13 things you never thought were true about escorts and adult entertainers

It’s pretty easy to go along in life and believe the media hype about nearly everything. But, if you’re going to be a patron of adult entertainers, it’s probably a good idea to learn a little more about them. That includes learning what you shouldn’t believe, based on general stereotypes. Over all, adult entertainment providers are unique and can never be generally grouped into one category that describes them. Here are several reasons that what you thought was true about them, probably isn’t:

  1. They have a cleaner bill of health than you do! Clients have a tendency to assume that providers are more likely to have had issues with sexually transmitted diseases and infections. And, because they do have many intimate partners, their chances could be elevated, only due to exposure. However, escorts and other adult entertainers are more likely than the average person to require the use of protection during a physically intimate experience. They know the high levels of risk they put themselves at. Providers are not going to chance an infection or disease just to pleasure one client. Their reputations, ability to work and long-term health are subject to their professionalism toward protection policies. They are diligent about condom use, so they probably are sexually healthier than you.
  2. They don’t do drugs. To be able to provide you with the most pleasurable experience possible, adult entertainers have to be alert and capable of using good judgment during an encounter or other experience. They need to be cognizant of their surroundings for their own safety, and they have to be observant of your verbal and non-verbal cues to ensure your enjoyment. To do all of these things, they have to be clear-minded, which does not include being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And, it doesn’t mean recovering from the fog of a bad trip or hangover, either. Adult entertainers can’t rely on drugs or alcohol to get them through their performances or to nurse them to sleep at night and still expect to be high-end providers. They know the effects these substances have on them, their abilities and their physical appearance. They are not going to risk their careers for an unnatural high.
  3. They are no kinkier than anyone else. Just because they will allow you to lick whipped cream off of their booties or suck their toes doesn’t mean that their desires run any more deviant than the general public’s. To be fair, many people in mainstream society have pretty dark fantasies. From truly kinky to just a little off center, people don’t always just want missionary-style sexual experiences, and that’s OK! But, to assume that an adult entertainment provider has a brand of kink beyond “normal” people is just plain wrong. If clients didn’t want some truly off-the-wall activities, escorts, dancers, and porn stars wouldn’t be providing such experiences. And, to be honest, most adult entertainers’ first forays into the world of kink is usually at the request of clients. Many of them are quite conservative by nature and they often feel like they do just fine without that kinkiness in their personal lives.
  4. Adult entertainers are rarely promiscuous. While there are no general rules to apply to adult entertainers, most will tell you that they have very few sexual partners in their everyday lives. By including clients in intimate activities professionally, they get enough stranger thrills and do not need to engage in those kind of actions outside of their work. Often, adult entertainers are burned out on sex and other affectionate acts. It’s common for them to struggle to provide intimacy to their partners, little lone a slug of other people. They are not “sluts” or “whores”. They value what they have to offer, physically and mentally. They charge substantial rates for their companionship and affection. They are not going to lavish strangers with their services, when they use those same abilities and skills for an income. It just doesn’t make sense that they would offer that up for free.
  5. Adult service providers are not crazy! Despite popular belief, adult entertainers don’t have to be psychologically unsound to perform their work. They aren’t all damaged goods. They don’t all come from battered backgrounds. While it’s true that some come from abusive upbringings or relationships, it’s unfair to say that all adult entertainers have been so marred by their experiences that they are a little on the mentally unstable side. They are no more likely to be a bit nutso than anyone else in the mainstream society. Assuming that they have some sort of mental disorder or are on the brink of a breakdown is unfounded. In fact, many adult entertainers are actually quite mentally healthy due to leading a lifestyle that is happier to them. They don’t worry about money. They don’t worry about their schedules. And, many of them have found balance in their lives that people in the general public are still seeking.
  6. Escorts have standards. Many people assume that adult entertainers will do anything for money. They believe that they are so hard up and desperate for cash, that nothing is off limits. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Adult entertainment providers carefully screen each of their clients to determine whether they want to engage in activities with him or her. They take them on as clients when they feel they are not a security risk, will oblige discretion guidelines and are capable of paying the rates for services. They are very cautionary who they allow on their client lists. Additionally, they have specific guidelines about their services, which include activities that are prohibited. Most entertainers have a long list of things they won’t do… regardless of how much a client offers to pay. Entertainers are not in a position where they have to do anything for money.
  7. Adult entertainment providers are not the misfits of society. It’s a common misconception that people who join the adult industry are on the fringe of society. And, maybe they are, once their secrets are out. Society has a way of labeling them and making them out to be stigmatized. However, when their careers are veiled from public view, adult entertainers are often very “normal” people. They have families. They are in relationships with significant others. They belong to clubs and organizations. They might even be their kids’ soccer coach. They lead boring lives, like the rest of society… except for their career choice. Don’t assume that an adult entertainer wears a sign that separates him or her from the rest of the town. They don’t look any different or behave any better/worse than others.
