Awkward with women? Hire an escort.

You chip a tooth, you go to a dentist. You want to work on your golf swing, you hire a pro for a few lessons. You’ve got no game, you lamely try pick-up lines and awkwardly hit the dating sites, becoming more self-conscious as the years roll on. Does that train of logic make sense?

Of course not.

Yet hiring an escort is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when wrestling with “how can I be better at getting with women!?!” Whether you’re in a buzzing metropolis or straight off the farm, there are women around to be had: 4 million more women than men in the U.S. right now, actually. And no matter how (un)attractive you are, how much money you (don’t) make, or what you have to show off, it just takes some confidence, practice and good timing to get… game.

So if you’re in a rut and it’s just not happening, it’s time to start considering calling in a professional.

Now, escorts are not prostitutes, and it’s never right nor fair to assume sexual intimacy with one. Asking flat-out will make any smart escort suspicious about your intentions and put you both in legal danger. But as you’re spending emotionally charged, personal one-on-one time with an attractive, intelligent woman, sometimes things lead to a physical connection. Whether or not you develop an intimate relationship with an escort is between the two of you. But for some tips on how you can get on with “civilian” women, there’s no better tutor.

So, why hire an escort?

To practice with your ideal “girlfriend”.

Escorts are, essentially, the professional girlfriends of your dreams. If you spend a smart amount of time looking for one who fits the type you’re attracted to physically and intellectually, you’re basically hiring the “perfect woman” for a few hours time. You’ll get to practice how to feel most comfortable with a woman in an intimate situation, how to respond in ways that intrigue her, how to ask questions that keep the conversation going etc. So hire one that fits with the kind of woman you want to be with in reality. There is a huge range of “types” of escorts, and you’re sure to find one with which you’ll be incredibly comfortable.

Because no matter what, you’re more attractive to them than you probably think you are.

Escorts have seen all types, and you are not the worst of them, promise. In her guide The Internet Escort’s Handbook, former escort Amanda Brooks points out that most escorts would much rather have a client who is sweet and attentive rather than an Adonis with a disrespectful attitude.

So when mentally prepping for your time together, focus on just being yourself. Again, escorts are professionals. They’re hired to spend time with men for a variety of reasons, most of which boil down to the fact that something is missing in the client’s life and he/she finds that an escort fills that void. So feel free to ask them outright for help, and don’t be shy to get specific.

You’re paying without losing money

Think of the amount of money you’ve spent over the years dating. The dinners, movies, nights on the town. Think of the times you’ve come so close to being with someone you were over the moon about, and then didn’t. Tally up that amount of time and money.

Let’s say you pay $200 for some time with an escort. Someone beautiful, smart, friendly, sweet and incredibly sexy.

You’re not wasting money, promise.

You can get a feel for certain things physically.

A lot of escorts have body work training, so if literally being touched by a woman is what hangs you up, then you have the choice to hire someone who can give you an erotic massage and guide you through the process of how to most attractively respond. Again, watch out for conversations that might get you both in trouble, but look for options when perusing profiles and speaking with agencies.

Roleplay. Yep, you can hire someone to play pretend.

Sydney Biddle Barrows, aka the Mayflower Madam, ran one of the most successful escort services in the United States in the early eighties. She prided herself on providing “fantasies” to her clients; literally having her escorts trained to make sure their clients had exactly the kind of experience that they were hoping for.

Now, you don’t have to be an A-lister to live out a fantasy, especially if yours doesn’t require champagne bubble baths and expensive hotels. But when speaking with the potential escort you want to hire, don’t be afraid to ask specifics about the kind of person she is, and if she’s open for a little role-play in regards to helping you out.

Quick tips on how to get the best lesson with an escort possible:

  • Do your research. Peruse profiles, talk to escorts and agencies, read reviews from former clients, and make sure that you feel confident in your choice before booking so that you won’t be worried about the money you’re spending or possible disappointment in the experience.
  • Join a verification service. If it’s your first time hiring an escort, getting verified will make your transaction easier and your escort feel more at ease with the booking. The more at ease she feels, the more at ease you will feel.
  • Don’t stress before you meet. Clean yourself up, but don’t go overboard. Feel as comfortable in your clean skin as possible.
  • Be open up front about what you’re looking to get out of your time together. Have an idea of goals you want to hit before your time is up, so that you can keep them in mind.
  • Remember that your time together is supposed to be fun! And fun on your terms. You’re paying and she’s the professional, so make sure she knows what you want to do so that you can best enjoy doing it together.