have to be sex-centric; in fact, leaving that part out results in better first encounter, typically.
  3. Clients never appreciate their partners”. After an escort hears clients repeatedly bash and whine about their partners, a repetitive thread seems to occur for them: their clients don’t appreciate their partners. To an escort, it may be unclear whether their clients’ partners deserve appreciation or not, but, it’s a resounding recurrence that may leave a bad taste in her mouth. She may feel that clients are, overall, ungrateful and blinded to the good things their spouses have to offer. When they have this sort of attitude about their clients, escorts may feel negatively about them. When you see an escort, you don’t have to justify booking her time with why your partner isn’t fulfilling your needs. In fact, griping or complaining about your spouse or girlfriend is completely unnecessary and will cause your escort to judge you. Instead, avoid talking about your partner at all. Leave her out of the equation, because the real truth is that you’re seeing an escort for you. It’s for your needs, wants or desires, not because of the way that your partner treats you. An escort doesn’t have to know anything about your relationship in order to give you the time of your life during an encounter.
  4. He just can’t get it for free”. Some escorts have never been lucky enough for a hottie to show up at their doors for an encounter. They get clients who lack the good looks and charming personality needed to chat a woman up in a bar in order to earn a one-night stand. Even worse, they may get clients who feel they are so undesirable to the opposite sex that they don’t even want to try. While neither of those descriptions apply to you, an escort may expect that one of them will. In order to avoid being classified as an undesirable, you can explain that you don’t have the time or desire to seek out a willing participant in such an environment. Additionally, you can earn a few bonus points by telling your escort that you aren’t interested in a woman who values herself so poorly that she doesn’t expect something in return for her time, such as financial rewards, a relationship or anything else she considers highly beneficial. When an escort realizes that you value her, which includes her expertise, personality and sophistication, she realizes that you aren’t in the undesirable category.
  5. They all stalk escort sites for hours before booking”. Due to those clients who do, indeed stalk the directory sites, most escorts have the opinion that all clients troll through the ads and profiles, fantasizing about nearly every escort they see. And, while it may take you a few visits to a site in order to figure out how the process works and identify an escort you think you will click with, that certainly doesn’t classify you as a site troll. The best way for you to let your escort know that you aren’t a site stalker is to allow her to figure out what a busy guy you are in your everyday life. When she sees that you have varied interests and hobbies, a time-consuming career, family and friends you actively spend time with and are involved in other activities, it’s pretty clear to her that you don’t have time to spend obsessing over the directory sites. She will realize that you may spent a bit of time on the sites in order to find her, but she won’t naturally assume that is how you get your kicks the rest of the time.
  6. “Clients who ask lots of questions are just timewasters”. Escorts get calls from clients all of the time who want to know what they are wearing, their measurements, if they shave and a number of other questions that are intended to prolong conversations or steer the focus away from business to more “fun” topics. In addition to the clients who try to change the subject, they also get a number of contacts who act like they need to be led through the entire process with their hands held, when, in reality, these clients are seasoned timewasters who are just trying to obtain the escort’s attention for a longer period. As a result, they have little patience for potential clients who don’t seem to know when to stop asking and simply listen. As a client, your responsibility is to do a little bit of research ahead of time. The escort industry is fairly transparent, and many articles exist about what to expect when you call to book an encounter. Because every escort operates a bit differently, it’s probable that you will have questions about her specific procedures. That’s okay. She can accept that, as long as you seem generally knowledgeable. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, if you genuinely have them. But, don’t ramble on about things that aren’t necessary for the process of booking your encounter.
  7. “Clients fall in love easily”. Escorts sometimes feel that clients are like little puppies, and that they fall in love when given too much affection. To combat this, escorts intentionally distance themselves from clients who seem overly receptive to their attention. They put up walls and are blatantly obvious about the boundaries of the escort/client relationship. And, while you, as a client, want an escort who can clearly establish the difference between a romantic relationship and the connection you and she has, it is sometimes off-putting to be held so far at arm’s length. Encourage her to loosen up by informing her that you aren’t looking for a girlfriend. You are interested in a no-strings attached relationship that is built on genuine like for each other, in addition to passion. Avoid pushing her by asking personal questions or prying into her life. Accept what she gives you and be happy with it. Escorts don’t want to feel pressure from you and will be willing to give more, if they sense that the risk of unpleasant ramifications is minimal.
  8. All clients are disrespectful toward women”. When an escort has received contact from potential clients who seem to have bad attitudes about women, it causes her to lump all of her clients into one disrespectful category. Clients who are bitter about past relationships, think women are gold diggers and assume that all women cheat taint escorts’ attitudes about clients. The best way you can overcome an escort’s assumption that you don’t respect women is to show your appreciation and regard for her. Chivalrous behavior, general courtesy and old-fashioned gentlemanliness will go a long way in convincing her that you don’t belong in her disrespectful category. Look out for her welfare and comfort during the encounter. Ensure that you give her ample opportunity to engage in activities and conversation during your booking. And, let her know you appreciate her presence, not only through your words, but also through your actions. Demonstrating through your behavior that you respect her will speak volumes in battling her initial expectations about you.
  9. “Clients sleep around with escorts all of the time”. Because they’ve come to expect that their clients are habitual visitors of escorts, they assume that all clients do the same. They hear stories told by clients about their adventures (and misadventures) with other escorts, constantly get compared to other providers and the services they do or don’t provide. In fact, they are sick of hearing about how they rate up to others. If you do see other escorts, don’t mention it during an encounter. She may recognize that you seem to “get” the whole booking process, but by neither of you mentioning it, the subject isn’t out in the open. Avoid talking about how her guidelines or rates differ from another escort’s. And, don’t give the impression that you do this all of the time. Some escorts are actually turned off by clients who visit several escorts, because they know that safe practices are not always used. If you do visit with other escorts, do them and yourself a favor by always engaging in safe sex methods.
  10. “Any escort will do to them”. After hearing from many clients that they are just wanting to get laid, escorts may have the opinion that clients really aren’t all that selective. Being categorized into the “hot blonde” arena as your description has a way of making the entire process seem very impersonal. To create a better connection with your escort, let her know why you selected her, using reasons beyond her appearance. Take facts from her profile information or deduct things from her appearance (like she has spunk or appears to be thinking hard) and use them as talking points while you book the encounter to let her know what interested you. She will appreciate being seen as more than just a sexy photo.
  11. All clients are dangerous”. The world is a dangerous place, and the media shares stories all of the time about escorts meeting their doom at the hands of threatening clients. While escorts are completely justified in their fears that client encounters could be deadly risks, they should also realize that clients fear the same from escorts. There are many incidents of clients being badly beaten or killed by escorts and their cohorts who want to rob or injure them. Allow her to express her fears and do your best to put them at rest by providing answers to all of her questions for her screening process. At the same time, ask a few questions of her, letting your escort know you fear for your safety, too.
  12. “Clients who don’t answer all questions are hiding dangerous secrets”. Escorts are aware of risks associated with seeing clients when one lies to her or omits the truth during conversations. However, clients are highly afraid of sharing too many intimate details of their lives as they attempt to protect their own privacy. Escorts sometimes read too much into a client who doesn’t want to share where he works, because he’s afraid of his job becoming involved with his extra-curricular activities. If you feel like you can’t share information with your escort, tell her why. Explain to her what your fears for sharing details may be. If possible, be as forthcoming as you can with other information so that she can screen you properly and put down her red flags about you.