13 things escorts do that annoy customers

We already looked at the things clients do that annoy escorts. Now let’s be fair and
look out of the mirror.

Escorts may have extremely long lists of things that typically annoy them about their clients, including deal-breaker behaviors that will cause them to block a particular one. However, clients also have pet peeves when it comes to escorts. Being able to understand behaviors that turn off clients is essential to being able to maintain a good relationship with them and retain a strong client list. You might be surprised which traits you are guilty of and get some ideas about things you need to work on. Beware of the following things escorts do to annoy their clients:

  1. Being lax where punctuality is concerned: Just like you, clients are busy people. When they make an appointment with you, they expect you to arrive promptly, on time and prepared to start the encounter. Having to wait for you to get ready (or even to get there) is irritating, especially when they’ve gone out of their way to be available at the assigned time. If you have a tendency to be late, it may annoy clients who make it a priority to be on time. Additionally, if you entertain clients from your incall, they expect you to be dressed and ready to engage in interaction with them at the time the booking is to start. If you ask them to wait while you jump in the shower, fix your hair or tend to other tasks (changing linens or cleaning), it may irritate a client, because he knows he’s paying for time with you that you’re focused on something else. Failure to be punctual can fully annoy even the best clients.
  2. Failure to be available when you’ve listed yourself as available: Many adult services providers indicate their working days/times in their profiles as they promote their services to clients. If you’ve listed openings that you have or your work schedule, it’s understandable that a client would assume that you will be able to fit him in during those periods. But, finding out that you don’t actually work those times can be frustrating, especially when they pick you specifically for your schedule. It’s understandable that your availability may book up and you have no open booking slots. But, be sure to market your encounter times accurately so clients have real expectations about how to rearrange their schedules to see you. If your schedule varies or you base your work times around client availability, indicate this in your profile. Also, be sure to warn clients when you will be away or booked up for longer periods of time. They may become even more annoyed to find out that you are on vacation for a month or are booked up for three weeks in advance. Bottom line: communicate clearly about your schedule and when clients can expect to book an encounter.
  3. Clock watching turns clients off: Clients expect to get their money’s worth with you. For many of them, that means that they get every last second they’ve booked in your company. Whether it’s an hour, a whole afternoon or an overnight, a client anticipates a blissful escape from the “real world” with a beautiful woman who provides an excellent view and witty conversation. What they don’t expect, though, is an adult services provider who constantly glances at the clock or her watch, counting down the minutes until she’s free. Many clients already have complexes about their desirability with women; they don’t need that enhanced by feeling that an escort can’t wait to get away from them. Even if an encounter seems to just be dragging by, avoid checking the time frequently. You need to establish a new method of estimating the time. Or, set an alarm when time is almost up. Or, you need to learn to be less obvious when you look at the clock. Watching the clock makes a client feel unwanted, which does nothing to create positive vibes during a booking.
  4. Asking for more money when meeting up in person: Clients ask ahead of time about your rates so that they can be prepared to pay you. (And, they need to know so they can determine if they are able to afford your fees.) Escorts who arrive at an outcall and request more money than originally agreed upon are taking advantage of a client who is excited about an encounter. Some escorts find themselves incurring extra costs that they hadn’t expected, such as parking fees, toll fees or extra fuel costs due to an outcall being farther away than they thoughts. It is unfair and unprofessional to ask a client for more money than you quoted him, originally. You can always give a client an estimate and call him back later with a more specific rate once you’ve done your research to determine how many expenses you will experience for the outcall. You should never be expected to lose money over an encounter, but a well-prepared escort would never think of insisting that a client increase his “contribution” after settling on an amount.
  5. Slow response to messages or calls: When a client finally gets the nerve up to call an adult services provider, he is ready to book an encounter that instant. Even though you may include information in your profile about when your communication hours are, a client still expects to get to talk yo to that very minute when he attempts contact. A reasonable response time is within 24 hours, unless you’ve clearly indicated that your availability is otherwise. A client may be frustrated that he can’t reach you. But, he’s even more upset when he doesn’t hear back from you within a day or more. Unless you are certain that the message is from a timewaster or potential you are uninterested in adding to your client list, do your best to establish contact quickly. That doesn’t mean that you have to be glued to your phone 24 hours per day, though. Just make concerted efforts to return phone calls, texts, etc. to clients who have tried to reach you. Additionally, playing phone tag with you is discouraging for a client. If you leave messages for him, always be professional and extremely nice in what you say, so that he is encouraged to keep trying.
  6. Arriving for an encounter looking sloppy: Escorts have a reputation to uphold in looking polished and beautiful. If you arrive for a booking dressed in sloppy yoga pants and a hoodie, your client has a reason to be upset with you. He’s paying your full rate and expects you to make an effort to look your best when you see him. Compare your appearance to your photos. If you don’t come close to looking that nice, you need to work harder to spiff up. Clients expect escorts to be beautiful and put a lot of effort in how they look. If you fail to do that, a client has a right to feel annoyed. He may strike you from his list and schedule future bookings with escorts who put more thought and work into how they look when they work. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to be picture perfect for every encounter. It simply means you should be dressed neatly, well tailored for your figure and “fixed.” Make-up carefully applied, hair done flatteringly and well-groomed.