  8. Their family life may be better than yours. Adult entertainment providers develop a schedule that allows them to focus on their priorities. While some may be workaholics or devote their time to other endeavors, many of them create a work pattern that allows them to have time at home with their families and friends. They’ve learned the value of their time and utilize the flexibility of their careers to strengthen their relationship bonds. They work when they can and take care of their loved ones when they need to. They book clients around parent/teacher conferences, friend brunches and grandparent visits. They are probably better at budgeting their time for personal fulfillment than other people. As a result, their relationships may be a lot less messed up than many in society.
  9. Escorts are incredibly intelligent. Many adult entertainment providers have built a business from the ground up. They’ve learned about marketing, management, accounting and other business skills that have helped them establish a successful venture. They can’t be dummies and running their own businesses. Additionally, many entertainers have college degrees and have worked corporate jobs before diving into their alternate career. They learned, though, that the income they receive from a “traditional” job is not nearly what they can earn as an adult entertainer. Because they have the gumption, ambition and confidence to dive into the adult industry, it’s silly to label them as unintelligent. They are incredibly smart and well-rounded individuals who deserve recognition for more than just their appearance or how quickly they can get you aroused.
  10. Adult entertainers reflect the melting pot. Blonde, brunette, redhead, etc. Adult entertainers look very different from one another. They are heavy and thin, tall and short, all-American and exotic. Just like the U.S. is the melting pot in that it is like a slice of the world, so are adult entertainers. For every taste, there is an adult entertainment provider. They all present different opportunities for preferences. There is someone for everyone. Society seems to assume that high-end providers have to be a size zero, blond and tall. But, that simply isn’t what a provider looks like. There is no physical definition or “norm” for appearances. Anyone of any shape or size may work in the industry, successfully and happily. To assume that every provider is the same or supplies identical services will get you a very boring experience. And, if you approach a provider with this concept, she will laugh in your face and send you packing down the road.
  11. Escorts focus on several levels of pleasure. For a lot of clients, it’s easy to just think that your physical excitement and enjoyment are the only things that will be the focus of a provider. That’s only half of what you get from a top-notch performer/provider. Not only will a professional tend to your fleshy desires, but she will also fulfill your fantasies, too. The intimate relationship between your brain and body create amazing opportunities for arousal. When a provider tends to both, you will experience mind-blowing results. However, sometimes, it’s the emotional needs that need some attention. Providers also fill in gaps for companionship, affection, appreciation and empathy. They give a shoulder to cry on and a smile to laugh with. They offer reassurance and bolster confidence. Providers’ jobs are to make their clients feel good about themselves in many ways. To say that they only provide physical pleasure is a severe underestimation.
  12. Life isn’t easy for ASPs just as it isn’t for “civilians”. If you imagine your favorite provider sitting around watching “Jerry Springer” and eating bon-bons, you’re sadly mistaken. Entertainers have to work hard to get to where they are. They have to run the business side of their operation. They have to communicate with clients. They have to maintain and balance their schedules. And, they have to keep their bodies and minds up to par. That not only means they have to go to salon appointments, get mani/pedis and do other beauty treatments, but it also entails working out to keep their physiques up to desired standards. They have to eat healthy to lean out their bodies. They may have to rehearse performances and work up new shows. To say that they just lay on their backs or wiggle their booties around for some dough is untrue. Providers have to work hard to succeed in their business. They have to make choices about what to do without, just like everyone else. And, if they don’t work hard at their business, once they’ve achieved success, someone else will steal their thunder.
  13. Adult entertainment providers don’t want to marry their clients. It’s a pretty common misconception that adult entertainers want to marry someone rich who will take care of them. Or, they want to find a sugar daddy. After all, that’s what Anna Nicole did, right? Of course, there are instances where this is true. But, for the most part, they are not interested in their clients. They see their clients at their worsts and can see the baggage and issues they carry around with them. They realize that clients are in debt, have poor relationship habits and are not good mate material. Entertainers enjoy their freedom and flexibility in their careers. The last thing they want to do is to give that up to marry a client — or become his sugar baby. Sugar babies have rules and strings attached. Providers are free to do what they want. There is no comparing lifestyles.

It’s easy to group adult entertainers into a little box and pretend that you know about them. But, what you know adds up to very little, unless you’ve taken the time to become acquainted with them. Basically, it’s acceptable to say that they are a very productive example of the American spirit. They take the skills and abilities they have and put them to use. With some elbow grease and a smile, they woo clients and work their way to the top of their trade. To fail to give them credit for being productive members of society would be a statement of your own close-mindedness and judgmental nature.