13 things you don’t want to tell your escort during a session

Escorts should be considered saints for the jobs they perform. While many clients are perfect gentlemen and a pleasure to spend time with, others are boors. If you don’t want to find yourself in the latter category, do your homework on proper conduct while you are with her.

Sometimes it’s easy to say or do the wrong thing out of nervousness or simply because you didn’t understand how things work. But the following statements – or their variations – should never be made to an escort:

  1. “I bet you’ve never had pleasure like that before!” Oh rly? You’re with an escort, buddy. She has been with many, many men. What skills do you have that make you so much more proficient at the art of love making? There is no need to brag about your abilities to your escort. She was there, present for the “show.” She knows how good (or bad) you actually are in the sack. You don’t need to impress her or elaborate about how good you are at pleasing a woman. With that being said, it’s natural for you to feel the need for approval or praise. Escorts understand that your own desire to be appreciated for your efforts is one of the major reasons clients come to them. If you are looking to be complimented, there are other ways to elicit those comments. You can simply ask the escort if she enjoyed herself or if there is anything else you can do to pleasure her. At this cue, she will usually tell you how amazing you were during the booking.
  2. “You look different than your pictures.” After you’ve already spent half of the booking with your escort, it’s really inappropriate to start trying to express your displeasure with her appearance by insinuating she faked her pictures, especially when her pictures are consistent and obviously genuine. Escorts often put a lot of work into their photo galleries, hiring professional photographers and spending a lot of time trying to get just the right pose/shot. It’s very common for anyone to not look exactly like a professional photo when you see him or her in real life. But, when there’s enough resemblance between an escort and her photos to determine it really is her, it’s tacky to mention that her airbrushed, strategically posed photos were more flattering. (She knows this, already!) However, if she appears much different in person than her photos represented, it’s fully okay to mention it… at the BEGINNING of an encounter. Not halfway through it.
  3. “I didn’t think you were serious about wearing a condom.” All escorts worth your fee should require you to wear protection, to protect both of you from any issues. Thinking that you can talk an escort into having unprotected intimacies with you is ridiculous, especially when you knew the rules from the get-go. Mentioning the fact that you thought she was joking midway through a booking just makes you look like a jerk to an escort. If you have questions about the use of condoms, ask them prior to the booking. It’s your right to be informed, but you should just naturally assume that you will be wearing a condom if you plan to get cozy with an escort. In fact, you shouldn’t want it any other way. The last thing in the world you want is to contract an STD and have to explain it to your spouse/partner and take the time to go to the doctor to cure it. And, no escort wants to catch something from you.
  4. “I thought we could do anything I wanted.” Of course, you can do anything you want… as long as it’s not prohibited by an escort’s guidelines and it coincides with the plan you established prior to meeting up for an encounter. You can’t expect an escort to have all supplies ready for role playing, if you didn’t mention it ahead of time. And, thinking that making the statement that you feel like you’re missing out on something is not going to talk her into allowing you to do something she doesn’t allow. For instance, if you wanted to engage in anal play, but she doesn’t allow it as a service she provides, your statement isn’t going to convince her that she owes it to you. You don’t have the right to do anything you want to an escort, simply because you pay her money for the time you’re with her. It doesn’t work that way. You can engage in the activities that she allows, but nothing more.
  5. “Do you mind if I pop a Viagra before our booking?” Of course, she minds. Unless you have erectile dysfunction and have a legitimate prescription to offset some sort of health issue that prevents you from enjoying sex fully, it’s not ok. Taking a Viagra or similar drug prior to meeting up with your escort just makes it more difficult for your escort to create a genuine experience for you. Additionally, it requires a lot more work for her. When an, otherwise, healthy client takes a Viagra, it prolongs his erection and makes it much more challenging to reach orgasm, causing her to work unnaturally hard to bring you to completion. It’s unfair to her and it’s unhealthy for you. Most escorts have rules about clients not using things to extend their erections, unless they have difficulties maintaining it. If you suffer from premature ejaculation or have other issues, discuss this with your escort. But, if you don’t experience any problems, popping a Viagra so that you can have a two-hour long bang fest is not acceptable.
