Become a good client of your escort in 8 steps and a memorable one — in 7

Successful escorts see many clients each year, and it’s often difficult to remember all of them. Clients who are simply “nice” and don’t do anything to stand out beyond the norm may be remembered for being good clients, but they are not usually unforgettable. Some clients are impossible to forget due to negative experiences associated with them, and no client should ever model his behavior after this in an attempt to be remembered by an escort.

But to be a memorable client, what must a man do and how should he act? Of course, the first steps involve simply being a good client. Here’s where you start:

  1. Follow your escort’s instructions. If your escort tells you to email her for the initial contact, do not call her on the phone. If she requests that clients provide payment in an unmarked envelope at the beginning of an encounter, do as she asks. Escorts provide specific details so that their preferred methods of business may be attended to in ways that work best for them. Additionally, they probably have specific reasons they ask you to do things a certain way. For instance, suggesting that you park down the street from her incall may save you a parking ticket or being snowplowed in during the winter. Escorts also issue instructions to clients as a way to determine how trustworthy and discreet a client can be. No escort wants to build a relationship with a client who can’t be trusted to follow simple instructions, little lone adhere to more sensitive requests later down the road. Be memorable for how well you pay attention to your escort’s instructions and requests. Even if you don’t agree with her directions, follow along if you want to see her.
  2. Be punctual. Escorts are on tight time schedules, sometimes only allowing themselves a few extra minutes to get to future appointments. If you’re inviting an escort to your place for an outcall, make sure you are prepared for the encounter to begin as soon as she arrives. However, as you prepare to visit an escort for an incall, pay close attention to the time. Don’t keep her waiting, but don’t arrive too early, either. Even if you’re really excited about seeing her, knocking on her door more than 10 minutes early may catch her unprepared or with another client. Getting to a booking about five minutes early is perfect. But, don’t expect your escort to be ready to begin the booking immediately if you arrive a bit early. She may be tidying up, tying up some loose ends with another client or some other aspect of business or putting the finishing touches on her look. While it’s important to arrive on time (but, not early), it’s equally necessary to avoid running late. Escorts hate to be kept waiting, assuming that their client might be a no-show. If you know you aren’t going to arrive on time, call or text your escort to let her know. And, don’t expect your escort to extend the encounter to include your full requested time. If you arrive 15 minutes late, know that you will likely be 15 minutes short on how much time you actually spend with your escort.
  3. Use your manners. Be courteous, kind, compassionate, thoughtful and polite. Say “thank you” and “please” along with just being a nice client. Escorts respond well to mannerly clients who respect them and compliment their efforts as escorts. When you spend time with an escort, abide by the golden rule that says “What goes around, comes around. If you are going to return, it’s in your interest to keep her happy. If you are not going to return, your attitude will circle the world and will, eventually, bite you in the back. So tell her you’re sorry if you make a mistake or hurt her. Inform her that you feel she is beautiful. Consider her comfort (is the room hot or cold?). And ask her if she’d like any refreshments before the booking begins. If you’re inviting her for an outcall, be a good host. If you’re arriving at her place for an incall, don’t wander around and nose through her things. In other words, use the etiquette you learned as a child.
  4. Pay attention to your escort’s non-verbal cues. During time that you spend with your escort, you may likely learn more about her and what she likes/doesn’t like by observing her visual cues. For instance, an escort who crosses her arms a lot may not be comfortable with you. As a result, it’s appropriate to put in more effort to get to know each other better. She may sit across from you, mimicking your non-verbal actions, which means that she’s “into” you and engaged in the encounter, which is an excellent sign! Other cues may be given off during intimate moments that help you know whether she is enjoying the activities and wants more or less of a particular sensation. Her non-verbal cues will tell you things about her that you wouldn’t otherwise catch on to, because she may not feel free in revealing her personal feelings to clients. In addition to noticing her signals, respond appropriately to them to let her know you are attentive.
  5. Don’t ask for off-the-clock attention. Regardless of how much you felt like you and your escort clicked, avoid suggesting that you and she see each other in “real life”. Do not ask her out to dinner or on a date. Do not tell her that you’d love to treat her to breakfast or brunch sometime. Don’t ask her to the movies or suggest a “friends” shopping trip. Your escort spends time with you in exchange for money. Do not confuse her courtesy and niceness with her level of attraction for you. Trying to get an escort to meet off-the-clock is a negative trait for clients to adopt. Don’t do it, if you want to keep spending time with your escort in the future. The same thing also goes for asking your escort for special services she’s already indicated are not part of her usual bag of tricks. Pushing her limits or attempting to cross boundaries will only leave a bad taste in her mouth and will not get you want you want from her.
  6. Look your best. Not only should you put in a couple of extra minutes to make sure your hair is combed and that your shirt is tucked in, but you should also pay close attention to your hygiene. Escorts have seen clients with terribly bad breath, body odor and other unclean habits. Make sure that you are freshly showered, manicured and well-groomed (i.e. manscaped “down” there, too!) in order to keep your escort happy. She won’t be excited about getting busy with you if you are sweaty, smelly and have a lot of dirt under your fingernails. In addition to putting a good foot forward with good hygiene, it’s important to consider what you will wear to see your escort. A boyish t-shirt with a crazy or crude logo on it is an immediate turn-off for an escort. A good standard choice is a casual button-down shirt and jeans. Make sure your clothing is clean and basically unwrinkled, so that you exhibit a look that appears kept up and proud.
  7. Don’t try to be a porn star. All of the time, escorts run into clients who try to impress them sexually. Either with their “large” size or crazy stamina, clients attempt to give an escort super sex during an encounter. What clients like these don’t know is that escorts aren’t looking for a male porn star to make their bedroom dreams come alive. They simply want a nice client who appreciates what they have to offer. Additionally, most escorts find it nice when a client is concerned about her enjoyment after he has reached his overall climaxing goal.
  8. Offer to leave a positive review for your escort after the encounter is completed. Escorts who have profiles on sites that allow reviews will appreciate the promise of a good one. Other clients look at these reviews when they are determining if they want to shell out the money to sample an escort’s goods. By leaving a shining review that is full of accurate information, you are not only praising your escort’s efforts and appearance, but you are also helping to boost her business in the future. However, avoid promising a good review too soon. And, never hold a good review over an escort’s head as a way to compel her into performing services she doesn’t want to do.

