12 things your voice tells about you when you call an escort

It’s common for clients to be apprehensive about calling an escort the first time. Being unsure about the process, battling guilty feelings and experiencing bouts of shyness or awkwardness can make the first call a difficult one. All people – including escorts – have the toolkit to realize this and more, not only from the words you use, but also from your vocal tone, tempo and other characteristics.

howard-stern-and-his-voiceKeep in mind that researchers have discovered that an individual relays his message through three methods: body language (when in person), words and voice. While 55 percent of the meaning of a message may be conveyed through body language, your voice carries significant importance in revealing your intent and thoughts with 38 percent of the meaning delivered this way. (The remaining 7 percent of a message is understood through the words you use.) As a result, your voice is a tool that can make or break you when you call an escort. Consider these things your voice may be telling an escort:

  1. Your voice may tell an escort something about your height. A study by John Morton of Washington University in St. Louis demonstrated that listeners often accurately distinguish taller from shorter speakers based on voice pitch. Escorts talk to a lot of men, and they generally find that the taller a man is, the lower his voice is accordingly. Scientific facts agree with this concept, too, although it can be misleading. (Not all tall men have deep voices, just like not all vertically-challenged chaps speak in higher-pitched tones.) However, women tend to surmise that a deep voice equates with manliness, which syncs with being tall. If you want to conjure up images of being tall (and, maybe dark and handsome, too!), you may be benefitted by lowering your voice slightly as you speak to an escort over the phone. Before you place your call, clear your throat and concentrate on decreasing your pitch a note or two. Avoid adjusting your voice in an unnatural way that is difficult to maintain. Your voice doesn’t have to be significantly lower to have an impact.
  2. Escorts make instant classifications about your looks based on your voice. Even though a pleasant speaking voice doesn’t automatically indicate that an individual was blessed with good looks (think about many radio personalities that definitely have faces for radio!), it assists in creating a good first impression that creates a positive image about your appearance. In a 2013 study published in the journal “PLOS ONE”, researchers discovered that women like men with lower-pitched voices because they consider them manly, taller and with better features. Other research has indicated that people with symmetrical faces (usually considered more attractive) have more melodious voices naturally. Evolution has not ceased to assist humans by increasing their sex appeals with good voices; better looking people have better sounding voices. If you want your escort to perceive you as good looking, you should attempt to make your voice as pleasant as possible.
  3. It’s possible to reveal details about how interesting, energetic or lively you are through your voice. People who are interesting and energetic often speak in such a way that draws others in. They use inflection, emphasis and tempo to deliver their messages. If they’re especially impassioned about a topic, they tend to speak quickly. If they want to drive a point home, they may speak slowly and specifically. They interject emotion and excitement into not only their words, but their tone of voice, too. Escorts are much more interested in meeting up with clients who are interesting and stimulating. If given the choice, they will choose a client who seems exciting and energetic over one who is dull and lazy. Through your voice, you project an image that an escort uses to determine whether you will be a fun date or not. It’s in your best interests to do your best to sound like you’re a guy she would enjoy spending time with. Speaking in a monotone voice that doesn’t include much variation or expression doesn’t help you create a positive image with an escort.
  4. Your voice reveals aspects about your personality such as whether you tend to lean toward formality or being more casual. Clients who over articulate their words, speak stiffly or use verbiage that is usually reserved for the professional work environment may project an image of being more conservative, staunchly uptight or simply more formal. An escort won’t expect a client who speaks this way on the phone to arrive in jeans and a polo; she might picture him in a three-piece suit, complete with starched boxers. Escorts usually predict that more formal clients take longer to ease into the encounter and may experience difficulty or awkwardness with the intimacy involved in her services. Some clients, though, are entirely too casual for their own goods, using perverse slang terms, cursing repeatedly and making tactless comments. These clients create a negative image of being undesirable to meet up with. Conversely, a client who is conversational and easy to talk to, striking a proper balance, may create an image of being an easy-going guy who would be fairly easy to satisfy during an encounter.
  5. A client’s mood and general attitude are revealed easily through his voice during a phone conversation with an escort. Grumpiness, short-tempered tendencies, impatience and general surliness are easy to pick up on when speaking with a client. Answering in short statements, abruptness and intolerance for questions or procedural comments are strong indicators that a client is not in a good mood. His voice may be gruff and harsh, which further demonstrates his overall negative attitude or aggravation at the time. However, other clients present themselves with a pleasant demeanor through a cheerful voice that is compassionate and smooth. Clients who want their escorts to think positively of them before they meet need to remember that the tone of their voices tells a lot about their emotions at the time. If you’re having a bad day and want to set up a date with an escort, you have to remember to smile as you speak with her in order to interject some kindness in your voice. She may deny meeting up with you when you call sounding like a grump.
