16 tips for an O-mazing escort encounter

It’s pretty common for clients to aspire for a session where they provide so much passion and excitement for their escorts that the lady can’t help but achieve the big “O”. In fact, it’s not only a regular explicit request — it’s sometimes an implicit expectation that an escort climaxes along with the client. So, can escorts do it? Have they learned to orgasm on command, or nearly so? Do they condition their bodies to climax with certain thoughts and fantasies of their own that run through their minds during intimate moments?

Most, indeed, are excellent actresses and actors, able to put on a stunning (and convincing) performance from which clients receive greater pleasure.

In other words, they fake it. But, the real question remains in how to do it convincingly, so your client doesn’t catch on and call you out on your false excitement. Use these tips to achieve an o-mazing encounter with all of your clients:

  1. Orgasms are psychologically powerful for men. To be able to properly fake an orgasm, an escort has to know why her having one is so important to her clients. Men need to feel the masculine sense that they are powerful and able to sexually satisfy a woman’s needs. After all, his virility is at stake if he is unable to create toe-curling pleasure for his partner. Female orgasms are a way that men verify their sexual attractiveness and carnal capabilities. They hang their hats on how quickly and how strongly they can make a woman (including an escort) come during intimate moments. Knowing that he caused her so much ecstasy, a man’s self-esteem and confidence are boosted exponentially. Through this orgasm connection, men expect praise and gratitude for their efforts to supply excitement and, ultimately, extreme pleasure. If a partner fails to orgasm, many men feel it’s a direct slam against their virility.
  2. Escort orgasms often stimulate client climaxes. It’s a pretty well accepted fact that many people enjoy watching others reach sexual pleasure as much if not more than they love achieving orgasm, themselves. Many clients have selfish reasons for wanting an escort to reach her climax: it brings them to orgasm, too. Getting excited by watching an escort get turned on may be all it takes for a client to fulfill his passion and release his inhibitions. Some escorts realize that clients have self-serving reasons to bring them to orgasm. However, others encourage it, on their own accord, because they know it may expedite a difficult or slowly pleasured client’s climax. By putting on a show of extreme excitement, escorts can easily drive their clients to fulfillment, too.
  3. Some clients will never be able to get an escort to reach orgasm. Due to lack of technique, no knowledge of the female body or traits that make them unattractive, some clients will probably never be capable of bringing an escort to climax. However, just because a client can’t get you excited doesn’t mean that he can’t be convinced that he does. Regardless of how hard he may try, his attempts may be completely unsatisfying or, even, painful and uncomfortable. These clients’ efforts to bring an escort to orgasm should be stopped before they become too unpleasant to bear. Once an escort achieves sexual satisfaction, most clients will cease their strategies for orgasm, and the escort can tend to other services throughout the encounter. Others may try so hard, it’s difficult to think of letting them down. It may just be best to create an orgasmic event for them to buy into.
  4. Leading up realistically to an orgasm is the way to go. Going into some bookings, many escorts just know that they will be faking an orgasm at some point throughout the adventure. However, with this premeditation, it has to appear spontaneously and realistically in order for the client to believe it. As soon as a client touches an escort, she can’t begin shivering and pulsing into a climactic fit. The “orgasm” must be brought on by feigned gradual excitement that doesn’t appear rushed or forced. It can’t be rushed; it’s a regularly accepted truth that women take longer to reach orgasm than men. So, you have to allow some time to pass before you start convulsing in orgasmic waves of pleasure.
  5. Closing your eyes also shuts the window to truth. Clients always want to believe that your climactic performance was real, but they are in tune to any gestures you give off that would indicate it wasn’t. As the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul and also aspects of your body that tend to “out” you for lying, your best bet is to simply squeeze them shut. It’s very common for people to climax with their eyes closed. Muscles all over the body clench and seize up: your eyelids can, too. Additionally, many people fantasize with their eyes closed during sex. And, others get into the moment best by closing their eyes. If you put on a stellar “o” performance with your eyes squeezed tightly closed, your client won’t think anything about it. And, it helps you keep your secret safe.
  6. Breathe in and out using ragged breaths. During a typical orgasm, your breathing patterns are significantly affected by your tensed muscles, excitement and focus on other parts of your body. Sensations may cause you to inhale quickly, gasp or hold your breath. For a fake orgasm to seem real, you must include irregular breathing as part. But, don’t breathe so sporadically or weirdly that you hyperventilate or pass out from lack of oxygen. If your intimacy session with your client is especially active, it’s very possible, too, that you could be out of breath from the motion of your positions. This may help create a more orgasmically-correct breathing method, without even really having to try. Just keep in mind that most escorts will never climax and be able to hold a full conversation at the same time; you must vary your breathing and speaking abilities to make it believable.