  7. Performing in a mechanical fashion: For you, the encounter is just another booking. But, for your client, his appointment with you may be a dream come true. If you rush him through the experience in an impersonal fashion and make him feel like he’s being ushered through just like every other client, he will move on to a different escort next time. You may be accustomed to intimacy in the missionary position and incorporate appropriate “oohs” and “ahhs” at the right times. But, if you do it in an impersonal fashion, your client will notice. He wants you to exhibit personality and reactions based on his activities with you. He wants a unique experience. He doesn’t want to feel like you treat him like every other client. Make every booking special and based on a client’s wants and needs – or you’ll wind up with annoyed clients who feel like they’re getting the cookie-cutter encounter.
  8. Acting too pushy during the booking process: Sometimes a client only wants information when he calls and inquires about an encounter. He may be a complete novice to the industry and need some questions answered before taking the plunge. However, escorts know that time is money – and, it’s pretty common to rush the booking process along. You have no patience for timewasters. But, keep in mind that some clients genuinely need to ask some questions to understand how the process works, what to expect and to convince them to book. They are looking for some persuasion. Pushing a client to book before he’s ready may push him away. He will feel like you’re uninterested in trying to help him get his needs or wants met. It may also just flat out annoy him and he will cross you off his list of possibilities.
  9. Arriving sick to an encounter: You hate it when a client shows up for a booking and is sicker than a dog. You can’t risk catching the flu or a bad cold; it could severely limit your ability to work, which affects your capacity to pay bills. However, when you’re sick, you may feel pressured to follow through with encounters for a couple of reasons: a) your clients are counting on you to follow through with promised engagements, and b) you need the money. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. It’s enough incentive that it may cause you to show up for encounters when you are sick and contagious. Your clients are busy people with lots of responsibilities. They don’t have time to be sick. They can’t miss work, family activities or other events. It annoys them greatly when you show up to an encounter and risk their health for a “good time.”
  10. Prying into their privacy: Clients are extremely protective of their privacy. They have probably heard horror stories about escorts blackmailing clients for money, using the threat of revealing their activities to friends, peers and family members. Or, they’ve heard about clients being stalked by escorts. So, when you start to ask personal questions for screening purposes, it may startle them. They will, immediately, think the worst, especially if this is the first time they’ve booked with an escort. Carefully explain the screening process and reasons behind it, before you start to inquire about details that will help you determine if you should accept the booking or not. Some of your clients may still be annoyed with the screening process, but they will understand it. However, if you ask too many questions, your clients may bail on you. Limit your information to details that you really need to know and forget about questions that fulfill your curiosity.
  11. Failure to protect a client’s discretion: A client has a lot to lose when he sees you for an encounter. His reputation, relationships and, possibly even, his job are at stake if others find out about his activities involving an escort. It’s imperative that you do what you can to protect a client’s privacy and to act discreetly as you visit him. Some clients get upset because they think an escort arrives at their hotel too conspicuously. Or, they fear that an escort will share his name from her client list. Do your best to assure him that discretion is your highest priority. After all, discretion is important to you, too. You have a lot to lose, too, if the secret gets out that you’re an escort.
  12. Wanting them to do too much for an encounter: Some clients issue complicated requests for bookings. Extensive role-play scenarios, unique fetishes or other requests may require a lot of ahead-of-time preparation. Unless your client is willing to pay a premium fee for this extra effort on your part, it’s only fair to ask him to be involved in the plans for the booking. For instance, you might ask him to provide costumes or props for a role-play situation. Or, you might encourage him to buy the special toy he’d like to try out. But, a client may think this is unfair and he doesn’t have time to participate in the behind-the-scenes part of the encounter. Even though it may annoy him, explain to him the situation: if you do the extra prep work, it will require a fee; if he does some of it, the rates will be standard. It’s his choice. He can either be annoyed – or ask for a less complicated encounter.
  13. Being expected to shower ahead of time: Many clients who have poor hygiene don’t understand that they are unclean or otherwise unkempt. They take offense at being asked to clean up prior to becoming intimate with you. Understand that it’s a personal issue that may annoy your client. But, don’t back down. One solution is to insist that it’s a guideline you have established for all clients, not him specifically. Another way to soften the blow is to offer to shower with him. Or, you can make up an allergy to his cologne, deodorants (in general) or soaps and use that as an excuse as to why he needs to clean up prior to physical contact with you.

Keep in mind that some clients are extremely easy to annoy. They already have a chip on their shoulders and expect the worst. However, there are instances when an escort behaves badly or offensively. If you’re not living up to expectations or are taking your role with clients for granted, it’s time to step up and improve your efforts. Doing things that annoy your client, intentionally or unintentionally, do not promote your success.