9 more facts about escorts

The escort industry is often about discretion. But now and then a bit of hard-core research unearths some tantalizing tidbits of information that we just have to share. While our escort resources are keeping their names out of the limelight, you can bet your bottom dollar these nuggets are real.

  1. Sometimes they generally are that into you

    Yes, it’s their job to make you happy and you’re the top priority. But there is a deal of self-pleasure involved with certain clients. If you find yourself making an extra special connection with your escort, don’t expect a lower rate next time… unless she chooses to discreetly see you outside of her normal agency-booked time. Naughty.

  2. The weirdest requests are even weirder than you probably think

    Have a fantasy you’ve been hiding from even your most trusted escort? Chances are she’s heard stranger. Some are gross, involving different fluids and costumes reminiscent of beloved characters from childhood. Others are just… odd. Like one escort who says she had a client who liked to watch her dance around, scantily clad, in stilettos and squash snails with the heels while he was giving himself a handjob.

    Can you surprise her?

  3. They don’t want to be a “hobby”

    There are men who consider themselves “hobbyists” of the escort industry, spending a great deal of time on agency websites, commenting on blogs and actively partaking in online conversations. While this is advantageous when making sure you, as the client, are as informed as possible as to who you’re hiring, your escort doesn’t want to be considered just a hobby. There’s a reason you’re hiring her: she’s good at what she does. Make her feel extra special and you’re both guaranteed a crackerjack time.

  4. You may be ruining them for their civilian men… for a time

    Many escorts often get desensitized to the amorous advances of their real-life boyfriends, having seen a wide variety of gentlemen and been treated to a whole slew of experiences. It’s one of the reasons most escorts only stay in the industry for a short time. It’s hard not to bring the job into the home, evidently. Don’t worry though—it usually takes a few months for intimacy levels to get back to normal.

  5. Have an STD/STI? Don’t even bother

    Now, we’re throwing down our disclaimer again: an escort is not a prostitute and at no time should you assume or attempt to pay for sexual favors. But if you find yourself in an intimate situation with an escort that is mutual and agreed upon outside of the escorting arrangement, don’t think you can get away with having an STD/STI and lying about it. While all responsible people use condoms until they’re sure—like, negative test results sure—that both sides are clean, an escort will turn away a client if anything looks or feels fish. Sometimes this means several clients a month.

  6. She’s reading you—no matter how much you lie

    It makes sense that you don’t want to share some specifics about who you are—your real name, maybe, or where you work. But as a professional, she gets you anyway. Her industry requires that she meets and gets to know people much faster than in a more common profession, so you can bet she’s taking in your body language, the tone of your voice, your facial expressions and the way you speak to figure out quickly what your time together will be. Brighter escorts take this skill with them once they’re out of the industry.

  7. And she’s probably acting a bit too

    Even the most confident and independent escort is most likely not blaring her profession to her friends and family. But the idea of a “double life” may be liberating to her. With you she gets to be her wilder, more carefree self. The next morning, back to school, family, responsibilities… not as much fun.

  8. She may be into you… but knows it’s not gonna work out

    Many escorts admit to falling for a client now and then, by any girl who’s been in the industry for more than half a day can figure that it’s not going to work out. You’re both living a fantasy of the perfect couple for a few hours… and then the hours end.

  9. Yes, you’re paying for her clothes and baubles, but also her healthcare and dental work

    Yep, your gal probably doesn’t get health insurance from her agency or parents. So while you may be helping her look her best, she’s probably also getting the basics we all need done that she otherwise might not be able to afford. Our source says she was making close to $10,000 monthly. She put a deposit down on a condo and bought a car in her first 6 months.