It’s important to establish yourself as a good client before trying to be a memorable one. Once you’ve gotten the skills down sufficiently to be a problem-free client, it’s time to start focusing on the things you can do that will make you a memorable client. Here are some tips:

  1. Be yourself. Your genuine personality is much more attractive and appealing than an artificial one you might consider allowing her to see, instead. Many clients feel they must impress an escort in order to have a successful encounter with her. This is not the case. Escorts focus on making sure a client enjoys himself, regardless of what she thinks of his personality or position in life. In addition, many faux personalities are similar and run together. However, if you demonstrate your true thoughts, feelings and impressions through conversation with your escort, she will have much greater insight to who the real “you” is. In fact, your real personality will help your escort to remember you best. Whether it’s your quirky view of the world, crazy knowledge of useless trivia or obsession with all things sailing, feel free to let your escort get to know you.
  2. Avoid sharing too much information. Clients who are memorable for bad reasons may share too much with an escort. They may reveal information about their personal lives without ever being asked, often providing in-depth details that simply make an escort uncomfortable. Too much information (TMI) is unwelcome and unnecessary to moving forward with a positive encounter. Escorts who learn intimate details of a client’s divorce, finances or sexual history with his wife are gaining more knowledge than they need. Do your escort a favor and leave out impertinent details about your life. She doesn’t need to know where your children attend daycare or who does your wife’s hair. Also, if you think you are falling in love with your escort, do not tell her this. Remember that your relationship with your escort is simply a business one, where she is paid to spend time with you. Do not fool yourself into believing that professing your undying love for her will erupt in a successful experience for you.
  3. Use your sense of humor to be memorable. Escorts, like most women, prefer men who are funny over handsome. A sense of humor wins out each and every time, giving a man the chance to really stand out if he can make an escort laugh. Simple humor and physical humor are always enjoyable. However, attempt to stay away from racial or discriminating jokes, self-depreciating humor or meanness at the expense of others. Humor shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, and it should help your personality shine through even more. If you don’t have a great sense of humor, you can always research a joke or two to tell. If you’re just not the funny type at all, remember that a smile goes a long ways, too.
  4. Become a regular. If you hit it off with your escort, book a follow-up encounter with her soon, eventually becoming a regular. Once you become a regular, you will likely establish a predictable time that you and your escort will meet weekly, monthly or quarterly. Even if you can’t meet weekly, you can still see her monthly and be considered a regular client. Escorts reserve calendar space for their regulars and often cut them a discount or a little slack if they are late or must reschedule an encounter. And, because she sees them so often, regulars are easily memorable.
  5. Show your enthusiasm. While some clients arrive and are over excited to see an escort, others show up with just the right amount of enthusiasm. Clients who feel good about booking an encounter will arrive with a spark in their eyes and a bounce in their steps. Allow your escort to draw you out a bit, but don’t be afraid to express your excitement and happiness at spending time with her. It’s a big deal to hire an escort; let her know how eager you are to get started! Escorts like to know that their clients are fired up about seeing them. Not only does it make their jobs easier to know the client is already excited, but it also helps in the foreplay stage.
  6. Remember things about your escort and reference them at future bookings. Most escorts don’t remember the majority of things they tell clients about themselves. However, when you start repeating her own words back to her or bring up that you know her favorite color, flower or music, it starts to mean something. Escorts are deeply touched when their clients make an effort to remember their likes/dislikes and other traits. Recall personal details she may have shared (the number of brothers she has, for instance) or other information that you feel you were privileged to gain.
  7. Thank your escort for a delightful time. While you’ve already compensated your escort through payment of her rates, you can show your appreciation to her in other ways, too. (Of course, a monetary tip of an extra $100 is a great way to show you enjoyed the session!) Gifts of flowers, wine, lingerie, gift cards or other items demonstrate your appreciation of her efforts. But, perhaps, the best way that you can thank an escort for treating you so well is to call her or drop her an email two or three days after your encounter. Briefly express her enjoyment from the time you spent together and let her know that you want to repeat the experience again, soon. Much like a job applicant might do as a way to thank a potential employer for an interview, a client shows class and respectability by providing a more formal “thank you”.

While none of these tips are fool-proof ways to ensure that your escort will know exactly who you are when you contact her for a repeat encounter, they do work to create a positive impression that may earn you some brownie points down the line.