7 reasons why you shouldn’t look for escorts from a work computer

With almost 26 million adult websites out there, it’s difficult to not visit one of them accidentally. Add to it the fact that one in five men watches pornography when using their work computers, and it seems like it’s perfectly OK to search for and communicate with an escort while you’re at work.

However, any actions you take toward booking an encounter with an escort when you’re at work could result in some pretty serious repercussions that include damage to your reputation, losing your job or screwing something up at work. While it’s tempting to just chat for a minute with that hot escort you’re wanting to see tomorrow, don’t. Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t:

  1. Most companies have policies that regulate acceptable Internet and email use. Most policies are written, not verbal, so they are very clear about what is acceptable and unacceptable use. They usually indicate clearly that sites containing adult-oriented content are prohibited. Odds are that you signed the policy at one point or another. Your system administrator knows who visits which site at what time.
  2. Many employees have lost their jobs. Some companies have a no-tolerance policy when it comes to Internet and email misuse. If they discover that you have been accessing inappropriate content, they may fire you on the spot. It has occurred to thousands of high-level executives in the United States. Nobody is indispensable.
  3. Privacy is a myth. What you do in your private time is between you and the government, but what you do on your paid time is between you, the government, and your boss. Their performance depends on yours. If you waste time in the office – be it on escorts or just news – you are wasting your boss’s time and money, both of which they are tracking very closely. That’s why there are network logs for every computer in the company.
  4. You are compromising corporate security. By visiting shady adult sites (and sometimes it’s tough to tell which one isn’t), you are exposing your whole network. This isn’t going to be taken lightly by your IT security.
  5. Job performance is slaughtered. You can spend hours, HOURS clicking on hot escort pics.
  6. Your boss may not know the difference between prostitutes and escorts. This may cost you not just your job, but your freedom.
  7. Some escorts are out for more than just a date. While most escort are indeed decent, hard-working people, some are unscrupulous predators, looking for their next victim. Some aren’t even escorts at all. If you give them ways to make more money off of you other than fees for a date, they will take every chance they get to take advantage of you. Knowing that you are communicating with them from a work email or work computer, by threatening blackmail, they can drag you into much more trouble.