8 reasons to date an escort

Even though it’s a common conception that people who hire escorts to spend time with them have shortcomings in the looks or personality departments, most people who see escorts are very much the opposite. In today’s world, it is not uncommon for wealthy, good looking, successful, and happy individuals to date escorts. Many are simply looking for a companion, some are seeking an intimate connection and others are hoping to find someone with whom to explore sexual experiences. Regardless of the need being fulfilled, here are the top 8 reasons to date an escort:

  1. Your date is a sure thing. When a person contracts with an escort for a session, she is assured that the appointment will go exactly as planned. There is no worry about how the outcome of the date will turn out. If a person seeks sexual contact, her escort will likely provide it. If she is hoping to have an experience with an escort where she feels important, desirable, sexy, and attractive, that’s exactly what she will get. Sometimes even the most confident individuals are unsure about how a date will go, but with an escort it is not a concern. Typical dating encounters can leave a person wondering whether she should lean in for a kiss, attempt to go for third base or simply pull a chair out. When seeing an escort, rejection is rarely an option. Expectations are already pre-established, and you don’t need to worry about a thing!
  2. You can date out of your league. Some people have heard from their so-called friends, “She’s never going to go out with you” or “He’s way out of your league!” With an escort, dating out of your league is a completely viable option. “Dating up” allows a client who is not see herself as attractive, intelligent or charming to go out with a beautiful, refined mate. In a way, seeing an escort is a way for to achieve dating greatness and live out all dating fantasies. Falling short by not being able to attract a “10” is a thing of the past when becoming a client of an escort.
  3. There are no emotional issues. Relationships can cause hurt feelings, broken hearts and crippled lives. An escort/client relationship doesn’t involve the emotional aspect that traditional courtship does, so one’s heart and feelings are never at risk. Broken trusts, betrayals and lies are also not a part of an escort/client relationship; neither are divorces or break-ups. Additionally, any person who has dated can appreciate the fact that she doesn’t have to hear about an escort’s ex-partner, ex-spouse or ex-hook-up. You don’t have to listen to stories about their broken hearts, troubled childhoods or psycho relationships. Emotional entanglements are not a part of the escort/client dynamic.
  4. Escorts don’t want all of your time. Wealthy and successful people are that way for a reason: they work hard. Because they work hard, they have little time for dating games or the expectations of a courtship. Formal dating relationships require dinner dates and outings, habitual phone calls and other meaningless niceties that many people simply have neither time nor mindset for. However, you are not expected to be without human companionship just because you may not have time for a traditional courtship. Consider calling an escort. An escort doesn’t require the time necessary to invest in a partner. An escort is there for a tiny portion of your life. It is said that escorts are paid not for being with you, but for leaving you alone.
  5. You can shamelessly explore your sexuality. Foot fetish? Role playing? Sex toys? Escorts have heard it all and aren’t surprised by anything you suggest. However, some sexual concepts are difficult for girlfriends, wives and significant others to accept or embrace. You can reveal your deepest, darkest desires and wishes to an escort without feeling fear of rejection. Many taboo desires can be played out with an escort with no fear of harming your relationship with your current partner.
  6. Pick your dream woman. If all you ever seem to attract are brunettes who are 5’3″, you can request that redhead Amazon when you call the escort agency. If the women you traditionally date are conservative and wear turtlenecks on dates, you can request an escort to wear a slinky dress with no panties. The sky is the limit when it comes to seeing escorts. You can pick out exactly the type of woman you want to spend time with. When you’re looking for a particular ethnicity, body type, hair or eye color or attire style, it’s best to call an escort to get what you want. You can rest assured that the woman you hire as your escort will be one who will get your motor running simply by showing up at your door. Additionally, if looks aren’t as important to you as personality or intelligence, you can custom-order these aspects in escorts, too, when calling an agency or searching for an escort on line.
  7. You don’t have to play dating games. When spending time with an escort, rules about how many days to wait to call, questions about whether she likes you or not or worrying about impressing her are things of the past. Dating games are non-existent when spending time with an escort.
  8. You can show off a little bit. Your boss, your brother-in-law or that old friend from college will be automatically impressed when you show up with a sexy, sophisticated date on your arm when you’re attending a reunion, business affair, society gala or family wedding. Some people may rent luxury or sports cars when attending these types functions; you can simply rent a date, so to speak. A beautiful companion can help you impress a client or your mother, depending on your priorities and needs at the time.