  6. Escorts get a feel for how confident and comfortable you are when you call them. It’s natural if you feel a bit uncomfortable when calling an escort. Most escorts can see past this. However, they also pick up on your overall confidence level in yourself through details you reveal with your voice. Typically, a deeper pitch (versus a higher one) indicates that a man is confident and sure of himself. Sometimes, it can be a sign of authority or experience, so it’s wise to deepen your voice slightly, especially if you’re trying to mask your apprehensiveness. Confident men usually speak with an even pace, maintaining a somewhat consistent tempo throughout the conversation. Speakers who use a fast speed to talk sometimes seem nervous or awkward. Enunciate clearly as a way to demonstrate you are sure of what you are saying. Mumblers tend to be thought of as meek and mild. Use clear concepts and statements when you talk to an escort to show that you are clear about what you want from an encounter with her. If you are vague about your expectations or fail to express yourself clearly, you will make her think that you are uneasy with the situation and uncomfortable with her.
  7. Your genuine intentions are usually revealed through your voice. Clients who are calling for the right reasons, to truly book an encounter or find out more information, can typically be distinguished from those who are only timewasters, based on their voices and how they present themselves on the telephone. Most escorts agree that something in their tone helps to reveal that they are “for real.” Clients who are genuine typically maintain the same vocal tone and pitch throughout the entire conversation. Their pace/tempo is consistent and inflection seems natural. Even if a client seems nervous, his clear statements and comments indicate to an escort that he’s the real deal. However, callers who do not have good intentions to meet up for an encounter generally come off differently. Experienced escorts tell that callers with nasally voices that sound whiney, men who mumble their requests and clients who can’t seem to speak with an even cadence are hiding something or lying outright about details they’ve provided. These are the clients they may screen more carefully, require confirmation for encounters and request deposits from. Additionally, they may cut conversations short, as they detect the caller is only a timewaster from the very beginning.
  8. Escorts can get an idea about your education and intelligence through speaking with you on the phone. In addition to the vocabulary you use (which is a huge indicator, itself), escorts rely on parts of your vocal presentation to determine how educated (and successful) you are. Your proper pronunciation of words, appropriate grammar use and attention to how your voice sounds (clearing your throat and rephrasing with a better tone) are all ways to demonstrate to an escort that you are a smart guy worth seeing. Exercising tact and refraining from making questionable comments indicate that not only are you intelligent, but you have social smarts, too. Clients with less education or lower IQs often do not present themselves in such a polished way over the phone. Their pronunciations may be incorrect and they often use incorrect grammar. They often don’t care how their voice sounds, because they don’t realize how significant it is in creating a first impression.
  9. Your voice may issue an automatic warning or red flag to an escort. Escorts are always on the alert for clients that may pose threats. Any caller who is loud, aggressive and pushy on the phone may fail to get a booking. Loud callers often end up being domineering and issuing orders to an escort. Clients whose voices become higher pitched, along with increasing in volume, if they don’t get their way over the telephone are definite threats in person. Demonstrating anger or extreme frustration when discussing an encounter is never a good way to create a positive first impression. Additionally, clients who have gravely or raspy voices may end up being controlling clients, many escorts say. Even though public perception is that a raspy male voice is sexy, it can also be the sign of someone who wants to exert their authority over others.
  10. Escorts realize that clients are shy or tentative through their voices. Some clients call with very quiet voices. They say as little as possible, very softly over the phone. While a few may be trying to be overly discreet, others are simply shy or uncomfortable with the first telephone chat. In addition to speaking softly and saying little, an increase in tone at the end of sentences may indicate to an escort that you are terribly unsure of yourself, almost to the point of issuing questions instead of statements. Your voice trembles may give away your uncertainty or awkwardness. And, giggling or hiccupping may lead an escort to believe that you are embarrassed or overly bashful. Even though an escort’s services are intended for all types of clients, some women simply don’t want to attempt encounters with clients who may have difficulties with their services. However, it’s best to allow an escort to realize these aspects of your personality so that she is better prepared if she takes your booking.
  11. Origin and heritage are commonly revealed through a telephone conversation with an escort. Even though many people have no accents or unique ways of speaking (based on their origins), others have very obvious indicators about where they are from. Do not attempt to hide your accent; your escort will figure things out about you when you meet in person, anyways. Additionally, beyond your accent, your tone of voice may reveal details about your heritage. Americans typically have deeper voices than European citizens do. Clients from the middle east often have higher pitched voices.
  12. Clients who are too perfect in their delivery may make an escort suspicious. If your conversation with an escort the first time you talk to her is without any problems or mistakes, she may suspect that you’re trying too hard to convince her that you’re a great client to have. This may cause her to delve deeper into your screening, which may take a bit more time for her to schedule an encounter with you. Avoid sounding rehearsed, even though you may have practiced your speech several times before hitting the “send” button on your phone. Aim for a natural tone and comfortable tempo in your conversation with her. Go with the flow as the conversation progresses and attempt to keep your voice and pace steady.

If you feel that your voice is telling details about you that are untrue or you just want to improve the first impression you provide to an escort, you can do a few things to better your delivery. First and foremost, you must remember to breathe. Know what you want to say ahead of time and practice it once or twice. (Any more than that may make it seem rehearsed, and it may throw you off when she asks questions that don’t coincide with what you practiced.)

Don’t rush yourself, but don’t drag your conversation out, either. Smile as you talk to your escort, noticing how much more pleasant you sound this way. If you are unsure about how you sound, record yourself ahead of time. Listen to the recording and attempt to correct aspects about your delivery you don’t like. Reflect on how you want your escort to visualize you and attempt to make your voice reflect that.