  6. “Come on, just 15 minutes more!” She does, in fact, mind if you overstay your welcome. An escort books you for a set amount of time, any more than that is cause for her to charge you extra beyond her original rate. She charges based on the amount of time she spends with you. When that time increases, her rate diminishes, too. Consider that an attorney charges by the hour or quarter hour. An escort does, too. Also, she books her encounters carefully so that she can accommodate all of her clients. If you want to stay an extra 15 minutes after your booking, that leaves her 15 minutes behind in getting ready for her next encounter. She has to clean the incall and get ready, herself, again, for the upcoming appointment. If you’re at your place for an outcall, she still has to travel to the next client, which may have been carefully planned based on the original time that she had planned to be with you.
  7. Others charge less.” Go to them then.
  8. “You’re not as attractive as I expected.” If your escort arrives at your hotel door, and you’re not pleased with her appearance, for WHATEVER reason, send her away immediately. However, if you accept the encounter with her and provide her with her fee, it’s not appropriate to bring up the issue of looks midway through the encounter. In fact, many smarmy clients may attempt to get a discount by insinuating they are displeased with an escort’s appearance, after they’ve already engaged in intimacies with her. Insulting an escort’s appearance, especially if her photo gallery represented what she looks like well, is really more of an insult to your own judgment than to her beauty. If you’re dissatisfied with your choice of escorts after getting half-way through the encounter, putting her down is not a way to make it better.
  9. “I want a refund.” Naturally, there may be times that a client deserves a refund. Escorts who don’t fulfill reasonable expectations or fully misrepresent themselves should not be engaged for encounters. However, if you get partially through an encounter… or all the way through a booking… and, aren’t pleased, your opportunity to request a refund is passed. Sometimes, you may not hit it off or click with your chosen escort. Other times, you may not be able to reach orgasm. As long as your escort has provided you with companionship and worked hard to please you, despite any personal differences or challenges presented during the booking, she has done her job. Asking for a refund implies you are trying to get something for nothing. This doesn’t set well with an escort… and, may precede your attempts to book other escorts in the future.
  10. “Want to go on a date with me?” An escort isn’t in the market for finding dates or acquiring relationships through her career. Even though it might be fun to entertain fantasies about establishing a relationship with your escort, the prospects of it actually occurring are unrealistic. When you ask your escort out on a date or encourage her to spend time with you unprofessionally, you muddy the waters between you and her. The escort/client relationship you have with her becomes complicated. She wonders if she should continue seeing you, risking issues involving personal connections. And, she may wonder if you’re just trying to get her in the sack for free. Unless you are certain there is a connection stronger than the escort/client bond, do not attempt to invite her out for a romantic date. If you do, any future contact may be awkward and teeming with a range of uncertainty. It can seriously damage the good times you are having with her.
  11. “You deserve so much more than this.” By saying this to an escort, you are insinuating that you think less of her position in life, due to her career choice. Even though you may intend it to be a compliment, it is actually a put-down in many escorts’ eyes. Many escorts are fully satisfied with their lives as professional companions. They earn more money than if they were to fulfill most jobs that they went to college for. They have flexible schedules. They get to do fun things. They get to meet interesting people. And, they have the freedom to see the clients they want and to reject others they don’t desire to associate with. Suggesting that an escort could do so much better is implying that you feel she is doing something wrong. Or, that you view her role as secondary to others’ in society. Even if you believe that an escort is cutting herself short with her career, refrain from bringing up the conversation.
  12. Anything rude, crude or socially unacceptable. If you’ve been waiting to tell that off-color joke or use a crass new phrase, hold off until you determine whether your escort will appreciate it. Many escorts are classy, sophisticated women who do not take well to trashy talk. Avoid cursing extensively and using foul language for no apparent reason. Use your best manners. If you wouldn’t behave a certain way in public, don’t act that way with your escort… until the bedroom door closes. She deserves your respect and appreciation. Don’t automatically assume she’s a second-class citizen and that you can act in any onerous fashion you please. Attempt to put your best foot forward, especially if you want her to as well.
  13. “I’m so awesome, you should pay me.” If you’re one of those egotistic clients who is wrapped up in what HE can offer an escort, you need to back off. You are hiring an escort for companionship for YOU. Even if you think you’re the cat’s meow, you’re the one looking for a date. Not her. Suggesting that she is having so much fun with you that she owes you something is ludicrous and extremely self-centered. Some clients offer up great experiences to escorts: vacations, shopping trips, theater/concert tickets, etc… even if you provide her with an extremely fun activity, she owes you nothing beyond her time. Suggesting that you’re giving her more than you are getting is not a great way to demonstrate that you appreciate her services.