  7. Grabbing at items around you creates a genuine appearance of climaxing. In the movies (and real life), many orgasms include clutching at the bed sheets, reaching for a pillow or sinking your nails into your partner’s back. This is partly due to the fact that your body’s muscles tighten up at the point of climax, leaving your body wanting something to hold onto. When you feel it’s appropriate to hit a fake point of no return, it’s fully appropriate to grab onto anything within your reach, including (but, not limited to) your client, bedding and items nearby. However, be cautious about being too rough with your grabs. Tearing the bedding up at your client’s home or a posh hotel could cost you replacement fees. Also, an escort who leaves fingernail marks on her clients’ backs may not get repeat bookings with clients who have to face angry partners when they get back home after the encounter. (Your client may not dig your sharp nails slicing him open, either.)
  8. Verbalize your pleasure to create a realistic fake orgasm. Unless silence is required, verbal cues are common occurrences in most intimate affairs.
    • “Faster!”
    • “Harder!”
    • “Oh, yes!”
    • “Oh, God!”
    • “Right there!”
    • “I’m going to come!”
  9. Escorts often find that simply talking about their pleasure helps to make the orgasm seem more real to both them and the client. And, the verbalizations don’t have to be words. They can be moans, groans and other vocal sounds that indicate the escort is enjoying herself. In addition to moans and actual comments, doling out praise as fake passion heightens is also seen as a way to validate the genuineness of an orgasm. So, as passion builds, make sure to tell the client how good he is doing whatever task he’s performing.
  10. Stiffen muscles to simulate an orgasm. Arching of the back, leaning the head back at the neck, curling of the toes and pushing the hips forward/up all indicate that an escort is either at or nearing her point of orgasm. Moving legs around to indicate excitement makes the whole act much more believable, too. Escorts can squeeze a client’s buttocks or arms, whichever she may have a grip on. Essentially, escorts should tighten up their muscles to stimulate the riveting sensations that rip through a woman’s body at the point of climax. By simulating this tension that reaches from her toes to the tip of her head, an escort creates a quite believable display that most clients would never question. An escort who attempts to portray an orgasm without clenching a single muscle is leaving herself open to speculation by her client.
  11. Tightening of the pelvic muscles indicate an orgasm. Most clients will be able to identify a fake orgasm when they don’t feel an escort’s vaginal grasp on him tighten and loosen at the peak of excitement. During an orgasm, a woman’s pelvic muscles pulsate, clenching and unclenching. Often, during orgasm, a client’s penis will still be penetrating an escort…so, he should be able to feel the muscles in her vaginal area closing in on him and then releasing in rhythm. Failing to do this will tip your client off to your pretense. Additionally, your Kegel muscle workout may also stimulate your client into an orgasm, too. As you’re working your vaginal muscles, it’s also pleasing to throw in a shiver or two, for good measure, to shake your body a bit, increasing the thrill for your client.
  12. Avoid overdoing it. A stellar performance is one thing; one consisting of too much overacting is insinuating your client is too dumb or ignorant to know the difference between a genuine orgasm and a fake one. Utilize all of the preceding tips in moderation. Over-emphasizing any of them could tip off your client that he really hasn’t brought you as much pleasure as he first assumed he was doing. If you are unsure if your performance is too far off the scale for reality, take another look at the diner orgasm scene in “When Harry Met Sally.” If your vocals are even similar to Meg Ryan’s in the movie, you might want to tone them down a notch. Pay attention to your client throughout your pretense, too. If he seems put off by your actions, scale them back so as to keep him feeling as though your pleasure was authentic.
  13. Your orgasmic performance should be consistent. Most people exhibit their own set of actions or vocalizations as they climax. Some people are very loud. Others exhale loudly at the point of pleasure. Others shake. Some women flush bright red. Whatever your “thing” is while you conduct your fake orgasm, it should follow through with you each and every time you “climax” with your client. If your orgasm is different each time you are pleasured by a client, he may start to think something’s a bit fishy with your actions. Remaining consistent throughout your entire act, repeatedly, makes your efforts seem much more realistic. If you can’t remember what you did with a client, resort to the way you normally act when you reach the height of pleasure.
  14. Your client has to be doing something to create such excitement for you. Clients are sometimes a bit hesitant to engage or they may be just plain lazy. Keep in mind that having an orgasm without your client’s direct assistance is highly unlikely, unless you’re masturbating or toying with yourself. To make your climax seem plausible, you must coax him into doing something that you might like (or he perceives you enjoy).
  15. A faux orgasm is a great way to change the focus of an encounter. Many times, an escort feels like a client is wanting to continue an activity that doesn’t seem to be moving the booking forward toward progress. He may think that incessant penetration will get you to your peak. Or, that unending oral sex will stimulate you so much your orgasm will be incredible, eventually. Regardless of whatever your client is doing, sometimes his efforts are, at best, counterproductive. When this happens, a quick fake orgasm on your part can redirect him to behavior that seems more beneficial to him and the booking. Additionally, it may tame a temper or soothe an emotional client. Whichever way your client is leaning, your big “O” may help bring the encounter around to a much more positive nature.
  16. Never admit that your orgasm was fake. Despite his accusations, questions and analysis, do not ever confess that your climax wasn’t authentic. Many clients are so impressed with their lovemaking skills when you orgasm, it would destroy their confidence to think you faked your performance. Additionally, if it gets around to other clients, it could seriously damage your reputation. Avoid fake performances as much as you can, and always keep them to yourselves.