12 ways to prepare for a great date with an escort

There are several things you can do ahead of time to enhance your date with an escort. These tasks are simple, considerate and necessary in order to fully enjoy your time spent during an appointment with your companion. Things such as knowing what you want ahead of time, researching your escort to ensure he or she is what you want and abiding by privacy requests can help make your experience as fulfilling as possible, to both you and your escort.

  1. Firstly, it’s important to determine what it is that you want and expect from your time with an escort. Some clients simply want companionship, while others want to relive their high school days as a high school quarterback getting it on with the head cheerleader. Most escorts provide many services, so it’s important to determine which ones tickle your fancy and you hope to receive pleasure from during your next appointment. Once you decide what you want, it’s important to clearly relay this to your escort. However, use caution when discussing your wishes in blatant and literal terms. The act of exchanging money for sexual favors is illegal in most places in the United States.
  2. Consider what you are looking for in an escort, aside from the services he or she will provide. If you prefer blondes over brunettes, look for a fair-haired companion. Many men look for curvaceous ladies, so don’t be hesitant to specify. All shapes and sizes of escorts are in demand, so it should be relatively easy to find an escort who possesses similar traits and attributes to those for which you are seeking. When contacting an agency, specify the ethnicity, hair color, height and measurements you prefer. However, don’t get too hung up on the stats. An escort may not have all the stats perfectly matched, but he or she may be close enough to provide your fantasy.
  3. Research your escort before contacting him or her. Read all information on his or her profile, read the entire ad (versus only skimming it) and ask the agency questions about an escort before making an appointment with him or her. Find out as much as possible in order to determine if the escort is a good match for your needs and wants.
  4. Refrain from contacting someone you don’t think you’re interested in hiring. If someone is your last resort, don’t even contact him or her. You won’t be happy about the appointment, regardless how enthusiastic the escort is about trying to please you. Save yourself some money and spend extra next time when you find your ideal escort.
  5. Never expect a new customer discount or a bargain because you’re a regular client. Escorts find it disrespectful when a client tries to haggle with them about prices. You easily insult an escort by attempting to get a bargain, because you make them feel as though you don’t value them or the services they provide. It can become quite personal, and it’s never a good idea to insult your escort.
  6. Allow an escort ample time to return your call if he or she doesn’t answer when you call to set up an appointment. Don’t immediately call your second choice. Escorts may be working with another client when you call or attending to other important business. (Escorts have lives, too — and they may be doing laundry, helping their kids with homework or a dozen other things.) Give an escort up to three or four hours to return your call if you’re looking to hook up within the next 24 hours. If you’re looking for a date for an upcoming time a few days away, give the escort at least a day to return your call.
  7. Abide by your escort’s privacy requests. Many escorts choose to work under pseudonyms and never plan to let you know their real names. Don’t push them for that information. You should never expect to learn your escort’s real name, his or her address or his or her personal phone number. Knowing this going in can save you embarrassment and frustration in the future.
  8. Reach an agreement about the general services and the rates prior to meeting for your appointment. Get the business portion of the appointment out of the way ahead of time so that you can enjoy the fun during your time with your escort. It’s never good to waste some of your time squaring away business issues when you could be getting down to the fun!
  9. Avoid distractions when you are setting up your appointment with your escort. Don’t be listening to the radio or watching television when you are trying to set up time with your escort. Put down the video game controller, turn off the television and mute the radio. Don one thing at a time: give the escort your attention and respect. Furthermore, don’t expect your escort to compete with any of these distractions when it’s time for your appointment. It’s disrespectful and will take a lot away from the enthusiasm your escort will provide.
  10. Opt out respectively if your escort arrives and he or she is not what you expected physically. Prepare a kill fee of at least 50 percent of the rate, along with cab fare, if necessary. Don’t be insulting when you opt out. Be respectful and make up some story about another obligation that came up unexpectedly. Your escort may know exactly what you’re doing, but it helps you both to save face.
  11. Be prepared to pay a cash deposit ahead of time for excessive and elaborate requests. If you’re planning a weekend in Cancun or dinner in Paris, expect to lay down a deposit to show that you are genuinely planning something special and unique. Escorts are lied to all the time about “plans” their clients have for them. Back up your plans with some cash and they will believe you, which will win you the appointment.
  12. Make appointments for only when you can be there, or prepare to pay for the time, anyways. If you suspect that you may not make the appointment, choose another time. It’s rude to be a no-show for an appointment. Escorts rely on the appointments they make with clients to pay their bills and support their lifestyles. (And, perhaps, to support their families.) Don’t stand your escort up. If you must, provide payment for his or her time, anyways.